Japanese KFC Curry Rice in Traditional Rice Cooker

I’m going to follow this dead meme and we are going to make Japanese KFC chicken curry rice in the rice cooker Okay We are going to make Japanese KFC chicken curry rice in the pot Put the dry rice in the pot and wash it until the water runs clear Use your pointy finger and make sure the water comes up to the first line I have actually seen people without the first line so if you don’t have one of those then make sure it comes just below the first joint your fingers don’t have joints??? ah for @#@!# When you’ve got the water level right add chicken stock and the KFC chicken on top close the lid and boil the water Heat should be reasonably high but do not burn the rice Once the water has boiled and the rice starts to look like a crater take the rice off the heat and rip the chicken apart Make sure you debone it well because if you choke on a KFC and die people will definitely laugh at you Add japanese curry blocks and stir I’m going to put some fries in it so it can mimic the potato I don’t know what it’s made of But isn’t it amazing how fries taste just like potato Once everything is nicely mixed heat up the pot then simmer it for around 9 minutes After 9 minutes we are going to add milk and ketchup into the curry If you have tried Japanese curry before you always wonder how is this so smooth? Well this is kinda big secret but it’s… ketchup and milk make sure you use normal ketchup and full fat milk though unless you are a loser on Youtube who’s showing everyone that you use half sugar ketchup and lactose free milk Aesthetic wise it’s 0 out of 10 if I had a baby and if it looked like this I would probably ask for a refund *eating from now on*

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