Is This The Best Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe Syrniki сырники

welcome friends it is Saturday morning
so we’re going to do another one of our most watched on YouTube recipe video
videos and today I have leftover cottage cheese from a recipe video that we did
earlier and I’m thinking I’d like to make cottage cheese pancakes so if we filter that by viewcount we end up
with cottage cheese pancakes by sweet theMI or sweet the mi 1 million views
let’s take a look they look really cool in the pan now this recipe starts right
from scratch making the cottage cheese we’ve already done that step in another
video so let’s move forward a little bit okay we’re in for a good one
let’s get this going okay so even though the YouTube channel that I got this
recipe from is Korean I do believe that ethnically this pancake recipe is
Eastern European probably closely related to Russian cooking so I’ve got
the cottage cheese in here some people call it farmer’s cheese cottage cheese
whatever you want to call it two eggs and sugar and we’re just going to mix
this together so I’m following the recipe on the YouTube video exactly as
it’s written but when I look this up the Russian version which is called all of
them pretty much had baking soda or baking powder in the mix this one has
neither so I’m kind of interested to see what happens and whether that makes any
difference sometimes there are additions to recipes that really make no
difference we just put them in because we’re told we’re supposed to and its
traditional and somebody else put it in and they serve no purpose so I’m very
interested to see whether this actually serves a purpose now my dough is nowhere
near as thick as the dough in the video so let’s move on and we’ll see what
happens next instruction is to generously flour
your board and then we turn the dough mixture out into the flour and we flower the top and I think I’m
gonna use a dough scraper there we go now I’ve already got a pan coming up to
heat because this is really sticky and the idea is apparently we’re supposed to
cut this into even pieces and keep it well floured so these are not beautiful at all I
haven’t managed to get them all the same size not even close and one of the
things I think you should take away from this series if you take away anything at
all is that the first time you attempt something if you’ve never done it before
and the first time you attempt it and it doesn’t work out it’s okay because I’m
sure they’re still going to taste great so let’s check the pan see if it’s hot
okay so hit that with a little bit of oil and a tab of butter okay I think we’re
ready to go but some let’s just try a couple first and see what happens because I’m not totally sure what
temperature to cook these at okay I can see I’ve got some work to do
they’re not very even which is my problem and I don’t think butter is
right in the pan you’re not able to get enough heat to get a really nice brown
crisp on the outside I’m just gonna try one see if I’m on the right track and
then we’ll reattach it it’s cooked hmm great flavor I’m gonna redo this but
only oil in the pan okay new pan new plan I know this is sacrilege absolute
sacrilege but there are times where cast-iron isn’t the pan for the job and
that particular cast-iron pan for this particular job wasn’t gonna work I
wasn’t gonna get even heat as much as I needed all around the pan so this pan
even though it’s nonstick okay it’s going to give me better temperature
control and that’s the key I think to cooking these so let’s get them in the
pan I can hear you like I can hear you I can
hear you screaming what is that idiot doing I’m trying out a new recipe and
it’s sort of working maybe let’s get these out of the pan and see how they
taste okay so from a technical standpoint this
is a recipe that I’m gonna have to revisit and I don’t know if it was me or
the recipe that caused some of my problems today which is why you have to
try things multiple times for a flavor standpoint these taste fantastic to me
now I’ve never had one like this before so maybe this doesn’t taste right I
don’t know online a lot of things said to put honey
on it or sour cream I went with honey cuz we’ve got lots of honey these taste
really good to me but come on back we’ll probably do this two or three more times
in the Test Kitchen and then we’ll do another video where we’ll try to work
out some of the problems that I had today so don’t be afraid to fail don’t
be afraid to try this recipe is worth exploring more thanks for stopping by
see you again soon you

30 comments on “Is This The Best Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe Syrniki сырники”

  1. Charina Johansson says:

    What's the problem? Am i stupid ot what?

  2. sennest says:

    Молодец! Glen, I think you've got it! Great job, you haven't done anything different than millions of Eastern Europeans have done. Every kitchen is a little diff. These look amazing👍💣💥. Thank you very much! I'm going to try your recipe out!

  3. Glen & Friends Cooking says:

    Thanks for watching. If you liked it – subscribe, give us a thumbs up, comment, and check out our channel for more great recipes. Please share with your friends. ^^^^Full recipe in the info section below the video.^^^^

  4. Jesus Saves says:

    Love your channel. Thank you for the spoiler alert. I had awful results when I made these. Look forward to your improved recipe. TFS.

  5. David Spivak says:

    Honey on pancakes. I dunno about that.

  6. Picasso Impaler says:

    Just found your channel. Its almost like a call back to old food network. Im quite a fan!

  7. Surya Coapy says:

    Nice video, thanks. This recipe can be adapted to make lovely soft bread. Leave out the sugar, add yeast, make it a more solid dough and let it rise. It worked wonderfully for me.

  8. Gruuvin1 says:

    I had to go look up ASMR. It's weird how so many youtube videos are made with a different intent that what the viewer realizes. Even cooking videos are designed to make some food look visually appealing, where in reality, it would be a terrible thing to eat. For example: the 10-foot tall burger, that's impossible to get into your mouth.

  9. VageGozer says:

    "If the first time you attempt something and it doesn't work out. It's OK, 'cause I'm sure they're gonna taste great". The taste is not the first thing I'm worried about when trying something new. The first thing I think is "I hope I don't poison anyone who eats this". I have had that happen the first time I tried to cook something on my own (luckily I was the only one eating it). I had to translate the recipe and ingredients so that's probably where the problem was. Ever since I only made things from packages, never anything from scratch so I don't mess up with the ingredients and only need to follow instructions. Now I'm starting to discover cooking channels like yours and Sortedfood. Especially your channel (a seemingly regular guy just trying stuff out) makes me want to experiment a little more. So thank you.

