Jamie’s Quick Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff I just… I just love it, so, so good. This is actually one of my favourite meals I’m going to use some pickles Load in these lovely gherkins And the onions Rattle it through Nice Take some of this pickling vinegar That’s got spices in it, mustard seeds A little pinch of salt And add to this a little parsley, finely slice the stalks They’re sweet, they’re crunchy And then just make a point of dressing it It’s going to be joyful 300 grams of mixed mushrooms in here You can tear them, quarter them Half them, I like the fact that it’s all odds and sods And it all looks different Start with a little salt If you can toss, just tossing motion here Two to four cloves of garlic Put it in with the skin We carry on tossing Pull aside some of that lovely pickle I want to grab two thirds of it Squeeze out the access water And then just sprinkle in Wonderful. I’ve got two regular 200g sirloins I’m going to just slice the steaks about a centimetre thick And then I’m going to hit up this board With seasoning, salt, very important Pepper, very important And about… Heaped teaspoon of sweet paprika This is going to coat and stick to all the steak Grab a little bowl And for a little moment in time I’m just going to get rid of those mushrooms and those onions, okay. So we go back into the pan with olive oil Couple of tablespoons We start distributing the steak The steak is a prime cut of meat Prime cuts of meat are there to be fried or grilled We’re going to turn the steak over As I turn the steak over look how beautiful… You know you can really sear the steak instead of boil it And then we go in with a good swig of brandy And flame it, yes You don’t have to have to set light to it It burns away the alcohol anyway As soon as that subsides, we go back in with the mushrooms So exciting Yogurt, about 4 heaped tablespoons, right. I want to put a little bit of milk At this stage, we let that just boil for that short amount of time I’m going to get myself a little platter For a Beef Stroganoff You just need good, fluffy, white basmati rice Seriously, off the chart flavour It’s just a joy So good Please comment on the box below And check out some of the other chefs on FoodTube Take care guys, bye.

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  1. Mayumi Ichikawa says:

    I think I would burn the entire kitchen while pouring the brandy like that 😂

  2. Cahill Brazier says:

    Wat a faggot m8. Ramsay would fukin mash u up bruv

  3. rijay 333 says:

    I make this over and over great for lunch actually iam eating it right now thx

  4. Andrew Testerman says:

    Made this just tonight. I’ve never made stroganoff with brandy or pickles before, but they made it absolutely delicious! The rice made everything seem less heavy, as well. Please add more 15 Minute Meals content, if you can!

  5. James Field says:

    My fav thanks chef.

  6. ซาง สูง says:

    SALT FREE!!!!!!!!

  7. Yuki Yu says:

    Excellent recipe except for parsley., it must not be put on during the frying procedure but at the end., while cooking with a sos., otherwise it dies quickly. Thanks for posting!

  8. Rohan Papaly says:

    That looks amazing… but can it be done without the pickles and still be good? (I have never really liked pickles…)

  9. tommaso faoro says:

    That's not beef stroganoff, that's some kind of srilankian chef salad or something

  10. amrita pathak says:

    whenever i am sad, i look at these videos, and boy, does it make me happy!!! jamie, keep up the good food!!

  11. Mahmoud Harhara says:

    chef -J .Oliver …I Love .U

  12. Saania Salahuddin says:

    Those uncut full mushrooms were really bothering me

  13. Jiaqi Wang says:

    I haven’t eat anything in 2 days
    I might be going insane at this rate

  14. Justin Tsoi says:

    amazing recipe

  15. Paul Bauer says:

    Never heard of it But it looks good 👌

  16. Hazal Gursoy says:

    That was pretty awesome

  17. Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr says:

    Jamie you have no clue how to cook !!!!

  18. Irina Khamzina says:

    Jamie,I love you, but …. It's not a classic Beef Stroganoff,sorry,please ,read about how it was invented, and you would get better perception how to make it properly

  19. Lotz -O- Muzic says:

    Mushroom Curry?

