Induction Cooktop | RV How To: La Mesa RV

Your induction cooktop requires you to have compatible cookware. That is any pan that you can actually put a magnet on and it sticks, is compatible. So it uses magnetism to work. So you just grab a
magnet, put it on your pan, If it doesn’t stick, it will not work on your cooktop. If you don’t have a magnet, it’s okay. You can go ahead and put your pan on top of the cooktop, turn it on, it’ll come up with an error code of U, saying it’s not compatible. So if you do grab a pan that is magnetized, it will stick. So this will work. It’s very simple to use. If by accident you did turn the power on, it will come on, but nothing will work unless you put a pan on it to activate it. So if you have little ones around, if they do manage to touch it, nothing will happen until a pan goes on it. So, you take your pan, set it on top, turn on your cookware, go to temperature, set your desired temperature. There’s no start button needed. It’ll automatically start doing it. What’s good about an induction cooktop is, it does heat up a lot quicker. You can boil water a lot quicker than you can on a conventional stove. So, as you’re getting used to it, I would stay around it so you can understand how quickly it will cook. You also have a heat mode in there So it’ll just heat up a pan slowly. Once you take a pan off, it’ll automatically turn off your induction cooktop. You can be safe
to touch it within a couple minutes after you’re done using it. As far as
cleaning it, just use a solid surface ceramic cleaner for you. And that’s all you have to do.

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