Ingles Table Gigi – White Chili Chicken

Hi, I’m Gigi Stewart, known to those who
follow me online as Gluten-Free Gigi. My blog,, led to the birth of Food
Solutions Magazine and my book, The Gluten-Free Solution. I love sharing
my recipes and ideas with folks all over the globe. Now, thanks to Ingles, I’m going
to cook with you and share some great gluten-free recipes. Today, we’re starting
out at Ingles, getting the ingredients to make my White Chili with Chicken.
Remember all of this is on the web site at So you can print a list and take it with you or pull it up on your phone when you’re at the store. Now let’s get cooking! Alright we’re back from a Ingles. I have a great recipe for
you, today. White Chili with Chicken. No ground
beef in this one. We’re using a great rotisserie chicken from the Ingles Deli, and it
only takes one chicken. Perfect for this recipe. I have some shredded over
here, but first I’ve been sauté some onions in a half tablespoon of olive oil.
And I’m gonna add a little garlic to that. And we only wanna cook the garlic a minute. I had the onions going for about 10 minutes. Garlic cooks really quick and it can burn
easily. So we’ll just give this quick stir. It’s already aromatic. I wish you could smell it, its delicious. This looks fantastic. Perfect. So i’m gonna add a few more ingredients in. I have a cup of salsa
verde, green salsa. Hear that sizzle? Put that in there, give it a stir. And then I’m gonna add a teaspoon of cumin and a teaspoon of chili powder. Put those in. Stir that up and it already smells so good. Gonna add just a few more ingredients. This is a really healthy dish too. I’ve got four cups of shredded chicken. Again about one
rotisserie chicken from your Ingles Deli. So just put that all in there. You can use
leftover chicken, whatever you like. I have 3 cans of white beans, Great Northern Bean. Use any white bean you’d like. And we’re gonna put those right in. So you got lots of protein
in this dish, which I really really like. And I’m gonna put just a little bit of cheese in here. Just gonna reach in. I washed my hands, don’t worry. Alright, got the cheese in there. Now I gonna give this a little stir. I know you want to eat it now, but you can’t. Don’t forget the pitcher of three cups of chicken stock. Homemade, store bought, whatever works for you. Give it a stir, covered it up 45 minutes, and
you will have absolute best chili of your life and when you’re ready to serve it up, garnish it out with some sour cream, some slice jalapeños, little extra salsa
verde, whatever you like. We’re out of time for today, but I want to thank you so
much for joining me here at the Ingles Table Remember you can find this recipe,
videos, photos, and more on the website at Until next time, I’ll see you online.

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