Instant Pot Chicken Wild Rice Soup (Episode 18 of Healthy Instant Pot Series)

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so you don’t miss it, because you don’t want to miss it. And today’s recipe is,
chicken wild rice soup. Our entire family loves
chicken wild rice soup. I’m from Ukraine, so I
did not grow up eating it, but I know many of you did because it’s known as Minnesota Soup, because apparently Minnesota
grows a lot of wild rice, so that’s where it’s super popular. But there’s nothing Ukrainian cannot do and today we’re making
healthy Chicken Wild Rice Soup and it’s hearty and thick. My kids love it. I feed my husband. Soups are where it’s at for us, because they are cheap, quick, easy in Instant Pot, and healthy. So let’s do it. (Latin music) Hi guys. Hey guys. Hey guys. So to make Chicken Wild Rice Soup today I will be using my six
quart Instant Pot Lux. The recipe is also good for eight quart, so you can use either size. Also, I get a lot of questions about cutting down the recipe for one or two people and
using smaller Instant Pot, like three quart, or six quart, but cutting down the recipe. You can do that, but you have
to keep the same cooking time. So first, we’re gonna chop the vegetables, add everything here, and you
don’t have to saute anything, and we’re gonna go over all
the tips and substitutions and everything you need to know about chicken wild rice soup, in Instant Pot. So first we’re gonna chop our onion, carrots, garlic, potatoes. And a few tips, I don’t peel potatoes. I just wash them really well, and if you buy organic you
don’t really have to worry about the pesticides and stuff like that. For mushrooms you can use wild mushrooms, dried mushrooms, or fresh mushrooms, but for fresh I recommend to
use the brown or baby bella. Baby portobello mushrooms,
brown mushrooms, ’cause they just have more flavor. And we’re not going to saute them because Instant Pot cooks
everything under pressure, releasing more flavor. That’s why you don’t have to saute. (lively music) And we will be making our healthy soup without two cups of heavy cream, traditionally used in all recipes online. You can see, here’s how. Neither will we thicken it with flour, and still our healthy soup is gonna come out creamy and rich and hearty. Just the way it should be. Without a heart attack. And I usually add vegetables
as I chop them to Instant Pot. And in this case it doesn’t
matter if you add chicken first or vegetables first. Now as for chicken, you
can use breast, or thighs, boneless, or bone-in,
remove the skin, or skin on. You can take whole chicken and use pieces. Drumsticks, whatever you want. But here’s the best part. I’m using frozen chicken, because who does not have frozen chicken. I constantly forget to thaw the chicken, even for videos and for recipe testing, so that’s when Instant
Pot is your best friend. Look, it’s like froze. And I have frozen chicken breast, and some frozen, very
frozen, chicken thighs. And you just add it here, and that’s it. That’s the beauty of Instant Pot. It is the best. Now, the wild rice. I get asked this question a lot, can I use any other rice? No. You have to use wild rice, because it’s called
chicken wild rice soup. Truth is white rice, or brown rice is not going to taste the same. The only thing you can use,
there is the wild rice blend. I think it was brown rice. I think it’s Lundberg Farms. You can use that, but there
has to be some wild rice. Because if you use white or brown rice, you’re soup is gonna
be just like porridge. It’s gonna dissolve and
it’s not gonna be good. Plus the taste of wild rice is amazing. It is not cheap, but you
don’t have to soak it, and it’s a treat, and it’s just delicious. Now seasoning. They’re super simple. We’re gonna start with mustard. One tablespoon, I’m using Dijon, but you can use yellow mustard. I’ve used it many times. Half teaspoon, dried thyme. Two teaspoons of garlic powder. And you might ask, “Olena, why
are you doing garlic powder? “You already added garlic.” Well, garlic, I find, it
really cooks in Instant Pot and it doesn’t add as much flavor as you would cook it
on a stove or added in, so I do like to add garlic powder as well, because it just adds more flavor. Salt, that was it for seasonings
besides salt and pepper. Two teaspoons, salt and pepper. And nine cups, in this case, of water. You can use broth, low-sodium. I think I’m gonna go with water because there’s already chicken. So when water cooks
chicken, it becomes broth. And one of my best tricks
and tips about Instant Pot that I use all the time,
I use boiling water. Because then Instant Pot takes less time to come to pressure. It’s one of our tips. (water splashing) So that was nine cups. See how there was PC MAX line? And that’s the maximum you
should fill your Instant Pot if you want it to come to pressure. So try to keep it that way. I am right at PC MAX line. I’m just a little bit above. I just says PC MAX. So I think it still will
be fine, but we will see. I should come to pressure. But just keep your, anything you cook in Instant Pot up to that line when
you’re pressure cooking. So now we just close the lid, and we’re gonna cook it
for 25 to 30 minutes. 30 minutes if you like
your vegetables and rice to be like more falling apart. But anywhere between
25 and even 35 minutes, if you really like hearty
soup and tender vegetables. It’s fine. Make sure the valve is to sealing, and press manual or pressure
cook, depending on the model, on high pressure, and whether
