Instant Pot Chana Chat | Chickpeas Salad |Ingredients in Description

Hi! Welcome back! In this video let’s see
how to make chana chat using an Instant Pot. Chana chat is made using garbanzo
beans. I have soaked the garbanzo beans for around 2 hours. I’m gonna cook this in
an instant pot and then add it with some masalas here ,and then top it off
with some vegetables. So let’s take a quick look at the ingredients. Garbanzo
beans 1 cup soaked for two hours. Black salt 1 teaspoon. Chaat masala 1 Teaspoon.
Tamarind chutney 1 tablespoon. Mint chutney 1 Tablespoon. You can actually make this at home
but I prefer Indian store brought Mint chutney and Sev, half a cup. 1 tbsp Red
Chili powder. Salt to taste 1/2 a Tomato diced 1/2 cucumber, diced into small
pieces. 1/2 an onion diced. Some coriander(cilantro) So the tomatoes and cucumber that you
are seeing here are deseeded and then cut into various small pieces. so I’m
gonna cook my garbanzo beans in the silicon basket today. I have received
these silicon baskets from a company called avokado. They are also available
in Amazon. I really found these very helpful and I wanted to show show these
to you guys. They are available in two colors; red and green. If you do not have
a silicon basket you can use any oven safe Bowl that you use for pot in pot. So
just take your garbanzo beans into your steamer basket, place the steamer basket
in your instant pot. This has a cool feature to lock this up and now pour
water till your garbanzo beans are submerged. So I added water till they are
completely submerge into the water now I’m gonna add some salt into this now
close the lid turn on pressure cook and set it to 20 minutes and make sure the
whistle isn’t sealing mode so I have like the pressure released naturally it
took around 25 minutes now I’m gonna open the lid so now I’m just gonna carry
the steamer basket out it’s really easy because the steamer basket has holes in
it so it will all be drained so you can just collect these chickpeas into a
bowel the chickpeas are perfectly done first
I’m gonna add these veggies into the bowl and then add garam masala on top of
it so in goes some tomatoes and cucumber and add onions you can also add shredded
carrot some boiled potatoes it’s up to you just give it a quick you can always
adjust any of these ingredients according to your taste now add black
salt into this and add masala chaat masala and add red chilli powder this
will be too much so I’m gonna now add tamarind chutney add mint chutney into
this everything now this is ready to be served to serve take some chat into a smaller that’s it guys your chart is ready
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