100 comments on “I Baked A Cake Using 30 Hacks In A Row”

  1. Hannah Hall says:

    the cake strip should be wet when you use it!

  2. Ladyj1989 says:

    I love using the purple baking strips! The instructions do say to soak in water 5 minutes before using. Maybe that's why hers didn't work right.

  3. Alexa Evans says:

    I absolutely love these videos, please do more! 😍

  4. Leanne Carter says:

    The egg trick is to test if it's gone off 🙂 it works

  5. Marissa J Lewis says:

    The water bottle egg hack works for me every time

  6. Ali Mcneely says:

    Rie, For the paper towel you let the frosting dry a little first where you can touch it without it sticking then smooth

  7. Uma Fa says:

    Lol they're using their own hacks and basically exposing the ones that don't work. Btw Rie is so precious <3

  8. Sleepwxlker says:

    The Egg-Hack would actually work if you had a reaaaaly old egg

  9. Sara Will Gacha says:

    2:00 When your're too good at everything without even trying

  10. fiction is good says:

    I use the make your won baking powder hack all the time (whenever I'm out of baking soda and don't have time to go to the store I mean). Cream of tartar inst used often but there are recipes that call for it specifically and it is always in the spice cupboard. That hack has saved me more than once.

  11. Oya Oya Oya says:

    as a noob in baking, hack 7 absolutely worked wonders for me and my friends when we were chaotic baking and needing to seperate egg yolk from whites
    i have a video too 😂, we were celebrating like we just won world cup or some

  12. miniair says:

    Crumb coat is not a hack. It's a long standing technique that most bakers use.

  13. segatasanshiro21 says:


  14. Pink Alien says:

    30 cake hacks in a raw…

  15. Jessica West-Sanchez says:

    Some of these “hacks” aren’t even hacks they’re just normal techniquies that pros use

  16. Kevin Pottinger says:

    0.04 I almost cook everyday. Lol

  17. Lilith Pullitzer says:

    Cake strips work like a dream, and they’ve been around since at least the 50’s! My grandma was a professional baker and she ALWAYS used them. But they only work if you soak them in water first! It’s on the instructions that come with the brand she has here. They looked bone dry when she put them on – they work by forcing the heat to conduct gently through the wet fabric – like a Bain Marie!

  18. Wahieda Shaikh says:

    "White people doesn't like to use moist–" i died. What a queen, i stan.

  19. Katia Teteltitla says:

    Don’t you have to dampen the cake fabric?

  20. Mark Copelovitch says:

    i died when she said "save the turtles"

  21. jenni viinikka says:

    You know ur good at baking when you literally have to put egg shell into the egg coz she's so perfect 😭😭

  22. Jenny Lee says:

    The fresh vs old "hack" is actually something people have used to test eggs for a long time, and it's a good test. If it's fresh, the egg will lay on its side. If it's older, it will still sink, but one of the tips will rest on the bottom instead. If it's bad, it will float.

  23. Jenny Lee says:

    The cake strips are supposed to be wet. Those looked totally dry.

  24. dmaxwell10686 says:

    Did you wet the cake strips? I sware by them!

  25. Jenny Lee says:

    Hot take: People hate the word moist because other people talk about hating the word moist.

  26. Rachel Gold says:

    Why is the video so shaky? It’s nauseating.

  27. MyLifeAsA_Video says:

    Rie- Tries to get eggshell purposely.
    Also, Rie- Can't, because she's perfect.

  28. PotatoRodka says:

    God, the camera person sucks on this one. I got a headache watching this.

  29. Emily Locke says:

    To frost a cake fast: put the frosting in a microwave until it's easy to stir and pour it on your cake 😊 plus it makes it last longer

  30. Alice's Storytime says:

    I love your original ideas 😍

  31. Leah Daniel says:

    The water bottle hack used to separate the yolk isn’t always perfect but it does work. I’ve used it many times.

  32. Hayoon R says:

    I love how they debunked their own hacks

  33. TheNathy9611 says:

    Did you wet the fabric strips? Maybe that’s why it didn’t work

  34. PengwengUnicorn says:

    Hapee Birthdae Harry

  35. Flaming Tainted Soul says:

    The egg freshness test hack is actually a good hack, although it should be used for if you have eggs in your fridge that you arent sure about whether or not they're still good. Mostly something farmers would use if they get a lot of eggs from their chickens, or if their chickens decided to lay in a nest somewhere aside from the nests the farmer created.

  36. Rocco JC says:

    Sorry but your banned now because your hacking to much

  37. hamilquartz says:

    "How many people has cream of tartar in your pantry?"
    Me: shamefully raises hand

  38. Faith Hinojos says:

    I have cream of tartar in my pantry. So I raised my hand.

  39. Rowan Dawson says:

    You're supposed to wet the fabric strips first

  40. Sophie Johnson says:

    The egg and bottle hack worked for me

  41. Brave x Tekuma says:

    you can use water bottles, and S U C C

  42. K-Rizma says:

    I believe you’re suppose to wet the fabric strips and it acts similar to a water bath

  43. Creme Puff says:

    i just realized how much you look like colette from rattattouie

  44. Noneya says:

    The fabric strips are supposed to be wet to prevent the dome.

  45. Lola Campbell says:

    This week on "What Can't Rie Do?"

