Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Soup

hey there friends today I’m gonna show
you how I make my instant pot creamy chicken soup we’re gonna start with two
frozen chicken breasts you can also use fresh and salt and pepper then we’re gonna add some dried thyme
and dried dill half of a diced onion 4 cups of chicken broth two cloves of minced garlic and we are
gonna seal this pressure cooker up and we are going to cook for 10 minutes
under high pressure followed by a 10-minute natural pressure release now
we’re going to remove the lid and now we need to shred the chicken and
you can do that directly in the pot with two forks or you can remove the chicken
breast and dice them with a knife or shred them after you remove them from
the pot either way will work okay now we’ve got all of the chicken
back in the pot we’re gonna add celery and some carrots and some broccoli and
if your pot will do this that’s great we can put the lid on and we’re going to
set the instant pot for zero minutes to cook it all it will do is come up to
pressure and then we will release the pressure if your pot can’t do that then
I would just put the instant pot lid back on and just let the
vegetables sit in the liquid for probably 10 minutes to get soft and now
we’re adding cream cheese and heavy cream to make this instant pot chicken
soup creamy now just stir it all up until all of the cream cheese has melted okay let’s serve some up and this is
perfect for these chilly days coming up this
winter this recipe can be found on my blog along with several other instant pot recipes and I
would love it if you could like and share this video thanks for watching bye

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