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Hawaii is one of the best places to spend
a Summer Vacation. I remember growing up I would always be playing on the beaches, going
on boat rides with my family, and just enjoying the Hawaiian sun! But no vacation was ever
complete without the Hawaiian Luau. So I’m going to share a taste of the Islands at home
by making my version of the Kalua Pork. But you don’t have to dig a hole in the ground
in order to make this one. I’m using 2 to 2 1/2 pounds of pork shoulder butt roast,
this is also known as Boston Butt, 1 tbsp. of Hawaiian Sea Salt, I’m using this red Alaea
sea salt that’s used in most Hawaiian traditional cooking. 1 tbsp. of liquid smoke. Liquid Smoke
is basically condensed smoke that’s bottled up with some water to give it that savory,
smoky, delicious flavor. Some banana leaves, aluminum foil, and 1/4 cup of water.
First I’m going to preheat my oven to 325ºF. Now I take the pork butt and I’m rubbing it
evenly with the salt and liquid smoke. I really want to massage it in so that it infuses the
meat with flavor. Then I’ll take a giant sheet of Banana leaf and I’m wrapping the pork up.
Finally I’m taking the foil and I’m packaging it all up. Now I’m taking the pork and I’m
putting it into a baking pan and then pouring in the 1/4 cup of water. The water will help
steam the pork and infuse the smoky flavor. I’ll cover it again with some foil and bake
it in the oven for about 3 hours. This recipe is so easy to make and the house will fill
up with that delicious roasted pork smell. The banana leaves will give it that subtle-sweet
aroma and the hardest part is waiting for the pork to finish! Now that my pork is done
I’m going to shred it up with two forks and serve it with a heaping pile of rice. What
a way to experience a Hawaiian Luau at home. Enjoy the taste of the Islands and I’ll see
you guys next time. Bye!

30 comments on “Kalua Pork Recipe for a Hawaiian Luau at Home – HoneysuckleCatering”

  1. shirley chen says:

    looks delicious ! 

  2. 3129Al says:

    Will this be good with cabbage to?

  3. fudanshi says:

    Kalua pork has cabbage. It's not kalua pork unless it has cabbage. But good recipe

  4. cutekittycharmz says:

    OMG this looks delicious

  5. hellbirb says:

    Looks really delicious :3

  6. Hung Pham says:

    SO EASY!! 😀 Gonna make this for my party lunch :)))

  7. Jordan Ciera Williamson says:

    That's how we made it for the hungry kids at Cal! But more like 150# of pork butt and cups of smoke but sad to say no Hawaiian salt! Thanks for the recipe. Now I can make it at home! Looks delish! Btw are you based in the Bay Area?

  8. lighted says:

    Seems really dry

  9. Elle S says:

    Where can I buy banana leaves like that?

  10. Rachel A says:

    All you need is laulau, lomi salmon, smoke meat & haupia! I'm full filipino, but I was born & raised in Oahu, so I had quite my share is luau's.

  11. Brendan Walker says:

    Chopsticks pet peeves sorry

  12. Will Cohn says:

    Kalua pig is my favorite!!!! I love cooking the pork with shredded napa cabbage!!! So good

  13. Toni M says:

    The pictures of you as a little girl were super cute! 🙂

  14. Doodah Gurl says:

    Looks easy, yet delicious!  Thanks for the upload, Dzung.

  15. Makemeup Jen says:

    The pork from the luau was definitely memorable and delicious- I didn't think I could make at home but your recipe looks so easy and delicious!

  16. DJ Caoile says:

    Finally, a recipe from the small floating rocks I call home. Awesome recipe +honeysuckle catering you should have a Haupia recipe too. 👏👍👍

  17. Natasha Fuller says:

    Yay 200th like love ur recipes and think ur amazing. Love to be inspired!!!

  18. sfgrippy says:

    This is great.  And pork butt is cheap too.

  19. xena huang says:

    Can you please do a video on how to make hot and sour soup ?

  20. Bigger Bolder Baking says:

    @Honeysuckle Catering Yum, transports me right back to vacation.

  21. Bryan Duong says:

    Can you make a video making a smoothie with tropical fruit?

  22. auntiealoha says:

    Mahalo sistah!!! 😉

  23. BuddhaBelly says:

    On the Islands we use Ti Leaves

  24. Evan Arnold says:

    You have the softest comforting voice. And you're super cute. Thanks for all the awesome videos.

  25. Rose Norman says:

    🙉where can we get banana leaves?

  26. CitrusCupcake123 says:

    Hehe…were so cute and now you're very pretty! I want to eat that! YUM!

  27. Webster Nguyen says:

    Hi! Great recipe, where can you buy the Hawaiian Salt? Thanks!

  28. Kelly D'Amico says:

    Kalua pork is so good!

  29. johnntanya says:

    OMGosh! This sooo reminds me of my last trip to Oahu! We had kalua pork-filled manapua on the Hawaiian Food Tour and kalua pork at the Sea life park luau. Truly delicious and simplistic🌴😊🐠

  30. Paula Paz says:

    this would be great in the crockpot

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