Ingrid Hoffmann Takes Slow Cooker Recipes to the Next Level

– [Ingrid] The weather is getting colder. You’re craving comfort food, but don’t have
a ton of time to spend in the kitchen. That’s where this slow cooker comes in. And I’m going to show you how to make three
recipes that are sure to impress your taste buds. So, how about we get started? This is going to be so easy. Today, I’m going to be making my slow cooker
sweet and spicy pepper shredded beef featuring ingredients by Star, the ultimate trusted
experts in Mediterranean food. Now, I had a little bit of pre-work done,
so just check it out; in my slow cooker, I’ve got my flank steak, I’ve got onions, I’ve
got chopped, diced tomatoes out of a can, salt and pepper, I’ve got my um, stock, you
can use chicken stock or beef stock, and some tomato paste. Now we’re going to be adding the rest, and
what’s great, this is mostly either pantry items or freezer items, so you can whip this
up in a minute. We’re going to start with a little bit of
oregano. We’re going to do a little bit of cumin. Little bit of salt, a little bit for luck. We have achiote powder, which comes from the
annatto seed, this is a flavor, this is a colorant, I love using it, it’s used in mostly
in Latin American cooking, but it just adds great flavor and great color. And now, ‘cos we want that meat to cook up
really well, and to get really tender and soft, so guess what? We’ve got unfiltered, organic apple cider
vinegar. This baby is going to add that zing that we
need and it’s going to help us tenderize as well. That’s delicious. So, now that we’ve got these guys in it, we’re
going to add the last of our Star’s. We start with some raisins, golden raisins. I love using golden raisins. This is going to be a recipe that’s going
to have tarty, sweet, tangy. Our beautiful roasted red peppers, they already
come up cut in the jar, like I said, you don’t even need to prep for this recipe. Everything is just either out of the jar,
but it’s top quality ingredients. Jalapenos, ha! Love that spicy kick. We’ve got some nice beautiful olives in there. We’re going to stir it up a bit, and then
guess what? We’re going to set it and forget it! Put it on high, five hours. Cover it. While this baby gets cooking, let me show
you what all the other tricks that I’ve got here. We’ve got these beautiful chicken thighs that
we have with uh, roasted red peppers, and we also have our beautiful artichokes. We’ve got these Greek stuffed onions with
feta cheese, raisins, you can put any type of herb on them, mint, and um, so you know,
this is all about simple but robust ingredients that add a ton of flavor to all of your recipes. And I can’t wait! ‘Cos, of course, you know that we, television
magic, five hours have passed. Look at our beautiful plate, and I can’t wait
to try it, right? You want some? Haha. It smells so good in here, guys! Mm! The beef is soft, it’s soaked up all the flavor. What else do I want? Now, for more slow cooker recipes, check out
Star, the ultimate trusted experts in Mediterranean food, at, or on our website: And don’t forget to share your favorite recipes
with us! We’ll see you next time!

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