Instant Pot Recipe: Sausage with Rice | Gluten Free

Welcome to One Pot Meals with Kait. That’s me! Today we are going to make sausage and rice. This dish is perfect for when you have left overs. So if you have leftover chicken, steak, pork, anything just toss it in the Instant Pot, add some rice, set it to 10 minutes and you have a really hearty meal in no time. Let’s get started. I’m going to set the Instant Pot to sauté. And while that is heating up I’m going to add about a tablespoon of olive oil. I have two pork sausages that I’m going to take out of the casing and put into the pot. I’m putting in one sausage per person. I’m going to break up the sausage and cook this all the way through. While the sausage is browning, I’m going to cut up half a sweet onion. I really like having the sauté feature in the Instant Pot. And I’ve mentioned this in previous videos, the one thing I really miss in a slow cooker is the ability to brown meat. It’s nice to be able to set this to sauté
and brown the sausage. The sausage is nice and browned. I’m going to drop in half a sweet onion. I’m going to cook the onion in here
until it’s just translucent. And don’t worry about the brown fits at the bottom. We will deglaze this only when we add some water and that will add extra flavor to this dish. While those onions are sautéing I’m going to cut up one zucchini. If you don’t have zucchini, you can skip this or if you have peppers, a red or orange pepper, put that in there. I’m going to dice the zucchini and add it in. I’ve got the onions and zucchini in here. Now it’s time to season. Again I’m using the Italian herb blend from The Spice House. I really like this. I’m going to give it a generous shake. And this blend has oregano, basil, thyme,
marjoram and rosemary. A little bit of black pepper. Sprinkle of salt. And one of my favorite ingredients, dried red chillies. Skip the red peppers if you don’t want
any heat in this dish. The onion is nice and translucent. Then add about half a cup of water to deglaze this. Now just scrape all the good brown bits
off the bottom of the pot. I’m going to to turn the sauté off. The final ingredient is the jasmine rice. The way I measure is a quarter cup dry rice per person and you can use brown rice or wild rice. The rice is well incorporated. The ratio I like to use when cooking rice in the Instant Pot is usually one to one. especially if i’m using vegetables and onions. They release a lot of juice. So if iI’m using half a cup of rice I’ll use half a cup of water. Now all we have to do is put the lid on. Set manual cook to 10 minutes. And that’s it. Once this comes to pressure, it will be done in 10 minutes and we’ll have a really hearty meal to enjoy. Now there is a rice setting on the Instant Pot. I haven’t used it yet. I find that 10 minutes on manual
is perfect for cooking rice. Whether it’s half a cup or cup. I’m going to get the kitchen cleaned up. See you in a little bit. All done. Okay. Hit the cancel button. And set this to venting. If you are cooking in an RV, make sure you have your vent on so that it sucks out all the moisture. Mmm. Smells really good. You can get all the flavors from that Italian seasoning blend coming out of the vent. The pressure is released. Moment of truth. Oh, that smells good. The rice is nice and plump. Everything is cooked through. Let’s eat! You want to taste this first? Sure. I’ll let Joe be the taste tester. Cheers. This is delicious. The sausage really came through. I love this dish. Especially with everything she’s put in here. I think I’m going to throw some hot sauce on top of it. To kind of tie everything together. Babe. Good job! Thank you. My bowl? Sure. Let me double check this. That’s really good. You get the nice bite from the sausage. A little heat from the red peppers the onions and zucchini really comes through. I really hope you get this dish a try Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up. See you next time.

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    looks good kait

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    great job Kait!!

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    I love my Instapot. It is going with us on this winters snowbird trip.

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    More Instant Pot meal videos please. 🙂

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    Where can you get that insta pot? That is perfect for an RV…

  7. Todd Reimer says:

    So Joe, have you ever told Kait that a meal wasn't very good and was there bruising involved?😒. Looks delicious!👍

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    Instant pot recipe… I thought at first you were in California….

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  12. rae1957tn says:

    What no wine?

  13. TinfoilHatGirl says:

    I have my own Instant Pot now and started with a One Pot Pasta 😀
    Do you sauté on hot or normal setting? ( Do you know that you can put the lid in the handles left and right? it will hold up in there and not take any counter space!)

  14. wan-der-lust says:

    I want Joe's job.

  15. Elaine J says:

    Great video Kait. I want to replace my slow cooker and rice cooker with an Instant Pot. What model and size did you get? I was wondering if a 5 quart would be big enough for just the two of us.

  16. Thia Eddy says:

    yum. We have a very similar recipe for sausage and rice in the instant pot that is a staple when we go RVing . So happy to hear you are enjoying your new instant pot. We use ours almost daily. Today I steamed eggs for breakfast and to go on salads etc the rest of the week. I then made a vegetable power broth to clean out the fridge. Then I "baked" sweet potatoes for another recipe. And tonight I will do a pork tenderloin with apples and onions for dinner. Lots of recipes on line. 👍

  17. Thia Eddy says:

    When you vent steam from your instant pot throw a dish towel over the lid and it will cut down on the moisture going in the air of the RV. It also keeps steam off upper cabinets. 😀

  18. roberto abrams says:

    I love the end credits where you give a shout-out to your Patrons on Patreon…deff makes us feel special! Ok, im not sure anymore who the star of this show is: The Super Mario Bros InstaPot or YOU lol! This is a perfect dish for this time of the year Kait! You're deff getting better with these cooking shows! And your culinary vocabulary is improving too, using words like Translucent (for the sweating of the onions) & Deglazing (for removing the FOND at the bottom of the pot)! I think it would be a shame to seriously cut back on your cooking vids, but its your channel, and only you guys know whats best for the channel in regards to moving forward 😢! #PatreonRocks #GetYourMojoWorking #SailBoatChannelsSuck #Lolol

  19. Steven Akers says:

    Thank you! Can't wit to try this.

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    Looks yummy!
    Since we do Gluten free at home we make a lot of our own "Helper" meals (Hamburger helper box type stuff from scratch instead). Most of the boxed stuff has so much additives and salt is nice to make scratch versions, I'll have to try this since mainly we do more gravy or tomato base but this looks like something to add to the mix

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    Looks too nice. Since I don't have neither an instant pot nor zucchini, I'll be making this in a rice cooker, which means prepping everything on a frying pan, conveniently skipping the zucchini, using a bit of soy sauce, five-spice and hoisin sauce and regular short-grain rice 🙂
    BTW I bet Chinese cuisine has quite a few neat tricks up its sleeves for cooking on the road and in the rough, it would be nice and relevant to see some of those (if you take requests) …

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    My husband LOVED this! I used turkey sausage and instead of water, I used chicken stock. I will be making this often! Thanks!!!❤️

  30. francine Jacobson says:

    If I double this recipe, do I double the cooking time?

  31. BB RY says:

    i did it and it's yummy just needed some salt but some rice got burnt in the bottom layer did that happen to anyone? how to prevent that from happening? sorry new to pressure cooking 🙂

  32. Julie Schnatterly says:

    Have you ever heard of anyone making this with cauliflower rice? My husband and I eat strictly low-carb. I think I'll try to sub it and let you know how it goes.

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    You mention you can make this with brown rice … have you tried that? Brown usually takes so much longer than white, would it be done in 10 min? Any longer and the veg would be mush I think.

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