Kajjikayalu Recipe | How To Make Traditional Kajjikayalu At Home | Diwali Special Sweet |కజ్జి కాయలు

Namaskaram! Welcome to Variety Vantalu. We will make different types recipes for Diwali. Today, We will learn how to make ‘Kajjikayalu’. For Kajjikayalu, let’s prepare filling mixture. Add bengal gram powder,
I have already roasted and powdered it. 1/2 cup grated coconut. I have roasted groundnuts
and powdered it, let’s add it. 1 cup roasted semolina. Roasted and powdered sesame seeds. Powdered sugar. I have roasted the dry fruits in the
ghee and chopped it, let’s add it. Cardamom powder. Mix it well. You can add sesame seeds and jaggery,
ground nuts and jaggery.. .. mawa and dry fruits. You can add
anything in the filling mixture. Filling mixture is ready, let’s prepare Kajjikayalu. For making Kajjkayalu,
take 1/4 kg all purpose flour in a bowl. Heat the 2 tsp oil and pour it in the flour. The oil is heated, let’s pour it in the flour. Mix it well. Into this, you can add semolina also.
It is optional You can also add little bit of salt. I am not using here. Let’s add water and mix it. Add little bit of water and mix it. Make sure the dough is not too thin. The dough has nicely mixed, let’s cover it
with wet cloth and rest it for up to 20 minutes. The dough has nicely rested. Let’s start making Kajjikayalu. I have made small round balls. Roll it and make it like poori. I t should be thin layer. Let’s add filling. Close it and apply water on edges. Fold it like this. Take the cutter and cut the edges. Similarly, make all kajjikayalu. If you see these folds kneed
the dough, otherwise it will break. While it is making, let’s heat the oil in the pan. While apply water on edges and fold it,
so Kajjikayalu doesn’t break. You can fold it with fingers also. Oil is also heated, let’s fry the Kajjikayalu. Fry it on medium flame. Kajjikayalu has changed the colour, let’s remove it. Kajjikayalu has changed the
colour into light golden, let’s remove it. Kajjikayalu are ready. Do try this recipe on Diwali. For more recipes, keep watching
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