Is the Instant Pot the Best Instant Pressure Cooker?

– For the last few years, everyone seems to love the Instant Pot. There are websites, YouTube channels and at least two annoying
people in your office devoted to the thing. – But the Instant Pot is just an
electric pressure cooker, which cooks stuff faster than normal. It’s got a few neat additional features, and there are a lot of competitors that do pretty much
exactly the same thing. – So we had to ask, is the Instant Pot really the best appliance
for your instant cooking? (fast upbeat music) – To figure it out,
we got the Instant Pot DUO, and then three other
cookers, all for around $100. This T-Fal has a neat
button for pressure release that we’ll talk about a little later. – And we included
the Crock-Pot because well, Crock-Pot knows how to
cook stuff on your counter. – And this is the Insignia
of Best Buy’s house brand. It looks almost identical
to my own Instant Pot, but it’s not an Instant Pot. – We wanted to find out, how
well does this sear food? How quickly does it get up to
pressure, and cook the food? And how easy is it to use? So first up, how well does it sear? (hiss) – Besides pressure cooking, searing is a big way the
Instant Pot sets itself apart from a more traditional pressure cooker. The idea that you can do
everything inside of one pot, including giving meat a
nice, flavorful brown crust. – So, I’ve already got
problems with this one. – You got problems?
What are your problems? – The timer started rolling
and it was ice cold, and so I have no idea when
it’s time to put the meat in. – None of them have
gotten so hot on the sides that I can’t handle the
sides, which is nice. They’re insulated. But this one, has like, almost
no insulation on the top. – Oh and that’s a huge problem, people burn their hands
on this all the time. – He’s a vegetarian. (Ryan laughs) Did you know that? – Not today. – Not today! Just huff that meat fume. (Ryan laughs) – Which one do you think is best? – The first one. – The Crock-Pot? -=Crock-Pot did the
best, but it wasn’t great. – Nothing’s gonna replace, like, just a big, heavy cast-iron skillet or something that’s like a
nice steel, heavy pan. – This is good for a mediocre stew. – That was my nickname in
college, “Mediocre Stu”. (laughter) (upbeat music) – Next, we had to test the key function of these super smart pressure cookers. How well do they actually cook? – Pressure cooking involves trapping the steam that comes
off of the food and the water as it heats up, building pressure
up inside of this device. Now, this makes it cook
much faster than it would on a stove top or in the oven. – Now, once the cooker reaches
the appropriate pressure, all of them take about
the same amount of time. So what really matters here, is gonna be how quickly they
get up to the right pressure. – And here, the Instant Pot
actually did really well. It got up to pressure in 12 minutes. The T-Fal took 14 to do the same. While the Insignia took 15. – Now that’s all pretty slow
compared to this Crock-Pot, which got up to pressure
in only 10 minutes or less. – That’s amazing. But in our task it was also more difficult to create a seal in the Crock-Pot. And there was actually steam
spewing out of the thing, the first time I tested it. And it was very, very terrifying. – Now, you have to know
that the seal is perfect, both for better food, as
well as for not dying. Which means that this one
has to go to the Instant Pot. – Winner, Instant Pot. Thank you for keeping us alive. – Thank you. – It doesn’t just matter
how well these things sear, or how quickly they cook. It’s all the little things too, right? – Right. Sensors, optimal settings, and even how they release pressure are all gonna be important
things to consider. – Like the Crock-Pot. It seared the best, it was the fastest to get up to pressure, but there’s also no sensor to tell you if the seal is perfect. – Now that’s the deal breaker, plus, it doesn’t have a specific
pressure cooking feature. That’s bad. Everything on this Crock-Pot is pre-set, it looks the most high end, but those are actually
really big corners to cut. Especially when a recipe might only give you an amount
of time and a pressure to set. – So let’s talk about the Insignia. – Didn’t you burn yourself on this one? – As a matter of fact I did
burn myself on this one, Ryan. It has one of these like, small levers that’s kind of
weird to maneuver, and it feels, this is the actual pressure
valve for the Insignia, and this is the one for the Instant Pot. And this one’s kinda weird,
and it has this like, little button and you
kinda have to tip it, and run screaming. And also you have to lurk over it, because the labels are hard to read. And the Instant Pot was
just a little larger, and easier to read, and use. And the labeling on the pot
itself, as well as the display, are just nicer too, man. Which leaves us with the T-Fal. Which actually has a really
unique pressure system. You press a button, very far
away from the actual valve, and the steam goes away. – Now that’s my actual favorite
pressure release system. It’s something that the more expensive Instant Pot models have. And I’m surprised that more
people aren’t doing it. Plus, the lid is
attached, and I like that. – But I gotta admit, of all of them, the original Instant Pot
is the best design-wise. Yes, this is a nice feature, but all the buttons on
this are easier to read and the settings are easier to set. So, I guess, the winner
of this battle is… – The Instant Pot! – Good job, Instant Pot. So Ryan, the Instant Pot won battle three, but who actually wins overall? – I do love the Instant Pot. It created the whole category
of electric pressure cookers. But, it took more than 10
minutes to get the pressure, and it had the least
impressive searing capability. – Yeah but, I mean, the Crock-Pot
won the searing contest, and it actually got up to pressure faster, but it also had some
really major red flags. There was steam spewing out and a complete lack of finer controls. – And the T-Fal and Insignia, just never really stood out to us. – So I guess, the Instant
Pot actually wins. – There’s a reason that people
won’t stop talking about it. – Cool. – The Instant Pot is just
very good at what it does. But don’t expect to brown any meat in it. – Yeah, it’s definitely
not a one-pot-shop. But it is good for soups, and stews, and all that rice I genuinely
burn, every single time. – It is the best option. – The totally best option. – Instant Pot. Instant Pot! (laughs) (fast upbeat music)

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  1. James Peters says:

    If the steam was spewing out of your crockpot express cook, your valve wasn’t closed to begin with. That was user error.

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