Instant Pot ULTRA Review

In this review summary I’ll reveal what
the new functions do and solve the riddle about why some people can’t sear
meat with their instant pop ULTRA the new key feature of this model is the
ultra setting which gives you the ability to pre program the cooker with
any cooking time any temperature or one of two pressures the uses for this level
of control isn’t obvious until you realize how it turns this 10-in-one
cooker into a 51,120-in-one cooker that’s because in addition to sauteing,
slow cooking, rice cooking, pressure cooking, yogurt making, steaming, sterilizing, and keeping warm the ultra feature will let you set the right temperature to for
example scald milk or melt chocolate the spin-and-tap interface works for both
newbies and oldies the newbies can just choose the program they want and then
press the start button while a whole new world opens up for the cook who wants to
drill down into the options is it a cake cooker well this is actually a program
and not a function you can place a container containing cake or cheesecake
batter in the pressure cooker on a steamer basket on a rack with water in
the base and the cake will be steamed with pressure and ditto with the eggs
you’re steaming them at a preset time and pressure which you can actually
already do in any pressure cooker without a dedicated button the
sterilize function is a bit of a puzzler
unfortunately instant pot doesn’t provide any information on how this
function is supposed to be used and couldn’t provide data, guidelines, or
research on how they came up with the ultras recommended sterilization
processing times this feature is either poorly named in that it doesn’t actually
sterilize or poorly explained At this time I can’t recommend using it but
check on the written review to see if there’s any updates on this. The self
closing pressure valve solves the problem of cooks forgetting to close it
before pressure cooking – me too! but it’s clunky and it’s difficult for
anyone who wants to keep that valve open for local teams steaming and reducing.
Something fishy is going on with the saute setting and to be fair instant
pot s said I had a defective unit that it displays one temperature but
cooks at another lower than spec default temperature making it difficult to brown
meat. I’m letting you know anyway because I suspect this saute display bug might
affect other cookers. I saw this mentioned in a Consumer Reports review
in instant pots Facebook group and in an amazon review. So let’s get to the good
parts the new cooking progress indicator communicates a lot of information and
also keeps the cooks expectations in check because it doesn’t just tell you
it’s preheating it shows you how much closer it’s getting to the target
temperature it doesn’t just blink that it’s cooking it shows you how close you
are to the end and it doesn’t just show you that cooking is finished it clearly
shows that the temperature is still high inside the cooker while the contents are
cooling down. All of this is critical information to have and share with
spouses, children, and any guests hungrily nipping at your ankles for dinner. I
absolutely love that I could customize the cooking time temperature or pressure
whether I want the cooking to be delayed and whether I want to keep warm to turn
on all at once all in the same place Previous instant pop models and other
brands have these options all over the control panel and you have to remember
to set them all before cooking starts and you have to do it quickly or cooking
will start without them. The GOOD still outweighs the drawbacks of the ultra the
fun interface customizable settings and cooking progress indicator on the ultra
are another leap forward in the Electric Pressure multicooker game plus what
other cooker on the market is going to offer you fifty one thousand one hundred
and twenty programming possibilities?!? follow the link in the description for
the full review and details.

22 comments on “Instant Pot ULTRA Review”

  1. Truth Hurtz says:

    I absolutely LOVE my Ultra—–it is by far the best one on the market.
    One of my favorite aspects is using it as a dough proofer on the yogurt setting.
    Dough proofers on the market are flimsy and cost $150.00

  2. Janie Tallman says:

    Great review thank you

  3. ibfrostybrew says:

    A pressure cooker can be used as an autoclave, sterolizer, it works because of pressure and heat. I used an autoclave in lab all the time.

  4. Kent Harris says:

    What type of Microprocessor does it have? It sounds like it is some type of RISC Processor, or Micro-Controller like the Intel 8-bit 8051 Micro-controller which costs around $1.86

  5. TheFLOPY3032 says:

    I love my IP ultra , it browned any kind of meat I throw on it .

  6. Let's cook Fun says:

    I love the ULTRA too… the screen display is way more advanced than the dual.
    Nice video!
    Please check my new recipes channel

  7. Will La says:

    her math checks out

  8. Carol Causley says:

    Yes there is yes yes

  9. Shmirah ww says:

    Isn't sterile used for canning?

  10. inezbradley says:

    Just a guess… but I'm betting the "sterilize" function is for using steam & holding canning jars at a certain temp for the right time in order to sterilize them before adding the ingredients to be preserved in the canning process.

  11. Carroll says:

    You can D/L the Complete Manual for this device online at their website…

  12. Daryle Chandler says:

    So do I cook cheese cake on cake setting or pressure cook?

  13. Bob Snelgrove says:

    Does this sear any better than previous models?

  14. Ravi Pacha says:


  15. Clone42 says:

    Thank you for your dedication to FACTS. I love that you're measuring temperatures, digging for details, and really holding these companies accountable. Very scientific approach to reviews, and I love it.

  16. Agnès Pelletier says:

    is there a difference between the Ultra and Duo in the time to pressurize and depressurize? Looking for the model that can save the most time. Thanks!

  17. Gertrude Sever says:

    What 8qt instant pot would you buy?

  18. EMP Creations Studios says:

    So I am guessing no one ever sterilized bottles? It’s pretty simple and the box itself gives you the temp to do it. I imagine you just put the stuff and a bit of water and hit the sterilize button.

  19. Myungnam Kim says:

  20. John Smitherson says:

    I heard a lot of bad review with this ultra model.

  21. T&L's Nana says:

    I just got the mini-ultra. I ordered the mini that was on sale, but it was damaged en-route. I tried to re-order but 40% sale was over and it was out of stock. Needing to keep a customer happy, they upgraded to mini ultra @ same sale price. Yours is the 1st youtube I found and am thrilled. I’ve only cooked brown rice so far but your information is going to help me go far with this . I’m a longtime vegetarian and pretty jazzed. Thank you.

  22. Mztaylor0220 says:

    I love my ultra it seats great and I love all the different functions it give me to cook what ever I cook. It's a great pot.

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