Is the Butterball Turkey Fryer a Must Have for Thanksgiving? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Today might be my favorite day ever, because we are frying a turkey because we are frying a turkey in this guy! The Butterball Turkey Fryer. So for those who were terrified to fry a turkey at home because guess what, it is a little scary. Now you don’t have to be, with this beautiful electric turkey fryer, the safest way to fry a big bird. This turkey will fry
for a third of the time that it cooks in the oven. The manual says something like three to four minutes per pound which means that this 18 pound turkey will cook in less than an hour. So, today’s tests are 18 pound bird, we’re doing a very
traditional oven roast as well just so we can have a comparison. So we do want to see how the turkey cooks, the tenderness of the bird, we want to see how moist it is in comparison with the oven. So, is this turkey fryer worth it, for $109 plus $75 in oil? For $109 plus $75 in oil? We’ll see. Our oil has been preheating, and it does take about an hour, it recommends using peanut oil, so that’s what we’re using here. It has some very high smoking point, so it will be very crusty
and beautiful, hopefully. There’s a max fill line,
so you don’t have to worry about this blowing up
and getting all crazy and creating fires, it is very safe, it’s electric, there are no fires. It takes about three gallons of oil, and you can obviously
control your temperature up to 375 degrees which is what it recommends frying your turkey at. And also it comes with this
beautiful turkey basket that will fit up to a 20-pound bird. So this turkey is 18 pounds
that we’re testing today, this also comes with a hook
just so we’re being safe when it’s coming out of the fryer, it’s your best option, cause you don’t want to stick your hand in there. And that’s pretty much it! So here’s our bird, our beautiful bird, and one thing about frying a turkey, you want it to be like
super, super, super dry, and this is because when you add anything that has a lot
of water into a fryer where that’s where you see all those crazy fires happen and etcetera. So really, dry turkey, make sure you let it sit out for a while. Salt and pepper, very generous, just probably gonna fry off anyway. So if you wanted to really inject the salt into this turkey you can use one of those meat injectors
to really get the salt in. You can see the shape of this basket, it looks like the turkey shape, and that’s how we’re
gonna lay it in there. Oh god, you’re a heavy bird. See this, it fits perfectly. Now of course, I have to address a little bit of concern, because right off the bat here, the turkey is touching too much surface and what’s the point of frying a turkey if you don’t get all the crispy skin? One other concern I have
is this basket itself. It’s a little flimsy, and with this hook that it came with, I just feel
like it’s a little unstable and when you’re dealing with very hot oil that could be very
dangerous, but we’ll see! Okay, ready for this guys? So, as you can tell, I’ve
grown like five inches. I need to get up real, real high to make sure that I’m lowering this guy very safely down into this fryer, and of course, if you do it at home, you can put this fryer on the floor. Okay, so we’re doing this. (boiling bubbles) So that was really scary, but it’s in there, it’s
cooking, it didn’t blow up, and there’s no fires that were created. Says to close the lid, and that’s it. Turkey is in, 57 minutes until we see if this indoor turkey fryer
is worth the price tag. So while that’s going, I’m gonna take my turkey that’s been in
the oven for a few hours. Okay, so this one needs
to rest for about an hour, so by the time my turkey
is done in the fryer this should be ready to go, and then we can taste at the same time. – Alright, the big reveal! Finally, it’s ready! Finally, it’s ready! We’re gonna take a look. So we’re gonna slowly,
carefully lift this up. So, we are hooking it on the side, and letting it rest and
drain for about 10 minutes, that’s what the manual says. Wow, this bird looks freakin’ good. Wow, this bird looks freakin’ good. Okay, so 10 minutes, finally, finally, because I’ve been smelling this all day and I just need to eat it now. So not using the hook for this because it is too flimsy and it’s not that hot anymore, take this out of the basket, wish me luck. It’s pretty amazing for about an hour. Got my two birds, and now right away you can see the difference. With the fried bird,
definitely more evenly browned on all the sides. With my oven turkey, you can see a little bit of differences in color, like the breast is a little
different than the legs. So let’s talk about the skin real quick. The fried bird, the skin could have been a little bit crispier,
there are crispy areas but, you know, some
areas are a little soft. On the roasted turkey,
it’s your classic sort of like, crispy parts, but not
the entire bird is crispy. So in terms of skin crispiness, I would say dead even,
but you know the biggest thing is, of course, the taste test, thing is, of course, the taste test, which I’ve been waiting for all day. And remember, less than an hour, this was about three to four hours, so there’s a huge thing there. Okay, so we’re gonna start
with our roasted turkey first, and I’m gonna get a
slice of the breast first because it has a tendency
of getting a little dry, so we’re gonna test the white meat, and then we’ll test the dark meat. Very beautifully cooked, but you could see it’s a little dry on the top. You could tell that down
here is like juicier. So that’s our roasted,
let’s go with our fried. Alright, so here is our fried turkey. Alright, so here is our fried turkey. I definitely can tell that it’s juicier than the roasted bird. You can see that because it’s, when you slice into it, it’s actually wet, you can see the juices, but we will taste it to be sure. Starting with the oven. Mm-hm. So, it starts juicy, then it finishes dry. The salt is very prominent,
and it definitely has that salty bite, which I love. Let’s test the fried. Definitely juicier, like, that is juicy, but the salt hasn’t penetrated that well into the meat like this one has, so there’s a little bit
of difference there, but definitely more juicy, tender. So, which the breast comparison, definitely the turkey takes the cake, it’s just super juicy, but
let’s check on the dark meat. This is what my grandma does, she just goes in there with her hand. I’m just gonna pull a little meat from the thigh area, and obviously I can already tell that it is a lot more tender than the breast, but, it’s a little stringy. But still, being dark
meat, it’s still tender, and it has a lot of
flavor, I think because the salt really penetrated into the meat. Little bit of uneven cooking, but we all have this issue when
we’re cooking a turkey in the oven, it just happens. Well let’s look at our fried turkey. Alright, so if you like it is juicier so I’m just gonna take a piece of the outer layer actually for this one. Mm, again, super moist. This is like almost like
eating a large fried chicken. It is perfect, and there’s some really crispy skin over
here, just really good. Okay, so I love the fried bird. Okay, so I love the fried bird. It take like a third of the
time as the oven-roasted turkey, it’s pretty evenly cooked,
and super juicy and moist. However, one caveat to
all this, pan drippings. And now if you’re like
a crazy gravy person, this is very important, right? You don’t get pan drippings from this, you just can’t, it’s fried. This one, pan drippings,
beautiful, lovely gravy. So if you are that person,
then maybe this is a downfall, but don’t forget, while this is cooking, you can make like ten
other sides in the oven, that’s huge, and for me,
and I cook Thanksgiving meal for my entire family,
I need that oven space. We always fight for it. So, do I love the fryer? Yes, I freakin’ love the
fryer, I love this fryer. Can we fry more than just a turkey? Yes, also you can fry brussel sprouts and you can make french fries. There’s so many different things that you can do with this fryer, it’s not just for the turkey. Also, it’s definitely the safest way to fry a turkey, I definitely recommend this gadget for $109
dollars, it is a steal. Today’s video is brought to you by our sponsor, American Express, with the Pay It Plan It feature, giving you choices for
how to make payments big or small. (upbeat music)