  46. Fiya Mahari says:

    who don't use alid of vanilla essence as a tsp of vanilla, i used it a lot .

  47. in love with florence welch and you should be too says:

    This is such a smart idea, having Rie just makes it cooler xx

  48. Jay Will says:

    As soon as she said moist 😂

  49. Holly F says:

    why would someone have cream of tartar but not have baking powder already…

  50. Mitali18 says:

    “Bro my mind” so precious

  51. shanaziah says:

    Am i the only one who's ok w the word moist? 🤣

    trust me i have a yellow mind too. i just dont find the word gross.

  52. gguev 19 says:

    omg lmao Rie is a VSCO girl
    Rie: “Save the Earth, save the turtles!”

  53. chayanuch utara says:

    You have soak cake strip in water first.

  54. Ruby Hunt says:

    The plastic bottle one always works for me

  55. Mary Alex says:

    The sinking egg thing really does work. We don’t buy eggs from the store, we have chickens and I will use that hack when we have an abundance of eggs in the fridge and I’ve lost track of which ones are good and which are bad

  56. Der Med says:

    Annie is gorgeous!👀👀

  57. Nora Gottschalk says:

    If you use just normal granulated sugar and a coffee grinder you can get some great powdered sugar

  58. Vaults 99 says:

    Hands down, because hardly ever cooks so nothing in kitchen

  59. Moody says:

    Hack 8 pretty sure works just maybe she did something wrong i always see people use that method

  60. HEY! StObAOA says:

    2:10– eggcellent

  61. Ninde Luxx says:

    The water bottle actually works Rie just wasn’t quick enough in turning the bottle right side up 😊 No hate on Rie though she’s amazing

  62. Sonja Hering says:

    rei and Eugene should team up on baking

  63. SunshineShitNGiggles OrsumthingApprpriate says:

    Hate her accent

  64. Emiliy Kelley says:

    You’re supposed to get the fabric strips wet

  65. kiersten springer says:

    Hot water into glasses, just waiting for the shatter

  66. Elgee van Tonder says:

    80% of these “hacks” are common knowledge

  67. damiamyr4 _ says:

    the longer the better

  68. Martin 7020 says:

    Oh my god
    Rie is so innocent and sweet

  69. mathew mat says:

    You are so cool.

  70. Jaycee Rich Empuerto says:

    I use my barehands separating the egg.

  71. Gloria LaForm says:

    LOL, you're supposed to wet the cake belt before using it 😂

  72. S k A says:

    I thought she is gonna ditch the Video n play with Paper planes outside, cuz She kept Folding that Paper. 😅😆😆

  73. Sarah says:

    The floating egg hack does actually work, but eggs have to be quite old to fully float. That second one seemed to be standing up slightly though, which shows it's not as fresh.

  74. Vishnu Manimaran says:

    Rie: "if u know me u know i like to use alcohol"

  75. Pika Chu says:

    Yeah why do some people dont like the word moist ?

  76. Angelina Way says:

    buzzfeed roasting buzzfeed

  77. Verechter says:

    only rotten eggs actually float

  78. Lucas Khang says:

    When she said "I love cooking" I thought she said "I love cocaine"

  79. Cloudy Skies says:

    is it just me or is her voice kinda annoying?

  80. IncrediBelleJessi says:

    This episode was brought to you by

  81. Agnessa92 says:

    the egg one didn't work because the "expire" date on a box is really safe (especially in US you have weird regulations) and most foods is ok way after box date. If ithe egg is spoiled it will float.

  82. snaeffinur says:

    The floating egg hack at 1:50 actually works but its more used to determine bad eggs (we use this with our non store bought eggs mostly) . Fresh eggs sink immediately and older eggs will sink more slowly and go stand on their tip. Until the egg starts floating in the water the eggs are save to eat!

  83. oniria says:

    did she ,, not wet the cake strips?

  84. Moiras RedWig says:

    Rie is so innocent and cute, so sweet 🙂 i love her so much

  85. Michelle Stoessel says:

    The water bottle one DOES work it's my go to, just gotta get the hang of it

  86. Jennifer Lewis says:

    The egg only floats if the egg has gone bad 😊

  87. Hedy Sparkle says:

    I thought Rie gonna use the hair dryer to bake……

  88. TANG YEE SEN PD Old Boy says:


  89. Oh Jian says:

    Did they wet the fabric strip?

  90. DomDom Juju says:

    There won't be excessive splatter of a mixture if you don't act like an idiot.

  91. Louie Anthony says:

    the bottle that you used on hack #7 looks too thin? but that hack really works and I already tried it myself that’s all thanks 😂😂

  92. Roopa anand rao says:

    Eggcelenct heard that ?!

  93. Gina Troche says:

    You have to wet the cake sleeve !

  94. rayan alkandari says:

    Cake recipe?

  95. Raineece Yee Sin says:

    Rie and Eugene need to collab

  96. MoveMekMiPaZz says:

    Thanks for sharing 🚾🚾🚾🚾🚼⬛️🚼

  97. ZeldoFilms says:

    Rie: but I prefer to use it since it’s reusable, it saves the earth, sAvEs ThE tUrTlEs

    My Rie, we protecc

  98. greenfaeryfly says:

    Baking powder contains cornstarch. With multiple family members who were allergic, we used this hack often!

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