Jamie’s Quick Chicken Laksa

You’re gonna love this one. I’ve literally
never met anyone that doesn’t love laksa. It’s kind of like a soup come curry. You’ve got peanuts, you got citrus and
beautiful crispy chicken. Get yourself about that much grease-proof paper. Empty your chicken thighs onto the paper. Salt, pepper there. A heaped teaspoon of five spice. Just move the chicken
around to coat it. Bash it up. You’re tenderizing and you’re also making the flavours really stick to it. We’re gonna go in to the griddle pan here. That’s gonna
cook away and job is a good’en. Squash. Take the end off. Where the fat bit ends just go
straight down leave the skin on I want about a litre of
boiling water into my pan here. We;re going to add one chicken, organic stock cube. I’ve got a grater and just feed the quarters straight in. This is gonna give your broth, your soup,
wonderful body. One red chili goes in. A thumb size piece of ginger, coriander here – these stalks are fantastic, and then spring onions. Just 3 or 4 go in and then a couple of
garlic cloves, about a tablespoon of soy sauce, some
kaffir lime leaves. Get a nice teaspoon of peanut butter. A tablespoon of sesame oil. Tablespoon of fish sauce goes in, and then last but not least I’ve got some
some turmeric. A nice heaped teaspoon and that’s gonna
give it the most fantastic colour. Now, I’m just going to wazz all of this up and just put all that in, and it’s gonna be like a big bomb going
off. The flavours, the brightness, the zestiness. You can
serve laksa with rice if you want, but I think it’s more classic to do it with rice noodles. You can get them everywhere. So I’m just gonna bung in three hundred grams of that. So they’re gonna cook away. I’ve got some coconut milk. Las thing to go in, two bunches of
asparagus. Nice big chunks like that. Squeezing the juice of one lime. Gorgeous. We’re gonna go for one
tablespoon of honey over the meat and we want to
basically sesame coat and glaze these chicken thighs. The pan’s screaming hot, so we go in with the lime juice. See how lovely it’s looking. Give it a shake. Turn it over. Finish off with a last sprinkle of
coriander and if you’re a chili freak like me scatter some on for a little extra kick. A little plate of heaven right there.

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  1. Miss Melanin says:

    Buena petito👌🏾

  2. JJ W says:

    he dont know what is laksa

  3. Zan Salleh says:

    confused! never seen laksa like that before

  4. d34dj0k3r says:

    That is a weird laksa.

  5. LumpySpacePen says:

    I was really excited to see a recipe for laksa but these ingredients are really bizarre. Laksa is a soupy combination of curry paste, paprika, garlic, lemon grass, coconut milk, chicken, and thick, round rice noodles. Condiments are fish sauce, herbs, and thinly sliced cabbage. Your recipe reminds me of kare kare, a Filipino stew.

  6. Christene Delacruz says:

    A Filipino here but I'm triggered. This ain't Laksa.

  7. Kenny Tcy says:

    Looks good but this is not the laska from the Asian. The main ingredient of the laska is the minced fish. =) Fresh Sardin.

  8. Nickname Nick says:

    Jizz in my pants…

  9. Ana Paula Severo says:


  10. Yugaaa Shan says:

    Isn't laksa a Malaysian dish?

  11. Anna Łuniewska says:

    Laksa means shit in Polish… Hard to listen to this now.

  12. Jason Emanuel Lee says:

    I am Malaysian, but I think all you Malaysian brethren should calm down. The video says it all … JAMIE'S Quick Chicken Laksa. This means it's not authentic, and it's his rendition of a curry laksa. In fact, as much as it is not original or authentic, you can't call him out because the fact of the matter is he didn't mention this was authentic.

  13. Drum bum says:

    what an ungodly fucking amount of 5 spice. fucking WANK

  14. Prajitha Mohanan says:

    this is no where near the real laksa

  15. Mike Wilkinson says:

    People this recipe is the fucking bomb!!!! I made it last night, truly the best EVER!!!

  16. anthony ashworth says:

    made a version of your butternut Squash laksa cups last night using …rice . put it in storage bags in the fridge , it has gone really thick. It tastes really nice but the texture has gone wrong, what can I do to rescue it? I thought about putting it in a blender or adding water?

  17. My4th Profile says:

    Chicken in laksa??!! What sacrilege is this?!?!!

  18. fglend73 says:

    Omg if I read one more person cry about this isn't laksa!!! Stop being a snob. This is an amazing dish.

  19. jack the rapper says:

    not even close to any type of laksa….

  20. Joscis says:

    If you wanna taste real Laksa, you should come to Penang, Malaysia.

