Instant Pot Low-Carb Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup

what up guys and welcome back to the fit me and cook kitchen for today’s quick meal prep recipe I have got another warming recipe for you and it is based off of a very popular fitmin cook recipe I’m gonna remake the entire thing and give it a slightly different clipper profile and also make it low-carb can you think of what that recipe is I know there’s been so many but this one I know that you are going to love today in the kitchen we are making a low-carb chicken Chipotle tortilla soup mmm you know I’m just gonna drop the idea right here that’s how hot the recipe is I’m just gonna drop ah oh imagine a recipe just dropping right now I am already starting to sweat right now just thinking about the heat of this recipe not only in terms of the flavor but just also how banging it is and I’m gonna show you all how to put everything together in a really simple way gonna get you in and out of the kitchen in less than an hour and I got some more good news because I know that many of you are probably gonna ask us in the comments anyway but yes this is an insta pot recipe all right and it’s really good for me because today I am firing up the insta pot duo evil plus for the very first time they just sent me this and so today we’re gonna fire it up so this is not only just a recipe video but it’s also just a product review video and you’re gonna find my reaction to it very natural in this video right here so if I like it you’re gonna find out if I don’t you’re gonna find out too you know in Texas in fact you know what southerners really don’t say anything that’s impolite do we we just kind of like if we don’t say something it means we don’t like it right yeah so if I don’t say anything at all that means that I don’t like a soup so if you ever mean like a southerner and they say something like oh okay well hi instead of nice to meet you that means they don’t like you at all that means they hate your guts or if they say bless your heart I don’t anticipate that because I love the ipsa pot I’ve had mine for years I haven’t tried out this one so I’m really anxious to get inside kitchen all right guys so if you are ready to roll up your sleeves with me for this amazing chicken chipotle tortilla soup then let’s get started oh let me do my trivia okay I’m gonna give you an easy one because the last time even though it was a home alone and people everyone knows that movie but I’m gonna give you a very popular other movie it’s funny all right it’s a comedy you should be able to get it um then you know I want some kool-aid maybe you want some kool-aid may you know I want some kool-aid right it it’s bright let’s do a slow clap for dressing because I was gonna give away an obvious one be like and you know this man anyway let’s get on to the recipe guys all right guys let’s get this party started first thing we’re going to do is set our into the pot to the sautee function put the heat on low when it heats up I’m gonna add in a little bit of oil and then we’re gonna toss in some onion that’s down especially inside to in suffice it’s like super loud isn’t it then toughen some garlic be careful do not burn the garlic we’re gonna add in here a little bit of chili powder and then some cumin so after about a good two or three minutes and it’s really nice and toasty and very fragrant then we’re gonna turn off the saute function and then bring everything together into our into the pot so we’re gonna pour in some chicken stock chicken broth and then we’re gonna add in some fire roasted tomatoes thicken it up now with a little bit of tomato paste and then the star of this soup I’ve got some chipotle peppers that I’ve chopped up with the adobo sauce right now this is a low carb tortilla soup so now we’re going to add in some cauliflower rice and lastly we’re gonna add in the chicken breast so these are some chicken tenders and what we want to make sure here is that the chicken is totally submerged in the broth and it looks like we are right there okay so now we’re ready to pop the top and bring this entire soup together set the temperature on the pressure cooker to high and then we’re going to cook this for 30 minutes see y’all in 30 minutes all right and after 30 minutes it is time to pop this thing open but first we got a vent it’s oh wow oh this is really cool mmm look at this so in the new one and the duo they have a little capsule that covers it the vent so that way all the water it doesn’t get the surrounding area really really wet and they cool then we’re gonna pop the top oh wow oh this most tight grab some tongs and then take out the pieces of chicken and then gently just tear the chicken apart now we’re gonna add this back to our inch to put and give it another good stir and you can see it all coming together right now before your eyes we’re gonna add just a little bit of cilantro here squeeze in a little bit of lime all right all right let’s give us another good stir pop the top and we’re gonna cook this again for another 10 minutes on low heat and after about 10 minutes letting everything in are together and got a little bit of bubble they’re super spicy very very fragrant and here we have it our chipotle chicken tortilla soup low carb I got these tossed allas what you can do is you can break them in half crunch them up and just sprinkle these right on top and then a little bit of cheese then just add in a little bit of some freshly chopped avocado and I’ve been smelling this for almost 30 minutes now so I’m ready oh my god I got it I got pepper I got a pepper look at that I know I spent easily but I’m already sweating right now they heat coming off of this soup okay I’m gonna put this up there my top five top five recipes right here bread this is it I mean they’re all good right but then you got your faves see the sweat on my forehead I know all this has to what y’all so stop playing but today is warranted because we got this chipotle tortilla soup fire fire fire here we go let’s go man cooler guys you turn a red right now oh man and ice have some bite to it some kick but in a good way though right yeah yeah man that Capote leg got me sweating so all right okay guys that is it for today’s video I hope that y’all really enjoyed it I know this recipe is gonna be a huge hit in your kitchen I invite you to make it your own if you’re not a fan of chicken and then just swap in whatever lean choice of protein that you actually prefer you could do a lean beef you you know what I haven’t seen this done before but if somebody out there wants to do this with a whitefish I’d be very surprised to see what that taste is like and then if you are going for the more plant power route then you can just swap in some legumes it’s gonna make it really Hardy boost the protein it’s not gonna be low carb but also things like mushrooms and and zucchini and other vegetables that you could that can just make this a lot harder and much more filling but just make it your own keep it calorie conscious if you like the deals like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and remember guys don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and remember to ring that Bell ding ding ding so you’ll be notified every time we pull this hot new content literally hot new content and I will post a link below so you can go ahead and click to find out more information about the insta-buck alright guys until next time I want you how to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh peace man I gotta cool off [Music] [Music]

