Jaëla Pressure cooker

My name is Jaëla Right now I am studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the Han University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem I chose this course because I really like being creative I like drawing, designing posters, websites, that kind of stuff and thinking about why we make certain choices when designing In my spare time I’m often do photography I really like, just going into nature to capture it I also like taking portrait pictures for family and friends In the future I hope to travel a lot for my job where I can be really creative! And also explore a lot of the world where I can travel to Australia, America, Asia Just places I’ve never been where I can really get inspired by It doesn’t matter where you are, there is always inspiration around I hope to learn a lot, during this course and of course around it too So it can really bring up the best in me ‘Bringing up the best in myself’ Portait video for Jaëla By Coral Directed and edited by Coral Main character and voice actor Jaëla 4 minutes of wrong file There’s nothing here, really Why are you still watching? I promise there is only black the next 3.5 minutes and maybe some subs I guess You bored yet? Is this just in your background while playing League or something? Ha, I can’t believe you are still here Absolutely bonkers you are Okay, just a little more black before it is over I had a good time hanging out in the darkness I am usually very lonely here Okay, bye for reals this time, thanks for watching

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