  21. Milly S says:

    That looks yummy but it's not laksa haha. Again I would like to highlight that I would still stuff my face with it 😁

  22. Vic Thoma says:

    supposed to use broth..not brothel..what a mess

  23. Gefielte Fish says:

    it s looks like amazing

  24. Ajay M says:

    This is not laksa.

  25. Abdul Alkurdi says:

    Talk about a messy cooker, lol.

  26. MEAL PREP THAI says:


  27. rozalia Rozalia says:

    Very nice

  28. itsMinyao says:

    Chill people, allow me to elaborate. Laksa is a malay influenced dish which has multiple variation. There's Thai laksa which Jamie sort of did in this video but missing the fish stock; Assam Laksa from Penang; Lemak Laksa, Kuching Laksa and lastly singapore's curry Laksa. But let's get things straight, calling laksa thai though is like calling taco American. And i believe none of the variation mentioned above uses squash in their stock. Correct me if i'm wrong though. (Flies away)

  29. Seeker says:

    Holllly Macro…. WOW… thanks you for sharing Jaime 🙂

  30. The Infinity Light says:

    This looks like a cross between Satay, Green Curry, Teriyaki Chicken. Very interesting. Not exactly Laksa.

    Nyonya Laksa paste is:
    Lemongrass, Galangal, Candlenuts, Dry Chilli, Shrimp Paste (Belacan), Turmeric, Coconut Milk, Shallots and Garlic. Lastly it is watered down with shrimp broth or chicken broth

    The sesame oil, coriander leaves, and fish sauce is like mixing elements of Japanese, Thail and Vietnamese cooking all into one.

  31. neo zoro says:

    finally, a Malay food

  32. kierankasey says:

    I would probably wake up that paste with some oil first before adding the water to soften up that squash

    But hey, if you like a slightly raw edge to your spices, that's fine

  33. frozen11211 says:

    is it just me or did he just call pympkin squash?

  34. Fraser says:

    i tried this, it was ok but other curry type recipes are quite a bit nicer and less effort. worth a try but wont make again

  35. Ruben Potter says:

    This is a damn good fusion mate 😉 Ahoy!!

  36. Youtubaholic says:

    Watching Jamie cook is like watching a super hero in action

  37. Farra Elena says:

    what freakin laksa is this? laksa is malaysian food (i'm malaysian) & this is nothing like laksa at all. i just dont understand why he keeps on taking other food's name and put it on another. crap.

  38. bryan3550 says:

    Weird! THAT is not Laksa!

  39. xtin77 says:

    I understand this is a "Laksa-inspired" dish hence Jamie omitted the Malaysian/Singaporean terms from the video title.

    The dish does look creative and probably delicious however I fail to identify any ingredient inspiration from the fish-based, assam laksa most iconic of Penang nor the prawn chilli sambal coconut curry laksa more common in Singapore in this recipe.

  40. Tsalokath Master says:

    what the heck is this muck?? like that instant dosa stunt his stupid staff set him up against before this? With this Jamie oliver is officially a schmuck.

  41. DPS1337 says:

    This really is the first time I see Jamie use a stock cube, haha

  42. kierankasey says:

    I like how he says he's going for the classic rice noodles and then basically does whatever he wants for the rest of the recipe. Honestly, anyone who doesn't even fry their spices off in oil before tossing in water is begging to get burnt and flayed online. I really don't know how this guy got his celebrity status, truly horrendous.

  43. Steven Yung says:

    This is not laksa. LOL

  44. gaby Smeenk says:

    I don't know exactly that laksa is come from Malaysia or from Thai, cause Indonesia have also  laksa is  very tasty  and name is laksa Betawi. Formerly the food is only served if there is awedding party, but now we can find it in every food court. But i never try the taste as like as  Jamie Oliver cook or like his making! Anyway it looks also very yummy….., but i guess is very strong ingriedienst! like Thai Laksa.

  45. kaiju blue says:

    this was the nicest thing i have ever eaten. i would eat it every day if it wasn't so unhealthy to be eating coconut milk in those amounts. absolutely loved it!

  46. JoeyGodsey says:

    That would cost me almost $75 for all those ingredients…

  47. osyan osyan says:

    I can do much better

  48. Alexis Ang says:

    Wow that's not Laska… Laska is from Singapore, asam laska is from Malaysia. This looks more like thai green curry

  49. Ruby Wong says:

    I'm Singaporean and what u just made is not laksa!

  50. Jeff Vader says:

    that's as close to laksa as veal parmigiana

  51. fujoshi fever says:

    as a malaysian, i never saw anyone put peanut butter while making the laksa broth so this is definitely doesnt taste the same as our original laksa

  52. Khair Aiman says:

    oh my you're killing the original recipe of Laksa TAT

  53. Tierallity BTW says:


  54. Nur Sabrina says:

    laksa? :///

  55. Luke Lazat says:

    do whatever you want but just don't call it laksa- it doesn't even come close.