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    never fry a turkey more than 12 lbs always inject the turkey surface seasoning is lost to the oil and does nothing to the meat

  9. akr01364 says:

    I just par boil mine in really well salted water the night before, dry it off an hour or so (weight dependent) and coat with a brushing of canola oil and finish it in the oven. It seasons the meat beautifully and you get the most fantastically crispy skin. Oh, and you can let the boil water cool and skim off the fat from the bird for adding to the drippings in the roasting pan after for a gravy.

  10. 1Oldskool63 says:

    I have been frying turkeys for 15 years and that is the preferred way my likes it. I bought one of theses a couple years ago and it’s been great. Nothing broken. You can even use it as a seafood boil, fish fryer hush puppies and fries. We going to do chicken wings next

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    I have one and I love it. There are a few things i dont like though.
    1 there isn't a temperature read out so you know what temp it is as it heats and reheats.
    2 it's not great for batch cooking. We had a fish fry and I used it. The fish turned out great but it took so long to reheat which sucks.
    3 large pot doesn't fit in the dishwasher. But I do love this fryer

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    It dries out because the juices are hot and forced closer to the meat's surface because of increased pressure from the heat. The crust that's developed on the exterior as a result of cooking as well as the skin both act as a seal, which retains the juices despite the bird's internal heat. When you cut into a hot bird, you break this seal and the juices will more readily run out. Hot juices may also more readily evaporate into the air, away from the meat.

    You must permit sufficient time for the juices to cool and settle back into the meat. Depending on the weight of the bird, this can take a few hours; at least almost as long as it would take to roast it in an oven.

    Don't worry about it getting cold when you let it rest for a few hours; it will still be hot when you cut into it. You just don't want it to be so hot that you wind up losing too much of the juices.

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