Instant pot Beef And Broccoli, Broccoli Beef Recipe

– Today, we’re going to be making beef and broccoli. (upbeat music) See all that good marbling
right there on that fat? That’s some good stuff right there. ‘Bout two pounds. So what you wanna do first is put some coarse salt and ground pepper on top of that. You wanna put it in the Instant Pot. But first, very important. Put this thing on saute. You want to wait for it to say hot, yeah, hot. You’re gonna put a teaspoon
of oil in the bottom You’re gonna make sure that
the oil covers the bottom. I use peanut oil. Put that in, yes, put it in there. Then you gonna season the
other side the same way. You gonna let that sit in the
Instant Pot as it’s cooking for about seven minutes. It should release easily. If it doesn’t, leave it
there for a little bit. It should come right up. Flip it on the other side, let it sit there and brown
for about seven minutes or so and it comes out looking like this. It’s just browned. It’s not cooked all the way through. You’re gonna take it out and
you’re gonna set it aside. I’ve already done that, and
this is where you come in. Yeah. So now we’re gonna take our garlic, gonna throw that in there. Then we’re gonna put our ginger. Put that good ole ginger in there. The recipe will be also
listed in the description so don’t you worry your
pretty little head off, I’ma make sure you have
all the ingredients. We’re gonna cook that
around in there like that, let that cook up. (sings) Think we’re almost there. Almost. I wish you could smell
this, it smells amazing. Alright, so what I did was
while my meat was browning, I created my chicken stock mix. Like I said, ingredients
will be in the description so you can put yours together. So after you saute your ginger and garlic, you
wanna deglaze your pan. You’re gonna put that in there like such and you’re gonna scrape off
the stuff at the bottom. Let me get that off of there. Some of you are probably asking, why does his Instant
Pot say on and not hot? Because it automatically shut
off when I was done sauteing so I turned it back on. But yours should say hot. Mine was hot enough so
I could saute my stuff. Yes, yes. I think we just about got it. Excellent. So after we deglaze our Instant Pot, we’re gonna take our browned steak, we’re gonna start slicing it. So just take your steak that’s browned, put it on your cutting board. Obviously you want to make sure that it’s cooled down a little bit so you can touch it. I like to touch the steak. But if you prefer using
a fork, go right ahead. Make sure you have a sharp knife (knives scrape against each other) We’re gonna cut against the grain. We’re gonna cut those pretty thin. (upbeat music) It’s looking pretty tasty. But it’s not ready to
eat so you gotta hold on. Don’t be cheatin’ and tryin’ to eat this. Almost there. And we got it. We got it. Got it. Eh whatever. So now we are going to
pressure cook our sliced beef. We’re gonna turn this back on. I’m gonna go ahead and hit saute so it can start the heating up process. We’re gonna place our
meat into that mixture we just poured in there (beeping noise) We’re gonna cook this for 12 minutes. High pressure. Gonna put that in there. And now, we’re gonna
get to pressure cook it. You ready for this? Check it out. We gonna hit manual. We’re gonna drop that 30 down to 12. (beeping noise) We’re gonna make sure
it’s on high pressure. Boom. We’re gonna take our top. Trusty old top. And we gonna attempt to put it on there. Got it. That’s what I do. I got it. We’re gonna let this sucker cook. 12 minutes, boom. Then we’re gonna let it
slow release for 12 minutes. Then we’ll come back and I’ll
show you the rest of the story Okay, rest of the recipe. Now that our Instant Pot is done cooking, I allowed it to slow release
for about 12 minutes. Actually I think it says
14 minutes right there. Yep, 14 minutes right there. We’re gonna get the rest of
the pressure out of this thing, just in case it didn’t all release. (hissing noise) Get it out. While that’s doing it’s thing, I wanna work on thickening agent. Oh it’s already done, so let’s
go ahead and take the top off Be careful. Don’t want you to burn yourself. Burning yourself is bad, bad. Alright. Take that sucker off. Gonna store it right there. What we’re gonna do now is put it back on saute
so you press keep warm, hit saute again so it can
start to heat back up. I got a cup of cold water. Actually not a cup, not a whole cup, a few tablespoons of cold water (beeping) Two and a half tablespoons of corn starch. I’m gonna throw that in
that cold water like so. Let’s mix that up. Get it all nice and mixed. Remember you gotta use cold water ’cause if you use hot water,
you’ll see what happens. Don’t take my word for it, experiment. I’m all about experimenting myself. I hear it bubbling. That should be nice and mixed in there. Take a little bit of this, I’m not gonna put the whole thing in yet ’cause I might not want it that thick. You need to trial and error, see how thick you want it. So I’m gonna pour a little bit in. See what happens. Pour a little bit more in there. See what happens. It’s starting to thicken up but I want it a little bit thicker. Little more in there. Mix it up. Oh yeah, that’s looking good. I’m excited about this stuff right here. This looks tasty. Oh yeah. To me, that’s magnifisico,
magnifico, however you say it. Magnificent. That just smells wonderful. Whoa. What we’re gonna do next, we’re gonna take out our broccoli florets. See that, broccoli florets. Just want the top of them, see that, just the top of ’em, like little trees, little trees, little trees. We’re gonna put that in there. So the recipe calls for
one head of broccoli. I thought I’d be clever and put two. Or two and a half, I may
have put three, I don’t know. I think I may have put too
much broccoli in this thing. But that’s alright. My wife and kids like broccoli. Especially when this guy cooks it up. They’re gonna eat this. Alright, so we’ve put that in there. We’re gonna put our lid on. Like such. Here’s the fun part. We gonna let it sit there for about three to three and a half minutes, then we’ll see what’s next. Alright, so it’s been
about three and a half, four minutes, it’s not an exact science, you may have to leave it longer. So we’re gonna take the lid off, take us a piece of
broccoli out, small piece, We’re gonna put that in there like that. I gotta make sure it’s the right texture. Let’s see. It still has a crunch to it so
definitely the right texture. I cooked up some cauliflower rice. Woo. Right there, right there baby. Alright, I’m gonna take my spoon here I’m gonna get some of
this juice at the bottom. Get a couple pieces of broccoli. We’re gonna get me some meat as well. Put some on there like so. Oh yes, I wish you could smell this. It just smells wonderful. And there we have it folks, beef and broccoli over some healthy rice, also known as cauliflower rice. Oh, and you can season
the cauliflower rice however you choose. And it takes way less time
to cook than regular rice. Yup. Way less time to cook. Anywho, I’m so glad you stopped by. Hopefully, you make a mean
beef and broccoli dish as well. So if you haven’t
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