Jimmy Fallon Vs. Guy Fieri: Whose Chili Is Better?

(intense music) – Tastes kinda dead to be honest. (intense music) No beans! I don’t know about that. (intense music) – It’s doing some good things here. (intense music) – All right, I’m ready. – Chili, chili, chili. – So number one is, it looks more full. – It looks pretty normal. Kinda boring. – Okay, whoever called
for these is a genius. – So just looking at this,
they’re both super meaty, but one of them definitely has
like more greasiness to it. (intense music) – This seems like very beef dominant. There’s a lot of meat in there. – That tastes like ground beef
salad if we’re being honest. I didn’t get any beans though. – [Interviewer] How do you
feel about beans in your chili? – Um, I think that they tend
to be filler a lot of times, so like if you’re putting
too many beans in there, you could’ve been more exploratory. – I like a bean in a
chili, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not from Texas. – I like the beans in my chili because I love just
like the texture of it. – I mean, would I eat a whole vat of this? Yeah, probably, I don’t think I’d be super stoked about it though. – Tastes kinda dead to be honest. There’s like a slight hint of heat in the back of my throat
just like barely there, but for the most part, needs some acid. – [Interviewer] I’ve always
say that, I need acid. – I need acid. (interviewer laughing) (intense music) – Let’s be real, this one, I feel so bad, but not bad enough not to say it, it looks like sludge, maybe
kind of like a tar situation. – This one immediately
smells a lot more beefy. – I mean I’ll say the same
thing about this actually, there’s a lot of beef in here. – [Interviewer] I mean it’s chili. – Yeah, I guess that’s true. I guess chili’s supposed
to be kinda beefy. (laughing) – No beans! I don’t know about that. – Ooh. – [Interviewer] Yeah blow on it. – I can tell it’s gonna be spicy. (intense music) – I instantly like this one better. – It’s doing some good things here. – The flavor just kinda
like hits your mouth really, really fast with lots of spices, it’s kind of like creamy almost. – It’s definitely spicier
than the other one. It kind of creeps up on you a little bit. It kinda leaves like a
residue on your face. I know that’s like a
really gross thing to say, but it’s like that, just exactly that. – Like I would want to eat
this over rice or whatever, like with stuff, like
this one was kinda like an unexciting chili, and this one’s like a really good chili. – It feels more like authentic. This just makes sad. – It’s a little bit spicier, but I really hate both of these. (crew laughing) (intense music) Can I vote for neither? – Number two, number two! – So I’m gonna go with number one. – I choose number two. This one’s Jimmy Fallon? I can tell. – [Interviewer] Why? ‘Cause it’s weak. (camera snapping) (intense music)

100 comments on “Jimmy Fallon Vs. Guy Fieri: Whose Chili Is Better?”

  1. Shelley Bee says:

    These two recipes are so far apart…..not exactly a fair comparison! I'd still go for Jimmy's; comfort food without the crazy 🔥

  2. Shelley Bee says:

    What bugs me the most is…..there are always only 3 "judges!" There should be at least 5 judges, so there'll be at least 2 who actually want to be there and can give constructive criticism. Not just 3 whiners who'd rather not be there. Just saying….

  3. sage socks says:

    These people are triggered by
    1. VEGETABLES?? Rlly??
    2. Any type of spice
    3. Flavor
    4. Green food
    5. Food that “Looks Healthy”
    6. Stuff that isnt what their bland white families accustomed them to

    I stg get some Latinos and black people that don’t piss anyone off. Why do these ppl work at delish but seem to be so close minded toward food

  4. nick gurr says:

    Chilli looks rank ass

  5. Yazmin Ambriz says:

    The judges are soooooo annoying!

  6. Leire272727 says:

    No beans in a chili……… no thanks

  7. Andrea Moses says:

    why do they show the recipes twice yall

  8. KLASS podcast says:

    I would like to see the chefs actually cook this, years of subtle experience will never compare to some person doing it from a cook book, just sayin,

  9. StephanieSaid says:

    0/10 would not recommend y’all use these tasters again. I feel like y’all used the worst y’all got 😕

  10. artichokez says:

    Jimmy's is def a version made fora cilantro hater that subs in parsley. i do the same trick for feeding picky cilantro haters

  11. Jonathan F says:

    Damn, a lot of people in the comments are easily offended snowflakes. Better not be honest and open about your opinion and only say what makes them comfortable or they're gonna come for you.

