Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meat Sauce?! We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork

Welcome to Does This Work? I’m Jeanette from Rachael’s culinary team and I’m here to help you test out all those trendy recipes you see on the internet. To find out if they really work. Previously on Does This Work? (buzzer) I don’t actually taste any of the cheese. Really? There we go guys. Uh oh, uh oh. (buzzer) Uh oh, ha ha. On today’s episode I am very excited. I’m making multi-cooker meat– spaghetti and meat sauce, why don’t– I’m making. She’s gonna leave all this in. We’re gonna be making multi-cooker meat sauce, spaghetti. It’s hard to say. I’m gonna be making multi-cooker spaghetti and meat sauce. (energetic music) On this episode we are testing out a product that I know plenty of you guys have at home. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m really excited to try this today. This is the multi-cooker. It steams, it bakes, it roasts, it slow cooks, it pressure cooks, pressure cooks seems like the big one that people use this for. And, it supposedly makes yogurt? We’ll see about that. No, we’re not gonna see about that. I’m not making yogurt in this thing! We’re making a one-pan pasta and meat sauce, which have become wildly popular. It’s one of those concepts where you put everything in the pan. The pasta cooks with the water and all the liquid that you put in it. So this is supposedly going to do that as well. I’ve had a lot of success with one-pan pastas before, but again, having never used this, I’ve got a few concerns about this one. So the first step of the recipe is to turn it on saute and normal. So I see a button here that says saute. And it clicked to normal. Next it is– (beeping from multi-cooker) Is that this? Is that this? (laughs) Great, it’s on! It says to add two tablespoons of olive oil to the multi-cooker. Then, you need to put in three cloves of garlic and half an onion. I don’t know if you’ve watched the series before, but you know how the recipes that call for half an onion make me a little upset. What do you do this other beautiful half an onion? It’s just tomato sauce, you could throw it in. But, we are going by what the internet says today. We are following the recipe. We’ve got sizzling. Alright, let me grab a food mover. This is just like a saute pan. Gonna add in some garlic. I’m pretty impressed by how hot it got very quickly. Let me give that a quick stir. And then it says to add the mushrooms. I frequently buy this little boat of sliced mushrooms. They’re already cleaned and they’re nicely sliced, and it saves you a step, so I’m letting you in on my little secret. And now I think it said just for it to saute for like five to eight minutes. Okay, so I’ve been alerted that the front of this says hot. I don’t know why it says hot. Now the recipe did say if anything started to burn to put a little drop of water in it. But I just added mushrooms to this, and I know you guys know that mushrooms are super watery. So I’m gonna let that cook out for a little bit, and maybe some of the water in there will cool this down. But I actually feel really comfortable with the temperature that this is cooking right now, because it will hopefully get a nice brown on our mushrooms. Oh, it stopped saying hot. It stopped saying hot, so maybe the mushrooms did what I thought they were gonna do. It’s like a multi-cooker facial in here. The mushrooms are definitely releasing some of their liquids. And now I kind of feel like it’s cooled down a bit, which I know that we said we wanted to do because this was alerting us that it was hot and burning. But now I’m feeling like the browning process of the mushrooms have slowed down. We’re just gonna keep moving. We’ll let it– yeah, it almost feels like it’s turned off. Like I know there’s a lot of steam coming off of it, but I’m not even hearing a lot of that sizzle anymore. And the mushrooms have cooked down a lot so I guess we’re ready for the next step of the recipe. Which is to add in a pound of ground beef. Oops. Don’t add the paper. And to break it up with a wooden spoon. Um, oh I was supposed to add in some olive oil. Add another tablespoon of olive oil. And now this is gonna brown. I have to make it go on saute high. So I’ll hit that. I’ll hit saute. You’re supposed to go to high. It’s not going. Got it. Got it. Okay, I did lose a little bit of heat in my pan during my on and off escapades. But I think we’ll get there. I’m gonna use this time– (multi-cooker beeps) What’s it say? On, okay, we’re in a good spot. So the olive oil’s in, the meat’s in, I’m just gonna season with half a teaspoon of salt. And now, I’m gonna let this meat saute on high for eight minutes. I’m gonna compare it to making a regular meat sauce in a cast iron. That’s normally how I do it. And everything in here’s just really watery. The mushrooms never really got that proper brown because I feel like the temperature dropped and now the beef is cooking but I’m gonna say the beef is like steaming a bit. I have to say, besides the onions and the garlic that I threw in first when the oil was really hot, and then supposedly it had overheated a bit, I haven’t been super happy with the brownage I’m getting on the food. So I’m gonna give this another three minutes and we will see how it goes. Okay, so it’s been eight minutes. And I am going to give this another stir. Ugh. That was my reaction. Ugh. We’re getting little droplets of water right around the side. And I think that that’s just kind of showing you how much this is steaming. I’m getting a little browning. I’m gonna say that this meat is– Let me see it, I can’t see. I’m gonna say it’s like, I’m gonna give it a 10% on the caramelization. It’s caramelization or caramelization? I’m from New Jersey so I say caramelization, but then I was asking my mom this weekend. She was like, no, I say caramelization. She’s from New York, I’m from New Jersey, I don’t know. We’re gonna go with caramelization. So the caramelization on this beef is not where I would like to see it be for a meat sauce, because caramelization equals flavor. We are gonna add in a 28-ounce can of crushed tomatoes. I’m hearing that big sizzle once it gets to the bottom of the pan. I’m gonna give that a stir ’cause that liquid will probably now pick up some of those brown bits from the bottom. You add in a 14-ounce can of diced tomatoes. Next I’m gonna add in some spices. I’m gonna add in half a teaspoon of granulated onion, or onion powder. I’m gonna add