Instant Pot Dal Makhani | Kali Daal | Buttery Madras Lentils

let’s look at the ingredients for dal
makhani 1/2 an onion chopped 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 3 garlic chopped 2
tbsp red chilli powder 1 tbsp coriander powder 1 tbsp garam masala 1 tsp
turmeric powder salt to taste cilantro leaves 4 tablespoons butter asafoetida
Two tomatoes finely chopped 1 cup whole Urad bean and two tablespoons whipping
cream let’s look at the IP settings turn on sautee mode and wait for the inner
pot to heat up once the pot is hot add butter let’s wait for the butter to melt
completely once the butter has melted add garlic saute it for a minute after
sorting garlic for a minute add onions and fry this for another minute
you can notice the onions are turning golden brown now I’m gonna add ginger
garlic paste and saute this for another minute I’m gonna saute this till the raw
smell of ginger garlic goes away after sauteing this for two minutes now I’m
gonna add tomatoes and saute this for another three minutes till the tomatoes
are completely mashed. Tomatoes are completely mashed now I’m gonna add all
the spices add turmeric powder add red chili powder add coriander powder add
garam masala powder and now add ordered for 1 cup of dal add one cup of water now give it a good stir now I’m gonna
close the lid turn off saute mode turn on manual and set it to 30 minutes under
high pressure make sure the whistle is in sealing mode
30 minutes is done now I’m gonna Quick release, the safety valve has come down
now I’m going to open the lid it’s at a good consistency and you can see dal is
perfectly done. Now I’m gonna turn on saute mode and add salt and add some
heavy whipping cream and let this saute for two minutes I’ve let this saute for 2 minutes now
I’m going to add coriander and turn off saute a mode
and this is ready to be served

11 comments on “Instant Pot Dal Makhani | Kali Daal | Buttery Madras Lentils”

  1. Buysome Bitcoin says:

    One of my favorite dals!

  2. Bob Joe says:

    How long do I cook if I double the recipe? Great video by the way!

  3. Digna Patel says:

    Mine turned out good except I had to put the in spot on twice for 10 min each on manual after putting it on 30 min manual bc the dal was still not cooked. Do I have to soak urad dal in advance? Bc I didn’t

  4. Pooja Patel says:

    No salt?

  5. Rani Srinivasan says:

    Hi why don’t add garlic pods first and ginger garlic paste too? Won’t it bee to garlicky?

  6. Farzana Azizi says:

    So no soaking of the daal beforehand, Nice and easy!

  7. Vidhya Meenakshi says:

    Instead of whip cream try with whole milk. And can reduce butter or completely skip butter with peanut oil. And choose ginger garlic paste or garlic cloves.

  8. SubnetMaskedMan says:

    I always loved Daal Makhani, but noq I know that it needs THAT MUCH BUTTER!!!!! Not Healthy

  9. Sarah Ali says:

    Can I use any other type of daal for this?

  10. USNVA11 says:

    I just found your channel and I think it’s great. I’ve owned an InstantPot DUO60 for two years now and use it at least two or three times a week. I love Indian cuisine and it’s great to find a channel that has a lot of InstantPot recipes for that style of cooking. Thanks for your videos ! I subscribed ! 😃

  11. Vivien Chan says:

    What is the exact name for the dal in English? I think I got the dal the last time… my hubby loves this dish…

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