INSTANT POT: Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs // Electric Pressure Cooker

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how
to make perfectly hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. So
first you’ll start off by putting 1 cup of water in your pot and then you put a
trivet in. From what I understand you don’t have to use a trivet but it’s the
only way that I’ve done it. Then you put your fresh eggs in, lock the lid, and make
sure that your steam release valve is on sealing. Now you push manual on the front
of the machine and then the minus button until you get down to 7 minutes. Once you
do this your machine is going to beep just after about 10 seconds or so. And then
your machine is going to start building pressure inside. Once it gets to where it
has almost enough pressure then your little float valve is going to pop up
and you’ll see it doing a little dance at the top. So once it seals, your timer
will start counting down from 7 minutes down to zero and then it will go into
your keep warm mode for however long you leave it in there. I do another 7 minutes
and then manually release the remaining pressure by twisting the knob on the top. Once your pin drops then you can go ahead and take your lid off carefully so
you don’t burn yourself with the steam coming out. Use some tongs or something
to get your eggs out because they are very hot and then put them in an ice
bath for about another 5 to 7 minutes. I did these for 7 minutes, it just cools
them and stops the cooking process so that you don’t end up with a grayish or
greenish yolks. So you can just go ahead and crack them and roll them and these
should peel beautifully, they peel like a dream. You can dip them in water to get
those remaining shells off if you want to. Go ahead and do this with all your
eggs and by the way you can do as many eggs as you want in the pressure cooker. Now I’m just going to show you how great they turned out on the inside. Some
people have luck with 6 minutes, 6 minutes cooking and then 6 minutes
afterwards. I like to do 7, it kind of just depends on where you live because
of pressure and elevation. So there you have it, beautiful eggs! Thanks for
watching, guys!

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  1. Styling Curves says:

    I just found your channel and had to sub! Great video beautiful. Swing by my channel if you have time and tell me what you think! I’d love to be YouTube friends. Thumbs up, <3

  2. Ruby Rouge Beauty Reviews says:

    Those were perfection, I would have never dreamed you could make eggs in a pressure cooker!

  3. Jill Armitage says:

    Great instructions, my eggs turned out beautiful and delicious . Big thanks

  4. Ellen Hofer says:

    trying it out right now, although it takes about the same amount of time as on the stove.
    if you cook eggs in a pot with cold water just to cover, bring just to boil, cover & remove from heat and let it stand 15 min, place them in ice water, you get the same results…. just in case you want to do it camping or other place you don't take your IP. 🙂

  5. Waremonger says:

    I just tried this in my Instant Pot. They came out great and the shells peeled super easy, however I did have a high casualty rate – 1/3 of my eggs burst out of the shell and were bloated / deformed so I had to throw those away. Some of the others were cracked but that wasn't a big deal as the eggs themselves were fine. Any idea what caused some of the eggs to "explode"? Were your eggs room temperature before you cooked them?

  6. Mara Maloney says:

    Made these today (first time using my Instant Pot), and honestly, they came out great. Never had eggs peel out of the shell so easily before. I think I'd reduce the wait time by a minute (6 instead of 7) when using with Large Eggs, as they had a slightly greenish tinge when cut, but nothing to make them inedible. 7 mins with Extra Large should be fine. Thank you for this vid!

  7. Shakerhood69 says:

    Could you use the Steam Function Button instead of the Manual Button that you used?

  8. Mona K says:

    love the crack and roll method! I was just cracking multiple times

  9. Mona K says:

    is it possible to boil eggs and using a timer function so they're ready by the time I wake up. I tried it and on the keep warm setting one of my eggs cracked though I just had two in the pot.

  10. Tiffany Hammette says:

    I'm nervous but will try this momentarily! YIKES!!!!

  11. Jacquie Klugiewicz says:

    So amazing!! Thanks! I cooked 10 in the Instant Pot today and turned out great, still using 1 cup of water 🙂 THANK YOU for this video!!

  12. Ren Guartico says:

    I made this today and followed your instructions. It came out great!! Thank you!

  13. Sandi Brumfiel says:

    Wonderful video. Perfectly clear directions. Going to go do it now!

  14. Iffat Siddiqui says:

    Rather than bits of shell getting stuck while peeling, my method is, to place the eggs after the ice bath, onto a paper towel. Roll them a bit so they are somewhat dry. Peel without any little bits getting stuck on the egg. Or if necessary, just pick them up n wipe onto the paper towel. But really, its never needed.

  15. Imogene Thomas says:

    Those look perfect!

  16. Castaway says:

    The new Instant Pot Ultra 60 has a pre-programmed egg feature. It cooks them in 5 minutes, no warming, use quick release after five minutes and put them in an ice bath for four minutes, remove and they are perfect.

  17. chad johnson says:

    Great video. I followed this video exactly and couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you.

  18. 2 Average Dudes says:

    Excellent video we subscribe and likePlease check out our videos

  19. Just Judykins says:

    Thank you for the NICE & SHORT video.  I don't have time for the massive amounts of "YouTubers" apparently looking for fame, popularity or God knows what?! 🙄 
    Most of us ONLY NEED right-to-the-point, QUICK instructions.  So again, THANK YOU.

  20. Conrad Voyles says:

    Ok, so I tried this today in my XL Power Cooker. Now she has been the first one that has said "she heard you could do it without a trivet", so I gave it a shot seeing how I was trivetless. So, I put 1 cup of water and then placed 4 XL eggs directly into the water and set my PC for 5mins. Once done I went ahead and let out the remaining steam. Immediately put them in an ice bath for 5 mins. After 5 mins, the first egg didn't peel too easy but the remaining eggs peeled fine. Argument for longer ice bath I suppose. That being said each egg was cooked to perfection. I will be cooking all my boiled eggs this way in the future but will also be on the lookout for a trivet,lol.

  21. TJ Wash says:

    Thank you for a quick no frills video, some people talk for 2 minutes before saying a thing about the topic of the video

  22. MrsCakerat says:

    This changes my life. Thanks!!

  23. Dana says:

    Love the insta pot for hard boiled and your demonstration to cool in ice bath. However, The reason people have trouble peeling hard boiled eggs is because the eggs are too fresh. Farm fresh eggs are difficult to peel. Where store bought are not. Fresh store bought eggs may not be as fresh as you think. Check the Julian date on the egg carton, likely they are 35-45 days (which is fine they have bee refrigerated from the time they left the “chicken”) old by the time they get to your favorite store, that’s not fresh to me. And yes, these old fresh eggs peel just fine, where farm fresh eggs 5-10 day old are difficult to peel but can be done. Point is real fresh egg will be difficult to peel after hard boiling them regardless if done in an insta pot or the old fashion way boiling on the stove, and the older the egg the easier it will peel. Reason, fresh eggs 1-15 days old the membrane linings (2) are stuck to the inside of the shell, where “older” so called fresh eggs the outer membrane has pulled away and enough to release the hard boiled egg from the shell when cooked. The ice bath helps tremendously as well.

  24. Kari Wenz says:

    Thanks so much…followed your instructions and it worked perfectly!!! 🙂

  25. Richard says:

    Seen another vid said 5 min so tried that and they were not fully cooked inside never thought where i live would make a difference but tried ur way 7 min and they turned perfect =) ty for the info

  26. Rocky Jones says:

    This was great, thank you

  27. جمعة العايق says:


  28. Becky Owers says:

    Great fast video with all the info we need. I think most You Tubers just like to hear themselves talk.

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