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Hi guys I hope you’re well. Okay so me and the Hotpoint guys have reached out to you and we’ve asked for your amazing food memories. If you haven’t seen what I’m talking about click the link and you could be one of the people that wins a whole load of amazing Hotpoint equipment. We’ve had so many recipes sent in, amazing ones and there was one that stood out. It was from a lady called Rae. It’s a romantic story, in Italy in Pisa. It was just before she decided to get married to her partner and it was a soup, Zuppa Toscana a Tuscan bread soup. It’s so so good it’s the ultimate comfort
food and I’m gonna share it with you now. So right this is a really important dish for you isn’t it? Yeah it really is. Twelve years ago we went for a dinner in this quite, I’m assuming cafe. We ordered this soup it looked pretty tame. We got it. Oh my god it blew us away it was just so beautiful. It’s not the prettiest soup, it’s actually to be honest it’s quite ugly. It was just so fantastic and just so unexpected. and he wasn’t your husband at the time right? and that’s the holiday that we decided to get married and my husband’s been trying to get me to make it ever since and I can’t do it. We’ve been together 20 years this year. I couldn’t think of a nicer anniversary present to give him. I am really confident that I can get you to nail it. Fantastic. As of today. We found the actual cafe which you had this in. Fantastic. We’ve spoken to them they called this soup Zuppa Toscana on the menu. That’s right. That was for the tourists actually it’s called Ribollita which means reboiled. Not quite as sexy. Not really. So I’m gonna be using a lovely Hotpoint hob here. Beautiful. Get yourself a nice big pan and put it on a medium heat. Some olive oil just a couple of tablespoons, smoked pancetta or you could use smoked bacon, chili and we’ve got some fennel seeds which are amazing and now we’re gonna start adding the carrots. That’s a big one. It certainly is. So we’re gonna go in with a celery. What’s your onion chopping skills like? Pretty poor like the rest of my chopping skills. Okay well I’ll continue chopping then. Thank you darling, much appreciated. So if you stir that in. Of course. Everything we’ve done so far do you think you can achieve? Yeah! Okay, cook this down that would be amazing. Now have you seen Fifty Shades of Grey? No. Okay so we’re gonna do a little lesson in tying things up. Take some rosemary and you say listen come here. I’m tying you up. Yes! Throw that in the story. Boom. We’re gonna go in with nice plum tomatoes, now crush these in your hands. Now we’ve got some lovely cannellini beans, jarred beans. Why? It’s just like next-level. Okay, what next? Cavolo nero! My favourite. Black cabbage. Love it. Do you want to have a little go on this? Yeah why not? Just have some fun with it. Water, about 2 liters just under. So in with the cavolo nero. I’ve turned the hob up on my lovely Hotpoint hob. We’re gonna bring it to the boil and just simmer it for about 30 minutes. This is amazing sourdough bread and they would have used stale bread. Right. So we’ll just rip this up. It’s delicious that bread, so good. I’m gonna take the rosemary out now, add the bread into the soup. As I stir this do you notice it’s starting to break down? Yeah and it’s kind of thickening and it’s going creamy, and I’d leave that now for about ten minutes. If you do this now and then leave it tomorrow it really is even better. Do you want to see how different it looks after a bit of time? Course I do. Because I’ve had some hidden away in my Hotpoint oven. It just kind of gets, dare I say it, even more ugly. Yeah. But the creaminess is amplified. Now this is the time to correct the seasoning of salt and pepper. Right. Turn the heat off now and get extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and that’s about eight tablespoons. Wow! Oil is an ingredient. Yes yes yes yes! We have a
little taste. Wow. That is unbelievable. Right I’m being an idiot but it makes me want to cry. Really? It reminds me so much of it. Bless you. I’m being an idiot. No don’t cry. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to recreate this for Phil and that just tastes so beautiful and really reminds me of that. That’s the thing with food memories, they can unlock little feelings little emotions. That’s the real deal my friend. Wow look at it. Jamie that’s better, that’s better. Now you can make this for your main man. What an anniversary present. So I’ve got one more bit of love to give you. Me and my friends at Hotpoint are gonna give you brand-new oven What? and a brand new hob. Oh my god! and they’re gonna send it to your house and they’re gonna fit it and then you can make it in the exact same environment. So pleasure. Jamie thank you so much, thank you Hotpoint, that’s fantastic. So guys if you want to win a whole load of Hotpoint kit just like Rae then come on hit the link, head over to the
competition on the hub. Get involved you’re gonna love it!

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