  12. shahad alsanea says:

    The last guy is savage 😂😂😂😂

  13. Shoobi Doobie says:

    They all sound very snobbish. The fuck is wrong with them lol

  14. Valarie says:

    These people really don't give a shit about our opinion on judges apparently

  15. Maria Alegria says:

    It wasn't that shocking that Guy won I mean he is a professional chief

  16. Ashley A says:

    The girl who went for Jimmy's chilli only chose his because she's deadass weak if she can't handle pepper off she can't handle spicy things so therefore she chose the one that won't make her cry😬🙄i can't stand her🤦😂😂

  17. Stephanie Melendez says:

    These people are so judgemental.. they think because they work at cooking channel they know everything. I bet you the food doesn’t even taste bad.

  18. zomgseriosuly says:

    No beans…Lol I feel like chefs leave vital things out of recipes just because they can just to be edgy

  19. TheHermitArcana says:

    This music is annoying as hell

  20. John Bilkey says:

    I was expecting more Jimmy Fallon and Guy Fieri, but oK.

  21. Kat Sinclair says:

    Let's be honest, Kevin Malone has the best chili of all time.

  22. Stranger Danger says:

    These judges ruin the show.

  23. Valeria Peralta says:

    The Asian girl is so annoying she sounds stupid and she’s so biased

  24. debihhh says:

    Jimmys just didn’t look seasoned enough

  25. Artmiese 💋Elizabeth says:

    Ton of complainers in the comments lol I actually liked the first judge. I’m not a fan of spicy chili so I would of said no to both as well lol

  26. Humble_ Teen. says:

    Who dare him to say jimmy Fallon is weak!

  27. Carina says:

    The girl in the black top is so annoying 😒

  28. PRiNCESS PEACH says:

    It’s like they kidnapped hipsters who think they’re too cool for anything and made them judge chili recipes lol

  29. Dior Taylor says:


  30. Sandwich Cipher says:


  31. Mister Dunkan says:

    Man this Asian chick is hard to please. Bet she gets that from her high expectations asian dad.

  32. JUSTINEandMAYA says:

    these judges suck!!!! makes me not want to watch

  33. Jennifer Ez says:

    Y'all will lose views with these judges

  34. Galane Rose says:

    Excuse me, but where can I get Guy’s recipe??

  35. Kendall Roberts says:

    “Beef dominant”

  36. Adele Marie says:

    Why are the "judges" so fucking pretentious? 'Beans are a filler and you should be more exploratory'?? You're eating chili dude

  37. Red_Brush says:

    the judges are super annoying… 😑

  38. yandrsupreme says:

    Please. Beer in chili. How ridiculous. I wouldn't eat either of them.

  39. Amin Siagian says:

    The guy is definetly prettier than the women, what?

  40. J. C. says:

    Don't cook your onions in olive oil. Use the meat drippings. The guy was annoying me with his complaining about meat.

  41. createdtowatch says:

    Was that "steam for 15 minutes" supposed to be "steep for 15 minutes"? @[email protected]

  42. Puteri Zuraain says:

    can you guys get someone who gets what food really is??

  43. Lathi Verbenti says:

    "It looks like sludge"


  44. Natalia Coelho says:

    WHY do you always chop your onions so big?!?!?! WTF?!?!

  45. Natalia Coelho says:

    Also, these judges are awful!!!!

  46. Stephanie Commisso says:

    That guy looks like 1996 Courtney Cox.

  47. gotlogg says:

    These look good but traditional chilli is the way to go. Basically meat, stock and tons of dried spices and powders. Chili is a preserved trail food invented in texas/north Mexico. They packed suet, meat and dried/preserved spices into cubes so it could travel well without refrigeration. Kind of like Indian food or jamaican foods will use lots of dry spices and sometimes very few fresh ingredients. It's traditional stuff based on preserved, easy meals.

  48. Pudding Swirl says:

    To the judges reading the comments talking about how horrible you judges are


  49. Little Ladybug says:

    “It looks like sludge! >_<“ ….. well it is… chili…

  50. say wat says:

    That asian girl is annoying…

  51. Bethany Grimes says:

    My grandma , R.I.P., taught me the trick of mashing the beans with a potato masher. Works every time!

  52. malia ツ says:

    “they’re both super meaty”
    “its very beef dominant”

    it’s fucking chili i don’t know what you were expecting

  53. Tabby says:

    It truly amazes me how y’all can pick the most annoying and obnoxious people on the face of the earth to be judges.

