Is Teflon Toxic? (Toxic Cookware)

hi there today I want talk to you about toxic
pots and pans and what makes them toxic. So, if you have any sort of nonstick
surfaces like nonstick frying pans or anything like that that has like the
Teflon coating on a nonstick coating chances are it has PFOA or PTFE and those
substances can be toxic especially when they start chipping away so those are
things that you have to watch out for when you’re cooking. So for instance we
at home had this pots, they are ceramic ,which ceramic, if you know they’re
supposed to be healthier and better for you however as you can see here they
started chipping away so the problem with this is that while the ceramic
coating is great and it’s supposed to be better for you inside this pot is
aluminum and because of that, whatever I cook if I use this pot, aluminum is going
to leach into the food and the same thing happens with non stick or any sort
of coatings like teflon so if you have anything like this
at home whether it be the ceramic coating or Teflon you definitely want to
make sure that you are switching out your pots. Now in the next video I want
to go over with you what are the alternatives that you can look for so
tune in for the next video so you can find out more about the healthier
non-toxic pots. Thank you so much for watching! This video is brought to you by
the thoughtful brand. We really hope you enjoyed and that this videos going to
help you live a safer more natural life

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