  20. Steve Repa says:

    Are the gherkins part of the original recipe? sounds so russian.

  21. Karen Rogers says:


  22. xxx xxx says:

    I will definitely try it out!

  23. kas kastro says:

    80 spoons?

  24. B T says:

    I hate Jamie Oliver with a passion but I tried this recipe last night and it was the best stroganoff I've ever had.

  25. Alessandro Maurer says:

    Honestly, this is one of the recipes from Jamie that i don't like at all.

  26. Aytan Mammadli says:

    So disgusting

  27. Arvin Daniel says:

    Your composition is so different compare to other videos of how to cook this dish.

  28. Robert Kinholt says:

    Why would you put pickles in it?

  29. Mister Pink says:

    Looks so delicious!

  30. scott gurney says:

    Please dont pay me a wage by your timeline…………….

  31. Topa Kuivalainen says:

    Just wrong! That recipe has nothing to do with Stroganoff! I`m a chef and that recipe is just bollocks!

  32. ОФЕЛИЯ Петрова says:

    Обожаю тебя!!!

  33. therodolfool says:

    Stroganoff these nuts

  34. Richard Bryant says:

    That's not a bloody stroganoff

  35. Emerly35 says:

    Estoy acá por los deberes inglés. Send help & mimitos 🙁

  36. KindaLikeWater says:

    Nope. NEXT!

  37. Mami Trujillo says:

    You lost me at "pickles " lol

  38. Rob says:

    Face PLANT TO this one 🙂 YUMMIE

  39. dagonet08 says:

    Pans x 2, bowls x 5, plate x 1, rice-cooker(saucepan) x1, assorted cutlery and utensils.
    15 minutes to cook, 20 minutes to wash up!

  40. Kinga Sandi says:

    This is not a 15 min dish

  41. Adrian Biddle says:

    This is my first post ever! Jamie you and I have smashed it on this one BOOM! Luv ya u dad man!

  42. mustafa sheta says:

    What do you call a cow masturbating?
    Beef stroganoff.

  43. ٍSam says:

    Why am watching this at 4:20 AM ?

  44. MrHorzel says:

    Done it. Really delicious. Not sure if the French brandy was the right one, but at least it was the cheapest 😂

  45. Tanya Johnson says:

    I like this recipe and I've made it a few times. I think it's a bold variation of beef stroganoff. The yogurt replaces the sour cream but this is not such a violation of the original recipe as some commentators imagine. Yoghurt is just as sour but with fewer calories so the effect is similar. The addition of the pickled mix to the main dish is certainly unusual but there's a method to this madness. Onions are a classic stroganoff ingredient and pickled cucumber was often served as accompaniment to the dish, so mixing them all up works well.
    One thing should have been mentioned though: It's important to take the pan off the heat when adding the yoghurt ( or sour cream) as it will curdle otherwise. The taste would still be fine but it wouldn't look good.

  46. N_ Jose says:


  47. N. B. says:

    nice voma …..

  48. Lot 4656 says:

    I will try tomorrow.

  49. LutherLao #LiPHintheUK says:

    Looks tasty, just gave me idea for dinner

  50. LutherLao #LiPHintheUK says:

    KIndly do checkout and SUBSCRIBE to my channel #LiPHintheUK Thanks KABAYAN! ☺

  51. Devil on a Harley says:

    Watched it 5 times and still can't get over it

  52. easy08154711 says:

    Really looks great, not so sure with the paprika though. Might turn bitter with the heat.

  53. Tobi says:

    The Ancient Slav Weapon

  54. Naomi Villa says:


  55. Kort Kleinman says:

    A prison wouldn't serve this to its population. Is this a joke?

  56. Vantheman 12 says:

    How would Jamie do on MasterChef the professionals? Just asking

  57. justin canela says:


  58. Erich Murphy says:

    Rattle it froo
    Free hundred milligrams
    At will get ohh what you want.

