Is the Instant Pot Worth It? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Today we are testing
the popular Instant Pot versus your traditional pressure cooker. The one thing about pressurizing food is it’s quick, but it doesn’t
really develop the flavors as much as a slow-cooking method. So compared to your basic pressure cooker, which is just a pot, the lid that pressurizes, you’re using it on a standard stove top. This guy is supposed to be a slow cooker, and a pressure cooker all-in-one. 80 to 100 dollars for the pressure cooker. 160 dollars for the Instant Pot. This one is a smart cooker, it cooks everything in
a quarter of the time that it would normally take. Sometimes there’s a
little bit of an issue, people get scared, just
a little bit dangerous sometimes to use if you don’t
know how to use it correctly. We’re going to test it with beef stew. It is literally…
(Instant Pot beeps) Oh, it’s singing. I like gadgets that sing to me though. Honestly, that is one
of my favorite things. The very first thing that we’re gonna do is saute the meat. So, we’ll let this heat up, and then we will let
heat up on a stove top. We’ll add a little bit of oil. Using one and a half
pounds of stew meat… Normally in a regular pot,
I would say a beef stew would take anywhere between
hour, hour and a half. These guys 15 minutes, or so they say. It’s been a few minutes. My guy over here is already
browning quite nicely. Pull it off the heat for a second. This just seems like a very medium heat. I just don’t think that
the saute function on this is as great as your regular stove top. But the meat is browned. So at this point I think I’m
going to add my vegetables. So I just have some carrots,
onions, celery, and potatoes. I have some nice
caramelization going on here. Here is not even boiling, it’s just sorta steaming together without much action happening. I have a quart of beef stock, tomatoes, Worcestershire, some bay leaf,
chile powder, give it a mix. We’re gonna put the lid on, let it pressurize 15 minutes and boom. (Instant Pot beeps) We have a stew button, so
that’s what I’m going to press. We’re going to do 15 minutes. The manual says that
we are in preheat mode, which can range from anywhere
between 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the content that’s
inside this pressure cooker. That’s a really large range. With my standard pressure cooker, you let the stew come up to a boil. At this point, you’re
just gonna close the lid. I’m going to put this on two, which means high cooking. A delicious beef stew is
obviously really tender meat. Veggies should be soft,
but not like totally mushy. So, here’s the thing, when you’re pressure cooking anything, you want to bring it up to a boil, then put the lid on, then it starts pressuring. So, right now, this guy is
still at the preheating stages. Whereas, this one has
already been boiling. This finally is pressurizing. So it took 15 minutes just
to come up to a pressure. So, really the cook time
would be 30 minutes on this. 15 minutes. (loud steam releases) Releasing the steam. (pot lid clicks) Smells really good. Looks like the vegetables are pretty soft. The meat is tender. (Instant Pot beeps)
There we go. (loud steam releases) The beef is still very
hard, it’s not soft. (upbeat music) Let’s taste. Oh, yeah, that’s good. The meat is soft, it’s thickened slightly. I would say that that is like
really, really good beef stew. With the Instant Pot, a little bland, this definitely needs more time. The beef is not soft at all yet. I’m not sure if you can
write it off as instant, because what is instant really mean, it means quick cooking. And if you’re gonna give
an hour for the beef stew, I’m not sure if you can really
say that that’s instant. Especially compared to
a true pressure cooker. I feel like the reason
why this didn’t cook as fast as this one, is definitely because
of the heating element. It just didn’t get as hot
as the pressure cooker on the stove top. Well, I don’t want to
completely write it off because I still kind of like it. The greatest function
about this is, I feel like, you can just throw everything in a pot, put the lid on, walk away, do your laundry, go to the gym, I don’t know, go to work maybe, and come back and you
have your food ready. It’ll keep food warm for up to 10 hours. It’s very similar to the slow cooker. It’s just a shorter amount of time. In my restaurants, when
I have to put out food in like an hour, and I need to make stock in 10 minutes, I would recommend this. But, if you are just, you know, using it for convenience, something that you don’t
really have to think about, and just throw in a pot and walk away, I would say this is great. For more great kitchen gadgets, click here. There you go, so let’s do this. Plugging in the pizza machine. My beautiful pizza, and close. (dramatic music)

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  1. Uber Glamazon says:

    Sorry that girl was totally ANNOYING! I just wanted to make her look at the creatures from BIRD box!

  2. AUizGOLD77 says:

    Get out of the kitchen. You don't know what you are doing. Read the instructions on the cooker before using.

  3. Alisia Lopez says:

    I got the 10-1 largest quart for only $50 off offerup. I highly recommend buying used because you can save so much money. (Mine wasn’t used at all it was still completely packaged but I dont mind used.)

  4. Monsanto Fungaro says:

    I don't think you really know what you're doing.