in half a teaspoon of some black pepper. I’m gonna add in a whole teaspoon of garlic powder. And then two teaspoons of Italian seasoning. One, two. I love Italian seasoning. And now it says to put in two cups of chicken stock. This is a particularly important step when you’re making a one-pan pasta, ’cause like I was saying you have to make sure that there’s enough liquid in this pot to not only, like, bring out all the flavors of the sauce, but also to cook the spaghetti. I’m gonna give that a swirl. And now what this looks like is a pretty watery meat sauce. So now I’m at the stage where it’s time to add in the pasta. The recipe calls for eight ounces of spaghetti. So this was a full pound, so I took half. Eight ounces is half of 16, 16 ounces equals a pound. I’m about to commit a giant Rachael Ray sin. Rachael is the inventor of the oval pasta pot. Which is perfect for spaghetti. And she feels particularly strongly about having to break pasta. And this recipe calls for breaking this is half. ‘Cause obviously you can see this won’t fit. It’s time to break spaghetti. (drums) It wasn’t that bad. Alright, so now I’m gonna layer it in. A few going that way, and I’ll do this handful going this way. So now it’s time to pressure cook. I am gonna put the lid on this guy. First try. If you’ve been in the room it’s taken me a lot of practice to learn how to put the lid on. Also, can you hear this? (music from multi-cooker) It’s like you’re a multi-cooker DJ. DJ JJ playing the multi-cooker. Okay, I’m done. So now I need to set it to pressure cook on high for eight minutes. The knob is turned to sealing. It said that it can take 10 to 15 minutes, um, for the pressure to build, so– (beeping from multi-cooker) What’s it say now. On. There’s a very little screw that is kind of sticking up. And I think that that’s the needle that they refer to, that they said would be up while the pressure was building. And every say often I see a little bit of steam come out of this thing. Okay, so it looks like there’s about one minute left on the multi-cooker. (multi-cooker beeps) Looks like there’s zero minutes left on the multi-cooker. And now it says to turn it off. And it says to wait for this little needle-screw-lookin’-doo-hickey-guy-over-here to drop back down. It says that the needle can take about 10 minutes to drop, so we’re gonna give it some time. This multi-cooker is actually like a human with emotions. It needs to vent sometimes. It is doing a lot of different jobs. What’d you say this was called? We’ve done a bit of Googling in those 10 to 12 minutes. Sh. We’ve done a bit of Googling in those 10 to 12 minutes. What’d you say it was called? I’ve been calling it the screw-needle-doo-hickey. The float valve is still up. It said 10 minutes it would go down and then it was time to vent it. So, I’m just gonna vent it. Venting. That wasn’t as scary as I thought. And it smells like meat sauce. It smells like pasta. I think it’s time to rain down judgment. (thunder crashing) Okay, so we are here with a very very very special guest today. She is my Jersey sister, my Italian Jersey sister. She is the perfect person to help me judge this recipe. First questions first: have you ever used a multi-cooker? I have one, but my mom has scared me out of using one. Okay, this was an entire one-pot pasta. So the pasta’s in here too. So, we’re gonna see, I’m gonna open this. Moment of truth. Ah! Oh! Okay, what are we thinking so far? I’m gonna give it a stir. Well. Some of the pasta looks a little clumped. [Dina} Yeah, yeah, I mean, you saw a little bit of that oil. From the beef, kind of. (both) Rise to the top. There we go. That doesn’t look bad. No, not at all. Jeanette] It looks cooked. The true test is gonna be if it’s like that al dente cook or if it’s like that mushy cook. Absolutely. I mean, that looks pretty good. So there’s mushrooms in here, there’s– It looks hearty. It does look hearty. I know, here’ let me grab you a fork. The recipe didn’t call for this but, like, you need cheese. Cheese always makes it better. Dina’s my girl. I need cheese. You need cheese. So let’s grab some forks. Before I start eating with my hands. Embarrass myself. Look at how beautiful this is though. I mean. It’s not really cute to eat pasta on camera either, is it? Well, nothing I do is really that cute anymore. I like it. I don’t mind it. The pasta’s not cooked the way that I like it. It’s a little bit soft. It’s a little soft. But you know, like, for a weeknight, you got kids or you’re doing something quick, you need to like save your life ’cause you’re too busy, I wouldn’t be sad about this. No, I’m going in for a second bite. You’re going in for a second bite. I know, I’m still eating it. So we’re not, like you know, offended by it. No. The meat sauce is delicious. I think it’s very good, yeah. Would you say it’s, like, a minute over. Like I would say, maybe two minutes over. I was gonna say, maybe two minutes. Maybe two minutes over. If I was boiling it and draining it this would be the texture if I was like, crap, I left it for two more minutes and we’re still eating it. I left it too long, but we’re gonna live. Yeah. We’re still gonna eat it. We’re fine. Now we need to decide– Okay. Did it work? I think for the goal you had in mind, I think it worked. I think it worked. Since we cooked it all in one pot, it really incorp– This is all you gotta clean up. This is all I have to clean up. That is a win for these videos. That is. ‘Cause, oh my gosh, you should see some of these videos and the mess that I’ve made. I would say that the downfall of this recipe is the texture of the pasta. It’s not bad, but again, it’s not that al dente, cook it, you know, like– Which, that’s preference. Some people don’t like it that way. You’re right, you’re right. I mean, you’re wrong, but (laughs). I’m trying to be nice. You’re trying to be nice! I’m not being nice. You’re wrong if you don’t like your pasta al dente. I would say if I was gonna do this again I would make the sauce. And then I’d probably still just boil the pasta on the side. Mix it all together. You can even throw it in here and use as your mixing bowl. You sure you don’t want to Lady and Tramp it? Thank you very very much to my very special guest and my real-life friend Dina, my Jersey sister. And if you like this video and you want to see us stuffing our faces with more food and making plenty of messes in the kitchen, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. (multi-cooker beeps) What? What do you want now?

