I Try To Master Jacques Pepin’s Perfect Omelet…

“If I had to judge how good technically a chef is” “I probably would ask him to do an omelette” Hey guys! Salut! It’s Alex! So today is a day to remember. I’m gonna face one of the toughest challenges. I have ever faced within my culinary journey. I’m gonna put myself through the test, and see if I can wrap up the perfect four eggs omelette. So it’s probably not very intimidating from your point of view, like eggs and pan, what could possibly go wrong. Can we get a real chef here? Well it turns out that this dish is very tricky to master. And, believe it or not, it you is, you know, widely regarded as the ultimate evaluation of a chef’s expertise. No pressure at all, I am not nervous. Oh~ Of course before we jump straight into it, we, I mean you and I need to be in pace… about how high the omelette standards are. And for this, i think there is only one guy we need to check up. OK please say hello to Mr. Jacques Pepin. So if you are not familiar with the guy, Jacques Pepin is an international chef. He is also a TV personality. He has amazing skills. The guy actually cooked in the past with Julia Child, you know like, casually. You don’t wanna mess with the guy in terms of technique. In fact the guy actually wrote a cook book called “La Technique” Anyway this is him, making “the omelette”. ‘It is difficult to make a real good omelette. and there is different types of omelette.’ ‘I am going to show you two types of omelettes.’ ‘A kind of country French omelette.’ So I’m not going to focus on this one, I’m going to focus on the.. ‘classic french omelette’..this one. ‘This one is just a chive omelette.’ ‘I wanna bring this around and stir it up as fast as I can!’ ‘I want to have a nice…and then push it down…’ ‘invert it, to have’ ‘An omelette, a classic omelette!’ ‘Which is white like this, or pale yellow.’ ‘very creamy’ Oh la la la la la la. So this is the very reason why I made this video. In terms of omelette making, this is the standard! This is what I need to master! You know, there is a thin line between being bold, and brave, and being completely stupid. And I feel like I’m about to cross that line. like one way or another. Right, so, I just don’t want to overthink this too much. I just want to start making an omelette, and see where I stand, in all this. so, I got myself a random pan. It’s been beaten up, but it should be fine. and also I’ve got four eggs which directly come from my previous soft boiled egg madness. Let’s start. you know what, it should be fine. let’s just stop all the fuss about this. Ah! Ah! 3…2…1… I’m not sure about the shape. also, my omelette is a bit brown-ish. It’s quite rough. to be very honest, it is not very pointy. And now I think that the shape wasn’t that bad. disappointment set aside, I suggest we go and watch that video again. just to see, if we have a chance to improve ourselves. ‘in that pan,’ ‘this is what I want for an omelette,’ ‘and as you see, it is uh…’ So, for the record, I’m not sure that my pan was hot enough. But, I am sure that my pan is a sh*t pan. ‘I wanna bring…’ that looks impossible. I did not have this. It couldn’t possibly be further than this beautiful shape. Ahhh no… this is probably the hardest blow, regarding my omelette. Right, let’s just pull ourselves back together. And, I’m gonna address those problems one by one. OK, so I just got a brand new nonstick pan, Hopefully, things are gonna be smoother from now on. It’s a very cheap one. But, It was the only one with, you know, the proper curve, and also the only proper one at twenty-four centimeters. And that is, what matters the most. Well, indeed to make the perfect omelette, you need the perfect pan to eggs ratio. And according to the man himself, Jacques Pepin. A four eggs omelette would be ideally made in a 24 centimeter pan. or 9.5 inches. Well, the problem is, that you can’t just perform a cross multiplication… between the number of eggs, and the diameter of the pan. You see, eggs flattening in 2-dimensions, we need to use 2-dimensions values. And for this…the surface, sounds legitimate. The surface of a round pan is calculated like so, for a 24 centimeter pan, it gives us 452 square centimeters, and that gives us the ratio of the surface of the pan, and the number of eggs you need. which is not useful since it is never mentioned on the packaging, instead we need to connect it to the diameter using the first equation. And so we get the relationship between, the diameter of the pan, and the number of eggs. or the number of eggs and the diameter of the pan. OK. Don’t worry, I made this so you don’t have to. I made a spread sheet online. there’s a link in the description box down below, and everything inside is already calculated. And now I think that we earned the right to cook our ‘n’ eggs omelette in our ‘d’ pan. First off, there is not half my omelette in the pan, thanks to this beautiful non stick pan. And second, I didn’t get that much color on this one. Which is great! Now goes the main thing I’m not satisfied with, It’s the shape. Light, fluffy, not seasoned. I forgot the salt, ah, I forgot the salt. So, a quick word about the fork situation, I couldn’t just rub my egg using this metal, and pointy, edgy tool. So instead I switched to this wooden fork, which looks definitely less harmful, possibly, a bit less practical, but, whatever. I just don’t want to scratch it anymore. Jacques Pepin, Jacques Pepin, Jacques Pepin. So, from what I can see, there is a combination of two movements. with one hand he is going back and forth, and with the other hand he is doing an eight. It looks a bit like good scrambled eggs. Also, there is a gradient in the thickness. Very thin, way thicker. I’m really missing on the shape, and on the temperature, and the move, and the chives, and there’s *** Let’s not give up that easily. I’m gonna practice way more. I need more eggs. I’m not gonna stop now. I’ll be stupid to just stop now. I’m so close to achieving the perfect omelette. What I need now, just to get my mind straight, and ready for what is… the 12 Commandments of the omelette. The optimal pan/egg ratio. Whisk it good, medium plus heat, butter should be bubbling, and little sizzling sound, the combo move, shake the batter stuff flat, tilt, off the heat, very thin to thick, duck shape, tap tap the handle, almost flat, seal the omelette, invert it. So I’ve got the theory right, I need practice a lot. The only thing left is just to make the perfect, classic omelette. And that is precisely what I’m gonna do right now. Hmm, hmm! Delicate, fluffy, very, very soft, I don’t know…I think I did the job properly right. But at the same time, I know that, my judgment is very much biased. The most legitimate would come from Jacques himself. Truth is I tried to reach out to Jacques Pepin on Twitter, without so much success I’m afraid. And then I thought why don’t you guys help me out on this? The power of the community. Just tweet the guy, ask him to watch and judge my omelette. if you like this video please give a big thumbs up like this, and share that over all your social media this time. I wanna see your omelette on social media. So don’t forget to tag me as well. Last bit, please click subscribe cause I make new videos every week. It’s always about the food, it’s always about getting better, and trying to be smarter in the kitchen. So, take care, bye-bye. Salut.

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