you want it keep warm or not. This is Instant Pot Lux. Everything is cooking on high pressure, but on Duo you do have high
pressure and low pressure. So make sure it’s
selected to high pressure. So Instant Pot will take
about 20, 30 minutes to bring everything inside to pressure, and while it’s doing
it, and towards the end, you might see, especially
with Lux model, I noticed, steam coming out from here, and eventually the
pressure pin will pot up, and it will seal. And that’s when cooking
time actually begins. So Instant Pot doesn’t start cooking as soon as you press 30 minutes. It needs to come to pressure first. After cooking we are going
to release the pressure. And a side note, it’s October
and somebody, a friend, gave me these wild chanterelles. And I went and picked some
other mushrooms myself, and I checked them yesterday
with boiling with an onion to make sure they’re okay. So I’m gonna go ahead and
add them here as well. I’m gonna be super brave. And another tip for you is
you can open Instant Pot, kind of like first five, ten minutes while it’s heating everything
up and coming to pressure. It’s not pressurized
yet, it’s not crazy hot, so you can add, open and add things to it. I am really going above the PC MAX line. Let’s see what happens. So after Instant Pot has finished cooking, I recommend you wait
about five to 10 minutes before you do quick release. Or you can let the Instant Pot
release pressure naturally. Because I had my Instant
Pot super, super full, and remember, past that PC MAX line, it actually worked, it
pressurized so it’s fine, but it was really full. So we took it outside, because
I just don’t like my studio to smell like food for days,
and it was releasing outside. There was a little bit more liquid than should be coming out. It just makes mess, but
you can totally do it. Or just let it release
pressure on its own. So then we open the Instant Pot. Ah, chicken wild rice soup. So all you have to do now, now we’re gonna make it creamy
and very hearty and thick. So you want to remove chicken, and I have these meat claws. They can move on a plate and shred. I normally like to do
shredding meat in Instant Pot, but because we will be
pureeing it a little bit, I don’t want pureed chicken. Now look, it’s all very
cooked and falling apart. Mmmm, so good. Rice is tender, all
veggies, this is amazing. So look at this chicken. It’s like literally falling apart. I don’t even really need to shred a lot. It’s so tender, from frozen. Now we’re going to make
it creamy with whole milk. Two cups of whole milk. 2% milk works as well. I wouldn’t do 1% or skim milk. It doesn’t have enough fat content. So I would say two cups. Amazing. Mushrooms and everything. And now we’re going to
take an emersion blender and quickly give a few purees. Like you don’t wanna go non-stop. You just wanna give it like a few stirs so it does puree some
vegetables and thickens it, because potatoes have a lot of starch so it’s like naturally thick soup. And when you puree, make sure you don’t go
like vroom, vroom, vroom. Just go in. (blender spinning) And do a few. And then you kind of like stir and see if that’s the
consistency you like. If not, puree more. And also keep in mind,
when soup is sitting for a couple hours, it’s
gonna thicken on its own. Like more rice and potatoes
will absorb the moisture, so that will happen too. So if you’re planning to keep it warm then you don’t have to worry about pureeing too much. All right, so now we
add this chicken back. Our shredded chicken. (scraping on plate) This is so good. And for herbs, I think parsley is the best for the chicken wild rice soup. Look at this beauty. Another thing is this soup
freezes amazingly well. So don’t be scared by the
huge pot of deliciousness. You can freeze leftovers
for up to three months. It will never happen to me. We eat everything. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. And there are some wild mushrooms. Oh, this is so beautiful. Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful! Look at it. This soup smells and looks unbelievable. It has wild rice. It is thick and creamy, no heavy cream. Look at this. Vegetables, shredded
chicken, fresh parsley. This is so good. I wanna do taste test. This is so good, I just wanna eat it. – Yeah, taste test again. – This is your bowl, this is my bowl. Do it. – Mmmm.
– Mmmm. – This is really good soup, aye. – Smells so good. – Genuinely, I really like wild rice. – Look at this, look at this. Look how creamy it is. And as I said, as it was sitting while we were doing our video stuff, half an hour later and it’s thicker. So when you’re pureeing,
don’t go too crazy ’cause it is gonna thicken up. – Wow those people in Minnesota– – I died, heaven in my mouth. I don’t know if it’s their soup, they just grow a lot of wild rice. – They’re very spoiled. – They have snow nine
months out of the year. – My God, it’s so good. Great success, great success. – Now you do subscribe and bell. Let’s see what you can do. – Okay. So hit the bell button, (laughing) hit subscribe button. – Hit it, just like hit it. – Leave us a, what comment, no? Don’t forget to hit subscribe button, which is over there. And click the bell icon so you can have… (laughing) – So you receive notification in your email every time
we publish new recipe. Every Friday, 9 a.m. PST. ifoodreal healthy Instant Pot recipes. Make it, it’s so, so good. This soup is so good. See you next time.
– Thank you so much. – He’s done, he wants to eat. Bye.
– Bye.

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