  5. Buzzbomb 1975 says:

    The settings used were wrong, the price quoted was wrong and the standard pressure cooker was already at full operating temp when she “started” the test. I have nothing against this lovely woman, but I just seems this was the instant pot vs. the traditional pressure cooker AND the reviewer.

  6. Nick Heyns says:

    Thank you for your HONEST review. I used your guidelines to adapt a traditional Coq au Vin recipe to the instant pot. The results were awesome. While the chicken stew was developing flavour I made the potatoes, peas and Tarte Tatin. IO added some roux manie to thicken the sauce. Thank you again.

  7. Steve Redman says:

    That's not beef stew it's far too soupy. Stews should be thicker than that, looks like she didn't use the proper directions as well

  8. Ayan Gupta says:

    it would be fair to say she had no idea how to use the instant pot

  9. Jennifer DeMayo says:

    Thank you!

  10. Allen Kelley says:

    Great video. Disclaimer. This response is for entertainment purposes only. It is an opinion and is not expert or professional advice nor a criticism. The thermal disk in the video appeared to be glowing red. A suggestion would be to call / contact the manufacturer and ask if the stovetop pressure cooker base glowing red compromised the stovetop pressure cooker strength. Update: I read too many bad reviews for many electric style pressure cookers.  I personally purchased a name brand stovetop model. Don't ask how much it cost. It should however have available parts a few years later or longer.   Whatever your preference make sure it has a replacement warranty and or wear and tear parts available or it may be cash in the trash. I have one that went out of business and there are no sealing rings. Happy safe pressure cooking everyone..

  11. thebadness says:

    what the heck, the whole counter top is a cutting board!

  12. Davinelulinvega07 says:

    Yeah that instant pot had what is called a layer 8 problem. Easily fixable.

  13. Curtis Johnson says:

    Great pace. Well thought out. Thanks!

    We have both a Fagor pressure cooker and just got a pampered chef quick cooker. The fagor released an explosive blast of steam a couple of times, maybe gasket related… The instant pot and quick cooker have more safety built in. I think that's the trade off as relates to speed. You haven't been truly disappointed with pressure cooking until one blows steamy pork rib juice all over your kitchen. That's why we have a quick cooker now… the lower power heat and smart features prevent issues like that. Part of that might be gasket maintenance…

  14. Jess4metoo says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. The instant pot wins. Learn to use the gadget before you pretend to know how.

  15. Test Account says:

    silly girl clearly having difficulties with technology

  16. guess my name says:

    That isn't stew. It's soup.

  17. jeremy phillips says:

    LOL how long did it take for the the old-school pressure cooker to heat up off camera

  18. MostHitMan says:

    its not your job or may be you will be really good after 20 40 years in this business
    for now enjoy bed rides

  19. Tracy Bryant says:

    ugh. biggest waste of 5.39 ever. gonna buy one just for spite.

  20. William Smith says:

    Does all the food go to a local homeless shelter?

  21. Jake Condemn says:

    Beef stew??? I watched you make beef soup. Looks good though.

  22. MonCher says:

    Children aren’t supposed to play with the Instant Pot. Especially those who can’t read. Did you know the sauté mode on this Instant Pot can be set to "low" & "high"? Duh! Also, people like the Instant Pot because they aren’t chained to it. The standard pressure cooker has to be monitored constantly. So, maybe if you’d have sautéed correctly & done a NR instead of QR (like you’re supposed to) the stew in the Instant Pot would have worked.

  23. Tong tong says:

    chuck and nancy are deliberately playing politic with trump. self serving pple for their own party agenda instead of serving the pple of america.

  24. Rosanna Danna says:

    It takes at least 35 to make beef stew. Your vid is stupid.

  25. LilDewwie says:

    She used the instapot wrong 😂😂😂

  26. Twiggy H. says:

    The instant pot is amazing! This girl doesn’t know what she is doing. I make almost everything in my instant pot.

  27. Helius Infinitus says:

    There is a famous quote from Albert Einstein that many teachers like to quote: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
    Same principal applies to cookware. I see nearly 90% of the comments criticising Eater for not understanding how to use the Instant Pot. She didn't set saute to high, she apparently let the instant pot cool down before pressurising it, didn't follow any instruction at all on how to use it (I don't know why only men are stereotyped as not following/reading instructions) and was pretty much biased from the get go. This was a horrible review and let me know I definitely do not need to continue watching anything you produce. Such poor quality work should fail.

  28. Smulenify says:

    The pressure cooker is better at pressure cooking, no doubt about that. The more functions a machine has the worse at it usually is. However, the instant pot is space saving and practical in it’s own way.

  29. kathurtado13 says:

    Where can I get the "old fashion pressure cooker"?