    I fink.

  59. Jo Watson says:

    pickles??? ew no

  60. Evelina But says:

    Far away from classic

  61. Jazz Solos says:

    This is not Stroganoff. This is a weird dish.

  62. roi hesse says:

    looks great! But i prefer Rösti as a side dish.

  63. Cycling Brothers says:

    For how many persons this dish in the description is?

  64. sheema iqbal says:

    Replacement for jherkins?

  65. sheema iqbal says:

    Nd also replacement for brandy(alcohol)?

  66. enda henry says:

    I use cream instead of yogurt.. no milk either.. and it is fantastic…also just use onion and garlic and mushroom..

  67. timothy wait says:

    i always have it with rice but in hospital it was with mashed potato and obviously no red wine

  68. Val Clare says:

    Anybody's yoghurt & milk curdle or just mine. Still tasty

  69. Mirabella Mcgarry says:

    Looks so delicious

  70. Karolis Kisielis says:

    Nothing near Beef ale Stroganov. But looks delicious

  71. Gaya Manukyan says:

    Looks amazing, making it tomorrow <3

  72. anabellaparis1 says:

    No pickles in stroganoff

  73. Ken Karuti says:

    what if i dont want to add mushroom

  74. Dana Alexander says:

    Pickles? Are you on crack Jamie? Worse than jerk rice!

  75. Erica Diam’s says:


  76. Kid's Play says:

    The way you cook is very interesting.. Great job bro…

  77. John ETA says:

    I was all good until the pickles!

  78. Black Ginger says:

    Omg Jamie, I Love all your recipes👍👍all turn so deliciosa😋😋
    Seen I was 16year old (now i 37year old) I've been watching your cooking show "naked chef" and your band you are the drummer…
    You make me interested in cooking🤗😉👍
    Thanks chef Jamie Oliver😉👍🤓
    You are my idol😢👍🤗

  79. Kevin Harrington says:

    Nice one Jamie, simple delicate, and full of goodness.Made me hungry cheers. Chefstravels

  80. Stephen Culpin says:

    When cooking with Jamie I hope you have £25 to spend on every meal

  81. theUsesOFnot says:

    This is nothing like a classic beef stroganoff. no gherkins, no paprika, no yoghurt, and add flour.

  82. Mikey says:

    Jamie ‘1 heaped tea spoon, pours half the packet’ Oliver

  83. yankeydoodle101 says:

    He burnt the steak lmao.

  84. mrkazman says:

    Ok folks, I just left the shops with all the bits. This is midway through Operation:Survive by myself without my wife for 2 weeks, wish me luck!

  85. www says:

    nice way to ruin your teflon pan

  86. myles estioco says:

    Wnt to try this . Looks yummmy 😋😋

  87. okmanek okmanek says:

    wędrując szlakiem Bawarii…

  88. Fiona L says:

    I made this many times , sooooo good

  89. Dalya Rahmo says:

    It tastes yammy

  90. M De la Rosa says:

    U gotta clean your kitchen after that

  91. Josh 3147 says:

    Can I use smoked paprika instead of sweet paprika? Thanks in regards.😄

  92. 13SharkBait says:

    This tosser sure knows how to toss – what a cock

  93. Henrique Farah says:

    Delicious recipe but it isn t a stroganoff

  94. Bradwell Jackson says:

    What about cream and corn starch? Shouldn't you use that in a beef Stroganoff?

  95. R Ryan says:

    well its 2019 [July] and i just came across this amazing recipe OMG DOES IT LOOK GOOD I WILL TRY IT TOMORROW!!!!

  96. Nic Hudson says:

    Fantastic for a chef on the run!

  97. paddy7007 says:

    Have tried this twice and curdles each time. Anyone know how to stop it/what I am doing wrong?

  98. emil j says:


  99. Zakd says:

    Beeth sthragonoffth

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