21 comments on “Instant Pot Low-Carb Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup”

  1. Tipi Haere NZ says:

    Wow the kitchen background looks amazing!!! The recipe too 👏🏾👀👌

  2. vanessa cuban says:

    Looks amazing. Can't wait to try.
    I was wondering if you could do a REVIEW on the new Ninja Foodie. Is it worth buying? Air frying and has it's own smoker/grill?!!

  3. brand1974 says:

    Would love to see you do more Instant Pot recipes on here.

  4. Spiritual Auset says:

    Hello i thaught you were vegan , no its cool have no problem with your channel i was just lookin for new vegan meals on seiten if you could do one on vegan seiten thank you

  5. Transform Her says:

    Would it still be good with regular canned diced tomatoes?

  6. Angela lujan says:

    Where do you get your jars in the background? I love the life that come with them. I love Mason and glass jars to store itema,but I hate the canning lids that you have to use for them. The kids you have on your jars look like they have more of an air tight seal!

  7. Claudette says:

    More Instant Pot recipes! Mine is just sitting there because I'm scared to use it, lol. I did boil the water for that test though! Mini panic attacks while testing. I'm in Texas too, Houston, as Texans, Southerners we are an odd bunch, in a good way though. You reminded me of something, in Next Friday which took place after the last Friday (from my understanding), there was a bit of an issue… he said "my homeboy Smokey went to rehab LAST MONTH." I was thinking how if he was just here (last) Friday? I think it's a huge mistake! 😬 Just finished the video. The recipe is great.

  8. Hard Truth says:

    Doing this tonight with a precooked rotisserie chicken. Thanks!

  9. ckrtom2 says:

    Meh…Ok, so you didn't say anything about the Instapot in the end–I guess you don't like it…A little excited talking about your sweat (6:47)–TMI. I don't get shredded chicken–who wants stringy mush (5:27)? I'd just cut the tenders into small pieces. You said chopped avocado (5:47) when it obviously was sliced…

  10. Angelica Rosales says:

    Hello I saw you on the network food channel "The Kitchen". You were awesome.

  11. Angelica Rosales says:

    I'm a dialysis patient, can I use tomatillos for instead of tomatoes?

  12. Luis Pisquiy says:

    I'm making in thia weekend… Looks amazingly delicious

  13. Samuel Rivera says:

    Is this on your app? I can’t find it!

  14. willesesoyyo says:

    What's that??? Miles away from what is a real Mexican tortilla soup

  15. Jones Gurl says:

    🌶️🌶️🌶️🔥🔥🔥☺️😋 I'll definitely have to try this Kev'! Thanks for your recipes 😊

  16. cubsfan708 says:

    Could you make a healthier version of a pot roast?

  17. weldmandingo says:

    I'm this making tonight

  18. Laura Croft says:


  19. Rivyn Daniel says:

    God damn that looks good except for the taco shells

  20. Kristal Ware says:

    Ohh I’m trying this right now!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Joker5665jn says:

    I made this last night, and while it was delicious, that amount of chilies was just too much and rendered it inedible for me. I look forward to making it again with a quarter to an eighth amount of the peppers. Just a heads up to anyone who's sensitive to heat.

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