  30. T Ingram says:

    The top is supposed to be on the Instant Pot. I don't even have one and I know that…wth

  31. Catsmasher Jones says:

    I found this not helpful at all.

  32. Hello Bello says:

    She needs to read the instructions

  33. Jo-Anna Bushman says:

    Too much money for this invention. I am against multi tasking. And this pot can't be use for canning.

  34. Uncle Fjester says:

    whoops, wrong kind of Instant Pot, see ya….

  35. Daphine Sierra Scott says:

    I love love love my Insta Pot!!

  36. Pratap Bhoumik says:

    she looks like North Korean president..wait every asian looks like him

  37. FullSpecs says:

    Hey Smacktard RTFM

  38. Kanad Nemade says:

    Since the instant pot is not instant…..when what remains is a pot!;-)

  39. vicky madrid says:

    For a first time buyer what size do you recommend I buy for a family of 4? The 6 or 8 QT?

  40. exodous02 says:

    I've used both and although I think my pressure cooker cooked faster I got a knock off instant pot and the convenience is much better. Everything takes a little longer in an Instantpot but for those that have never used a pressure cooker it is incredibly fast.

  41. Frederique Zug says:

    How do you do a delay start on a stove top pressure cooker?
    Can you start a stove top pressure cooker and go to work? ?
    Can you show us what happens to a unattended pressure cooker.

  42. Nigel Wiseman says:

    A regular pressure cooker on an induction plate with a timer gets over the problem you mentioned at the end.

  43. Arya Jasmine says:

    Babe.. I love you. You saved me money

  44. stuart taylor says:

    With her limited cooking/chef knowledge I am surprised they turned her loose with a pressure cooker. Then again I have seen the menu at her “restaurants” 🤣🤣🤣. I must say Dairy Queen’s menu is more creative. . Suggest she get more practice with the products she reviews so she gets acclimated to functionality.

  45. PrinceChris93 says:

    LOL I could hear her whisper "Sing to me instant pressure cooker"

  46. Shane Spagnola says:

    Wish you had included the Ninja Foodi as well lol

  47. Anson Hu says:

    Man everyone hating for improper use of the instant pot.

  48. Rohan Birsingh says:

    This woman literally can't use gadgets and always try to think she's better and the way she does things. And I've noticed this on every video

  49. Lisa Jelsone says:

    If she put it on high pressure and not stew it would’ve been more done. The stew setting is for slower cooking. I love my instant pot

  50. TheMagrhino says:

    She literally always frames the videos in a way to make the gadget she likes win. Almost never seen a fair comparison bring back the guy.

  51. tadg mc loughlin says:

    try using the instruction booklet. instant pot is one of my favorite.

  52. Joshua Kepley says:

    I'm not trying to be mean, but the reviewer clearly had no idea how to use the Instapot. It appeared to me like she was familiar with the older pressure cooker method, which is fine, but at least bring on someone who has experience with the instapot. Bottom line this was not an apple to apples comparison

  53. Dee D says:

  54. Jeff Webb says:

    For the sauté feature, while probably not recommended, I take my Instant Pot liner and sauté on my gas cooktop and then put it back into the unit for the pressure cooking sequence.

  55. Joe Gillen says:

    My niece always wears a knit cap too. Don't get it. My brother and I ask her "Where's Waldo?"

  56. Mohsin Munir says:


  57. David Harrison says:


  58. Lexi Becker says:

    Like it.

  59. Robert California says: take your pants down and bend over…

  60. BuLL eTZ says:

    If it's bland, it has to do with seasoning, not the pot. The meat should have been cooked on saute until done. The best thing about the instant pot is you can walk away from it. Try that with your pressure cooker pot.

  61. Nora love you guys Baker hi says:

    Hey eater

  62. Alan Chu says:

    This is one of the worst series that Eater developed. The host never reads the instructions on how to use the gadgets properly then comes to the conclusion that they are bad. It is a review show with a terrible methodology for reviewing and therefore not worth watching.

  63. Kyle Banks says:

    I’m really digging Esther’s Jimbo Jones from the Simpsons’ look

  64. ateng cordial says:


  65. アニメカワイ says:

    The reason I want to buy an instant pot is to make 3hour slow cooked chicken soup for ramen. You barely explored the possibilities of this.

  66. Tahlula Park says:

    Thanks for a great review! Have an instant pot and I rate it 3/5 stars. I would rather have a regular pressure cooker or a Cuckoo similar to an instant pot except it has been around 40 years.

  67. Geert Larsen says:

    Having just bought an Instant Pot – I am sorry to see this video ;-(

  68. Thomas Rudder says:

    This chick is an idiot.

  69. Sandy K says:

    Where’d she pay that much for instant pot. Whoa! I looked all over while deciding on one and I never saw one for 160.00. Mine was 79.00 I got for 36.00 with my discounts.