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  1. Alex Smith says:

    I love this series!!! It’s funny and informative. Host is great. But what’s up with the cat? Haha

  2. Shark Party says:

    She is annoying…

  3. db53100 says:

    #1 When you put the pot on saute , you don't put anything in to cook until it says hot. I always put the meat in first and brown it and then add the vegetables. #2 you should put the chicken broth in, then layer the pasta and then pour in the tomato sauces. DO NOT stir just push the pasta down to make sure it is covered by the liquid/sauce. You should have done a slow quick release and you should have had an el dente pasta.

  4. Milagro Arce says:

    i zlways cut my spaghetti i love the cat but she took too much time to make t meal

  5. Milagro Arce says:

    yes cook the pasta adente 8 minutes in a separate pot n the sauce will come out better i cook the sauce for 1 hour with onions peppers butter olive oil oregno fresh cilantro garlic cloves sazon goya a pinch of blck pepper n salt 😋😚😢💖💋😲you'll love it's taste make the meat browned by itself n put in side the sauce to cook for 1/2 hr dilicious

  6. missmonasuzette says:

    I always do my sauteing in a skillet on the stove,…unless it's just an onion/garlic or whatever then I do it in the IP. Stove/skillet is way superior than Instant Pot insert any day. (Faster too) Never could get why people would saute things in batches instead of one big skillet on the stove. It all ends up steaming instead of sauteing. No way you can get that rich brown color on a roast in the IP either. I've tried. Tons of flavor come from great browning (I mean caramel color…) so it's a shame to miss that.

  7. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen says:

    You should make yogurt. It's amazing? Add oil when it says "hot". Use a gator clip to keep it from moving around when you Saute. It's not burning when it says hot. That's just to let you know it's hot enough to brown your food. It disappears add you cook.. Just use 1 cup liquid and deglaze and then pressure cook. Temperature did not go down after you cooked the mushrooms. It takes longer to really brown food. You also need to up the amount of seasonings or the final food is bland. 1/2 tsp of anything does nothing.

  8. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen says:

    You should cook pasta for 2 min less than half the time on the box and it will be more al dente. Get the Instant Pot Electric pressure cooker cookbook by Laurel Randolph and learn how to use that baby! I love mine. I use it 6 days a week. Make hard boiled eggs, macaroni and cheese, barbacoa, corned beef.. It's amazing.

  9. Nina Chand says:

    Janette and Grant need their own spin off show to help the young/novice/college aged cooks and have a segment of hacks tested from social media posts.

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    She is driving me nuts , I would rather watch Rachael Ray . This woman is annoying

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    am interested in this instapot. I wonder if it will be a good tool for a blind single woman. I like the convience of the instapot.

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    How can you give an honest review when you have no clue what you are doing? The "blipping" and cat are annoying!!

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