Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meat Sauce?! We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork

12 comments on “Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meat Sauce?! We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork”

  1. Alex Smith says:

    I love this series!!! It’s funny and informative. Host is great. But what’s up with the cat? Haha

  2. Shark Party says:

    She is annoying…

  3. db53100 says:

    #1 When you put the pot on saute , you don't put anything in to cook until it says hot. I always put the meat in first and brown it and then add the vegetables. #2 you should put the chicken broth in, then layer the pasta and then pour in the tomato sauces. DO NOT stir just push the pasta down to make sure it is covered by the liquid/sauce. You should have done a slow quick release and you should have had an el dente pasta.

  4. Milagro Arce says:

    i zlways cut my spaghetti i love the cat but she took too much time to make t meal

  5. Milagro Arce says:

    yes cook the pasta adente 8 minutes in a separate pot n the sauce will come out better i cook the sauce for 1 hour with onions peppers butter olive oil oregno fresh cilantro garlic cloves sazon goya a pinch of blck pepper n salt 😋😚😢💖💋😲you'll love it's taste make the meat browned by itself n put in side the sauce to cook for 1/2 hr dilicious

  6. missmonasuzette says:

    I always do my sauteing in a skillet on the stove,…unless it's just an onion/garlic or whatever then I do it in the IP. Stove/skillet is way superior than Instant Pot insert any day. (Faster too) Never could get why people would saute things in batches instead of one big skillet on the stove. It all ends up steaming instead of sauteing. No way you can get that rich brown color on a roast in the IP either. I've tried. Tons of flavor come from great browning (I mean caramel color…) so it's a shame to miss that.

  7. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen says:

    You should make yogurt. It's amazing? Add oil when it says "hot". Use a gator clip to keep it from moving around when you Saute. It's not burning when it says hot. That's just to let you know it's hot enough to brown your food. It disappears add you cook.. Just use 1 cup liquid and deglaze and then pressure cook. Temperature did not go down after you cooked the mushrooms. It takes longer to really brown food. You also need to up the amount of seasonings or the final food is bland. 1/2 tsp of anything does nothing.

  8. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen says:

    You should cook pasta for 2 min less than half the time on the box and it will be more al dente. Get the Instant Pot Electric pressure cooker cookbook by Laurel Randolph and learn how to use that baby! I love mine. I use it 6 days a week. Make hard boiled eggs, macaroni and cheese, barbacoa, corned beef.. It's amazing.

  9. Nina Chand says:

    Janette and Grant need their own spin off show to help the young/novice/college aged cooks and have a segment of hacks tested from social media posts.

  10. Marianna Gidaro says:

    She is driving me nuts , I would rather watch Rachael Ray . This woman is annoying

  11. Leah Johnson says:

    am interested in this instapot. I wonder if it will be a good tool for a blind single woman. I like the convience of the instapot.

  12. Lori Wilbert says:

    How can you give an honest review when you have no clue what you are doing? The "blipping" and cat are annoying!!

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