  70. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Throwing shade on the instant pot before she even used it. OK biased.

  71. Lisy459 says:

    Ahahahaaaaaaa….. joke of a “comparison”.

  72. TheDerpDerpPenguin says:

    I use instant pot for rice and nothing else in my entire life

  73. missmatch mishmash says:

    Yeahhhh just seems to me like another pointless kitchen gadget that's gonna take up space

  74. MoonInSky says:

    The comments are nasty to Esther Choi because she's Asian. If she were white, and much worse, the comments would still be better. I'm seeing this pattern throughout YouTube – and it happens everywhere online, as well as IRL. Also, the comments keep referring to Choi as "her" – whereas if it were a white person, the comment would address her directly, like "I love your channel!" That's because white people are seen as people, and Asians are not. Also, when it's an Asian, people are not gushing – instead, they're unfairly harsh. And they suddenly turn more logical in their comments, instead of warm and effusive as they are towards white people. Also, there seems to be mild bullying going on in these comments – like the "glug glug" of the stupidly most-upvoted comment.

    Just replace her with a white/black/Hispanic person – and have that person say/do the exact same things – and watch the comments suddenly get more loving and effusive – instead of rude and condescending.

    This girl would be popular and respected in hipster areas like SF/LA/NYC. She's VERY American and bold/hipster in her look and vibe. She would be feared/respected among Asian Americans, and by young hipster multi-ethnic crowds in cool, trendy areas. But most people watching are simply discriminatory against Asians, even a very whitewashed and "cool" one like this girl.

    Given that, what is the model of the InstaPot? Should I get a 6 qt or 8 qt? And the 7-in-1 or 9-in-1?

  75. EnjoyTheSilence331 says:

    Shes so cute

  76. Mia Sabathy白彌兒 says:

    This is my first time trying to find out how to use the instant pont. I was really confused, but am relieved now seeing the comments 😅

  77. Jockekocke says:

    Bet she cooked the instant pot on low pressure instead of high

  78. Marcella Chervenak says:

    Oh good grief you have no clue how to use the instant pot. I love mine and use it everyday. And yes I have done stew and it was perfect.

  79. Marcella Chervenak says:

    Here is a really good site to use if you have any interest in learning to use the instant pot before you try to run it into the ground. Pressure luck great you tube site.

  80. Deedré Cousins says:

    You can adjust the heat on the instant pot. Smh

  81. Roy C says:

    Real subtle with the new BooS Block counter.

  82. william badovinac says:


  83. BR5491Z1Z says:

    does your magic wand sing to you …peace out

  84. Dara S says:

    That ain’t even stew. It’s soup.

  85. Fred Frond says:

    I use an instant pot in the summer exclusively for indoor cooking because it uses very little electricity because it is insulated. The regular pressure cooker uses a huge amount of energy compared to the instant pot. For a household save the environment lady.

  86. Sandeep Singh says:

    Pressure cooker, non electric intensify flavors from the food. She have no idea. Indian food, punjabi food is cooked in pressure cooker for flavors.

  87. TheMaloney says:

    You basically steamed the meat and didn’t get any caramelization. You need to get a big pan or do it in batches at a high temp to get the brown caramelization you need for flavor.

  88. TheMaloney says:

    That doesn’t look very appetizing.

  89. God Got High says:

    You just seemed super biased wanting the instant pot to fail before you even started 😂

  90. Bob Newhart says:

    You forgot 80% of your seasonings that's going to be Bland as hell

  91. Think Mackay says:

    One of the best cooking related posts.

  92. JD Hoov says:


    You tested something you've obviously used repeatedly, against something you obviously didn't know a damn thing about. You barely read the manual (which is lacking).

    Fail, all the way around.

  93. Marc San Luis says:

    The sautée has to be set on High for this to work and let it sautée until fully brown and cooked. This was not cooked well before pressurizing. She wanted this machine to fail. Dislike.

  94. Eric W says:

    My sense is that this person really has no clue about the Instant Pot and that I just wasted five minutes of my life.

  95. ethan Gonzales says:

    The give and take is one needs babysitting and the other needs adjustment instant pot comes out the winner

  96. Tormented Soul says:

    This chick is like 10 y.o. what the hell does she know about cooking. Is she suppose to be hip and cool. She lost me when she poured a half cup of oil to sautee the beef stew meat. Down vote!!!

  97. Jeff Salas says:

    lady i just slowcooker beef stew and as for blandness that would be your seasoning content not the pot which judging by your demeanor throughout this less than stellar presentation you don't particularly like anyway .. so hows that bias stew taste

  98. Dominic Dauphin says:

    your not good with the instant pot!

  99. Raza Khan says:

    Another Asian with blonde dyed hair, white western name and an American accent. LOL

  100. Trucker Mississippi Reject says:

    Love mine

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