  56. fireheadsam says:

    Laksa is not Thai aaaand that is not Laksa. That looks gross and soggy.

  57. vexx44 says:

    I don't always make Laksa but when I do I cook a veggie stew instead

  58. Bono Music says:

    too advanced for me. so many ingridients to remember and hit right

  59. alfonzadam dam says:

    Nice cooking

  60. Mariah had a little Lamb says:

    This is saying a pineapple is an apple
    It’s not even close to one bit
    Cream carbonara is pie vs tart, similar

  61. sunshine pacho says:

    I'm going to try that chicken hahaha

  62. Marina K. says:

    Ok, ich habe es gerade nachgekocht…und ich bin mir sicher, ob ich es nochmals tue. Es ist zu viel Limettensaft.

  63. Ferdinand Bernarte says:


  64. Leroi Grizzly says:

    chill out malay people .. westerners don't have time nor patience for such dishes .. it's Laksa simplified or modified for foreigners to make, in short time with convenient ingredients .. it would be hysterical to watch Jaimie cooks "Rendang" 😛
    Big Hi from Saudi Arabia

  65. Jason Adams says:

    Looking for real Laksa recipe? Move on.

  66. Alexander Khodakov says:

    Вот это Вообще никаким местом не Лакса,) Что-то самобытное, интересное… Назовём это Jamie’s Pumkin Laksa)) Всем кто будет в Малазии, Сингапуре – просить Ласксу! Это просто МастХэв!! )))

  67. Anan Katamaran says:

    You use Thai fish sauce, yeh 💖

  68. Marvin Becks says:

    Dude needs to visit other countries before trying to create it himself. I feel sorry for the people who love this dish. English people should just stick to fish and chips.

  69. No uhh Vfghty says:

    Fake laksa

  70. Ani Vai says:

    Laksa for white people. LOL. Asparagus? HAHAHA c'mon now!~

  71. Keith Tian says:

    🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ stop bastardising laksa!!

  72. Matt Lawson says:

    Who would put in rice noodles before the dish is complete? Also, who would add rice noodles directly into fake Laksa?

  73. signorina27 says:

    oh my lord that looks amazing .. perhaps i'll give this a go at home one day 🙂

  74. Stacy Greenwood says:

    Fake Laksa

  75. Audrey Mugwe says:


  76. Michelle Lee says:

    Horrible. A bunch of random Asian-ish ingredients thrown into a pot with coconut milk do not make a laksa. Please bastardise your own cuisine, thank you very much.

  77. acash93 says:


  78. Tom Sullivan says:

    Hang on- last time check I kicked there was boned attached to chicken thighs….so basically breast good also?

  79. ron faster says:

    this is a horrible example of laksa… if he served me that i will walk away. a malaysian or singaporean dog would not try that horrible thing that he calls laksa.

  80. Mariam Taiyeb Ali says:

    This is not laksa Jamie

  81. Mohd Faiz says:

    Jamie, do me a favour and come to Malaysia and have the real laksa so that you can take this video down.

  82. Kim Sang says:

    Quick chicken laksa or should I say Quick Whitewashing laksa….
    Its just a chicken curry lol

  83. Julien Prévost says:

    He would not put this on his restaurant menus and charge you for this 'laksa"; but for the average cook, this can pass as a laksa, as i'm pretty sure a traditional laksa takes more than 15 minutes to cook

  84. Marina Lim says:


  85. Benedik Fickle says:

    That not laksa

  86. Imagine Dragonites says:

    isnt laksa red lol

  87. Chantal Feraud says:

    Bonjour Jamie merci pour ces superbes vidéos et délicieux repas

  88. karamiaxel says:

    My boyfriend and I have followed this recipe plenty of times (minus the asparagus) and it’s just unbelievably flavoursome.

  89. Luke Low says:

    Hardly any of those things are laksa ingredients… Not gonna lie tho, it really looks good tho.

  90. pyonsuke14 says:

    how tf you gon make laksa w/out FISH… that aint laksa dude

  91. Michael Graham says:

    Laksa my arse

  92. SQUADRA_CORSE says:

    lasksa aint from thailand!! its from singapore!!

  93. Selena Dean says:

    Erm, how is this a laksa?

  94. Lee Thompson says:

    Definitely making this one 👌🏻

  95. Dazzlar7 says:

    Cum curry? Lol 😂

  96. Any Italia says:

    Qualcuno per tradurre in italiano? La ricetta?

  97. SAL 9000 says:

    Wow! That's a nice hamburger!

  98. Carolina Barboza Lima says:

    Of course adding less chilli… My 5-year-old son loved it!

  99. Anh Huynh says:

    Very good

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