  10. N R says:

    Love this channel. Dont know why

  11. Eryn Elizabeth says:

    I'm curious as to what you've got (i think?) fermenting on the counter back there!

  12. Ur Mom says:

    best part of your channel isnt the perfectionist way of thinking. you accept mistakes and correct them like any normal person would. also a + for the science behind cooking like how alton brown thinks. ill be going down your videos ever since the coke one lol

  13. Arthas Menethil says:

    you could have talked about the Cooking With Boris recipe instead, such a missed opportunity :'(

  14. Steven says:

    It is game time! 4:59

  15. Adan Lawlor says:

    Yeah those looked better when you switched pans

  16. Rob Snyder says:

    Glen psst people who are cast iron purest need to dig their heads out of the sand. I have cast iron and seldom use it as I found very few best in cast iron recipes. Even the southern staple of Corn bread I have made in a Stainless Steel pan with the same amount of butter to make that nice crust and people swear I used the cast iron pan. I have mine as they are generational hand me downs and the history behind them is more important then there practical use. But cooking is a preference. I happen to love cooking in stainless steel pans and only feel the need to have a few different pans in Calphon anodized aluminium non stick. Though that is my preference you have yours and everyone commenting here has theres and that the beautiful thing about cooking it can be that diverse as it can be flexible like that. So all the die hards that you know you can hear as you forsake the cast iron for a nonstick can just learn to deal with it.

  17. SDOtunes says:

    Glen, after you made this Russian pancake, how about making German potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer/Reibekuchen) with apple sauce? It's so easy to make and it's such a crispy, both sweet and savory treat, you'll love it. 🙂

  18. mousefactors says:

    I learned how to make syrniki from a real russian mother in russia, and then tried to recreate it with ingredients in Ontario, so I can help with the main problem you'll run into. "cottage cheese" in russia is very, very dry. Even the Western brand pressed cottage cheese is a bit too humid. Also, unlike with american baking, the standard for eggs is not large. You'll want the dough to have scone-like firmness when you shape it. Also, I'm assuming your studio is on the warm side, so it's okay to stick it in the fridge before shaping.

  19. Brissy Girl says:

    If you want to check out other ASMR cooking channels I'd recommend Hidamari Cooking, Cook Kafemaru and Cooking Tree. They primarily focus on sweet dishes, however Hidamari Cooking and Kafemaru have some savoury dishes as well.

  20. spidermagic says:

    Why is there rust in the pan???

  21. Brohan says:

    what's wrong with using SS/Al to make pancakes? And what's wrong with non-stick? I use a ceramic coasted Al Green Pan and it's the best pan I've ever used for pancakes.

  22. KELLI2L2 says:

    How many cups of sugar and flour..??? 😏

  23. David McKean says:

    Once you mix butter and oil, there shouldn't really be any temperature concerns.

  24. Micober Ss says:

    Thus is how they are supposed to look. In that Korean video they looked perfect round like some cookies. Yours look just like original Russian.
    Greetings from Russia

  25. Ryan Graham says:

    Glen I wouldn’t change a lot, perhaps even just add a small amount of oil into the butter to prevent it burning would work, i think the butter would add a layer of flavour that you need.

  26. Iryna Zhygaliuk says:

    Syrniky is a classic breakfast in Ukraine. The thing is our cottage cheese really does have a different texture. It's definitely less moisty. Overall we've got lots of desserts based on the cottage cheese as a main ingredient. They all taste different from Western cheesecakes and such.

  27. 1904say says:

    IMO.. I never rely on most watched video …as this could be skewed results due to which country that Video is made in… Some countries have limited recipe vids available… and massive populations… so it seems to me that the overall results may not represent a great recipe for all cultures. I always read the comments and check out recipe ingredients etc.. ( 45 + years of food prep. so I can almost tell what will work )* . For cottage cheese pancakes I would go for Polish or similar recipes… personally. Enjoy watching your videos & your personal style in presenting them w/ your wife. All the best from BC>

  28. Sam M. says:

    Since you normally can't get quark/tvorog in North America, you can make the cottage cheese the way you made it and then strain it overnight in the fridge (cheesecloth in strainer over a bowl) to make it a bit drier. Should also work with ricotta, although I haven't tried it.

    The dough should be far easier to form into patties than that (although the ones you made will still taste great).

  29. Richard Pointer says:

    Please do these again. I think you used too much flour and you should fix this liquid balance by draining your cottage cheese. Sirniki should be served with preserves and sour cream. Thank you!

  30. Lucia Bittnérova says:

    Syrniki is my favorite sweet dish. I adore it so much. We make it in our household a lot. My grandma is from Ukraine, and this dish is Russian but it´s basically cooked in Eastern Europe in general and each household has a different way of preparing it.
    My grandma´s recipe for one portion of Syrniki contains:
    250 g cultured high quality dried cottage cheese (it should not be watery),
    1 egg,
    2 Tbs of sugar
    1 Tbs of flour
    1 Tbs of semolina flour for better texture
    a pinch of salt for balance
    vanilla flavor
    Then she forms a dough cuts it into pieces like you did and fries on the butter.
    And usually it is served with sour cream and jam 🙂

    I hope you enjoy it next time you make it. It´s worth it.

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