Instant Pot Review

This is the instant pot IP Duo 60 Duo V2 and IP Duo 80. As you can see both models come with the same accessories and equipment and feature the same safe pressure cooking technology including a secure
locking lid and heavy-duty stainless steel inner pot. The instant pot is a 7 in 1
multi use programmable pressure cooker which allows you to utilize multiple
cooking techniques in a single device. These include: Slow cooker, rice cooker,
steamer, food warmer, pressure cooker, yogurt maker and saute functions in
addition to more specific pre-programmed cooking options. The instant pot is
highly energy-efficient and cooks up to 70% faster than traditional methods. Here
you can see the size difference between the six quart Duo 60 and 8-quart Duo 80. A bigger difference than you might expect! Both come with a steaming and
roasting rack as well as two serving utensils and a measuring cup. The safety
lid is easy to remove when the device is not pressurized, with a dishwasher
safe silicone sealing ring. that is removable for easy cleanup. It also has
an automatic safety indicator to show when the pot is pressurized, as well as
an easy to use quick pressure release valve, for venting steam after your food
has finished cooking. The inner pot is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with
measurement markings in cups and litres for easy use. The safety lid is also easy to replace and secure, even using just one hand. Both models also feature a detachable power for simple storage. Everything included can
be stored inside the instant lot for easy organization. The user interface for both
instant pot models has buttons for pre-programmed soup meat or stew bean or chili, poultry, white rice, multi-grain, porridge, and steaming options. Slow
cooking and pressure cooking can be combined with the pre-programmed options. The saute function is very useful and there’s even a yogurt-making function.
The controls are very user-friendly, and indicator lights show which options have
been selected. There’s an easy cooking timer, and the keep-warm function
preserves meals at a safe temp until you’re ready to eat. Here I’ll show you just how
easy it is to prepare a great meal using the Instant Pot. I’m making Korean fusion
burritos with a kalbi-inspired shredded beef. First we simply mix all
the ingredients together thoroughly, making sure that the meat is evenly
coated to absorb all that great flavour while it braises under pressure in the
Instant Pot. Everything goes together in the sturdy inner pot. It’s just that simple! Just get everything into the pot and
firmly shut the lid. After 50 minutes on the high-pressure
meat/stew setting, the beef tastes like it’s simmered all day, and it’s time to
assemble your burritos. Using the instant pot has been a total breez,e and it helps
save time and keeps my kitchen and me cooler in the summer heat. Putting
together meals for a crowd is super simple with this great multi cooker and
I love that it’s energy efficient and easy to use. Perfect for home chefs with
any level of experience. This miracle multi-tool is perfect for
family and for anyone who just wants to spend less time in the kitchen!

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