Induction Range – Best Stoves Ranked [Top 5 Picks]

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Induction is optimized cooking at its best and is the most energy efficient
cooking method that’s quickly becoming the preferred choice among home chefs
who value speed precision and easy cleanup. The elements in an induction
range turn your pans into heat vessels that respond to precise temperature
changes during the cooking process. Contrary to rumor, your pots and pans
will work on an induction cooktop as long as a magnet stick to the bottom of
them. There’s no arguing that induction is a major improvement over older
electric cooking technologies such as electric radiant or coil cook tops and
the responsive temperature control it’s far more accurate than cooking over a
gas flame. One big bonus is how easy they are to clean just requiring a quick wipe
down after cooking. But what we really like are the built-in safety features.
There’s no heat exchange unless there’s a pot on top of an element and as soon
as the pots removed or if the pot boils over, the heating stops this makes it a
very friendly and safe cooking surface for kids. Now let’s jump into our top
picks. For most people, the GE Profile PHS930SLSS induction range is a great
go to pick. This induction range checks most boxes when it comes to finding the
perfect range for our customers. For starters, this is a slide-in range that’s
meant to be able to replace a preexisting freestanding range
unlike some slider ranges. This one has finished sides meaning you can use it
even if it’s exposed on one side. Also unlike other slide ins, this range
doesn’t have an overhanging lip around the edge meaning you can install it
close to a wall on either side. When it comes to cooking performance
this range features four burners plus a fifth burner which can be used as a
warming area. You can also bridge together two of the burner zones to
accommodate larger pots and pans like a griddle or fish pen making for a more
versatile stovetop which we love. The oven features true European convection
for precise cooking and even heat and the oven includes three racks and a
storage door down below for added convenience. If you like the features of
the previous GE Profile range but prefer knobs instead of touch controls check
out their Cafe CHS950P2MS1. The cafe line, also manufactured by GE, is an
upgrade to their GE Profile lineup targeted to customers who want a more
distinctive design and chef inspired cooking features. This model has all of
the features of the GE Profile we highlighted before and more. The range
has a distinct pro style design with control knobs to control the burner
elements instead of electric controls making it more intuitive to quickly
change temperature settings. The thick handles also give it a heavy-duty
commercial feel. You also get two ovens instead of one, giving you the
flexibility to cook two different meals at the same time. From a technology
standpoint, this range is fully loaded. It features Heston Q technology which
when combined with the Heston Q enable pin allows you to set and keep pan
temperature exactly combined with video guided recipes from chefs, you’ll take
your cooking skills to the next level. You can also purchase a separate cooking
probe allowing you to cook via sous vide. The cafe induction range features Wi-Fi
connect technology allowing you to control your oven with your smart device
or simply using your voice. Looking for an affordable induction range without
sacrificing essential features, check out this 30-inch free-standing range by
Frigidaire. The FFIF3054TS by Frigidaire uses the industry standard
when it comes to induction technology providing precise heat to your cookware
while keeping the surrounding areas cool to the touch. With its basic feature set
in temperature control settings you won’t be disappointed with its even heat
cooking whether you want a sear steak or simmer sauces. For the oven
you’ll get 5.3 cubic foot capacity easily fitting multiple large casserole
dishes whether you want to bake or boil. When done cooking, easily
select the quick 20-minute self-clean mode from the easy-to-use control panel.
As for design, these ranges can fit multiple kitchen styles since it’s
available in regular stainless steel or black stainless steel. Need extra storage
space for your induction cookware? Frigidaire has a convenient storage door
making the thought of storing cookware painless. Samsung is a great mid-range
option if you’re looking for more bang for your buck when it comes to features
and modern design. The NE58K9560WS sliding induction range gives you the
ultimate modern cooking experience starting with its Wi-Fi connectivity.
This allows you to remotely monitor your cooktop and oven with peace of mind. As
long as you have your smartphone close by you can do a variety of tasks such as
turning the unit on and off, starting preheat, adjusting temperatures or
setting a timer. You’ll also get peace of mind with its unique virtual flame
technology giving you the illusion of gas cooking with a brilliant blue
virtual flame on the bottom of your pots and pans. This way you’ll always know
which burners are on. Down below features a 5.8 cubic foot capacity oven with not
one but two fans for even convection cooking which is also great for baking.
If your cooking enthusiast aspiring chef or simply want to experiment with
different types of cooking, Samsung offers a few specialized options such as
proofing dehydrate and slow cooking it’s three adjustable racks give you maximum
flexibility whether you want to bake several sheets of cookies or a 30 pound
holiday turkey. It also includes a convenient warming drawer that will keep
your freshly cooked meals warm until ready to serve to your friends and
family. Lastly Samsung doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sleek modern design
with four large premium glass knobs that are easy to grip and electronically
adjust the level of heat to ensure precise control – it’s easy to use
control panel these ranges will blend seamlessly with your kitchen for a
modern built-in look without the hassle of a remodel. If you’re looking for the
best induction range money can buy, check out the Miele HR16221. Miele is a
leader in many different kitchen appliance categories not the least of
which is induction ranges. While they do have a sleek modern appearance Miele
appliances look great and timeless in all kitchen types from contemporary to
traditional. Both the cooktop and oven on the miele induction range offer
premium performance features. Keep in mind this is a powerful pro style range
so the electrical requirements are a little bit higher than on a typical
induction range. Here you’ll need a 50 amp dedicated electric circuit. The
cooktop features for independent cooking zones on most induction ranges you need
to be careful about what size cookware you use for each burner. For example
using a small pan on a large burner will result in less power being used,
However the Miele cooktop surface is able to direct all of the power from the
larger burner into a smaller pan meaning you can use any sized pan on any sized
burner as long as it fits inside the elements boundaries. Each burner can be
boosted which pulls power from other zones to reach a hotter temperature more
quickly. In terms of durability, like all Miele appliances, Miele tests their
ranges to last for years to come. In fact on their induction glass surface they
drop a steel ball from 12 inches to make sure the surface is a hundred percent
resistant to cracking. The oven performance is equally impressive. In the
oven you’ll get Miele’s dual European convection. You will also get Miele’s
MasterChef system which will give you a hundred pre-programmed recipes so you don’t
need to worry about setting the time and temperature before cooking. With the
intuitive M-touch touch screen display that folds out simply select the food
type portion size and temperature without any guesswork. For a more
in-depth look at Miele ranges check out our full review in the video link down
below. We hope this video has given you a great starting point when it comes to
selecting the best induction range for your home. For more information a visit
to one of our stores is well worth your time. Thanks for watching! Please
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