  54. Abby Aguilar says:

    I fucking hate the music for these videos

  55. Madeline Hendricks says:

    The judges are always bleh… 😞

  56. Lo says:

    From all of the comments I’ve read on multiple videos now, the consensus seems to be:

    1. Overhaul of “taste-testers” (these are too whiny, entitled, picky, negative, uneducated about food, etc.)
    2. Horrible music (get some music that’s actually enjoyable to listen to and that does NOT compete with the actual subject—the “music” during the cooking montages is what’s suspect.)

  57. CARL MALONE says:

    jimmy is a Communist!

  58. mahlogonolo mphahlele says:

    These food taster act like they were asked to come taste while busy with smth lik Hello show some excitement

  59. Marie Land says:

    There’s a lot of beef…it’s chili 😒

  60. Raquel Solorio says:

    if u put to many beans in ur chili ur not exploring enough? boy what do u want . that guy is the worst

  61. jasmine says:

    that asian girl is really annoying

  62. Poop Brain says:

    Why are they complaining about chili having meat? Have they never had chili?

  63. Erica Thornton says:

    Guy most definitely. The asian chick is so hard to please

  64. christabella201 says:

    That Asian girl tho….like what the fk. Needs more acid??? I can't and won't. Where did they find these morons.

  65. gatorred789 says:

    Chili is not supposed to have beans. Rules of Texas.

  66. gatorred789 says:

    Of course there's a lot of beef in chili. Fucking new Yorkers! Yall Miss me off.

  67. Melanin Poppin’ says:

    Stop putting annoying people in the video. The asian lady killed the whole video for me.

  68. Zeyna Nd says:

    I'll probably make guy's chilli with less mear and i'd add beans cuz its chilli..

  69. Cassandra Frantz says:

    Guy already wins in my book because I hate beans

  70. Ambra Ambra says:

    The cook is bad damn those onions ave big chunky pieces and he or she doesnt cook them good before adding them to ther ingrendients that must taste like shit

  71. kortnee says:

    whoever chops the onions for these vids needs to practice lol

  72. minnied84 says:

    When people too LA for their own good eat chili …

  73. Lynn Watkins says:

    This chili is beefy…. smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  74. Sarah Grimm says:

    No garbanzos? Also, the way one cooks the onions makes or breaks a dish.

  75. Brooke Davis says:

    That Music Stinks Could Not Stand it ""

  76. M H14 says:

    If you brown your meat in batches you wouldnt have to drain all the liquid. It would just evaporate. Doing it this way ensures you have browned meat and not grey looking sludge

  77. Erika Puentes says:

    Never have that Asian girl judge again, she sucks

  78. aomumoo says:

    Chili should not have beans. And beef dominant chili? That’s what goes in chili…beef and peppers, basically. 😑 these people.

  79. Aitawna Bennett says:

    Get better judges lol

  80. Martin Zubero says:

    Your judges are annoying. Especially the ugly Asian girl. Next

  81. defunct32 says:

    That Asian girl needs to go.

  82. pinkhentaisticks says:

    “Mexican beer” idk why but that had me rollling

  83. lilwolfn27 says:


  84. Avalon Park says:

    Where do you get these people, they do not know that chili is suppose to have beans and beef. And their weird cool attitudes, just eat the dish and state which one you like the most it is just chili.😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  85. Parker Kim says:

    cinematography & editing is hella on point for y'alls videos but the music production & judge casting departments could use a bit of revision

  86. K Shaw says:

    Judges are really annoying

  87. Devin Thomas says:

    "I guess chili is supposed to be kinda beefy"…No Shit

  88. alphb58 says:

    Chili judges should have been from Texas!

  89. Laurie L says:

    Anyone from Texas will tell you real chili doesn't have beans

    Then again I'm not from Texas and always put beans in mine.

  90. Emmy Oliver says:

    Why do y’all never heat up the oil before putting things in?

  91. Bobbi Ross says:

    Thats not guys recipe his has pintos and red beans and 3 meats

  92. Lola Bunny says:

    I like the guy with the long hair anf his retort on Jimmy's chili was hilarious!

  93. D Z says:

    Asian girl needs a punch in the head lol

  94. All Things Periphery says:

    The Asian chick is fuckin annoying. 😂

  95. Ashleigh says:

    my veggie chili would blow both of these away lmao

  96. John Welchans says:

    Asian girl is a prick

  97. littlean24 says:

    Those look spicy af

  98. Only One says:

    Ugh! I hate slow cookers.

  99. sandrizzie ramirez says:

    These judges suck🙄

  100. Elizabeth Hanan Taylor says:

    I’ve never heard so many people hating on beans in chili. Three of the four acted like people who put beans in their chili are monsters. Low key offended tbh 😂

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