Keto Chicken Recipe with Creamed Spinach Tutorial

today on low-carb with Jennifer we are
making this delicious one pot meal of crispy chicken thighs and creamy spinach
you are not going to want to miss it so keep watching to see how I make this
delicious one skillet meal the link to the full recipe is in the description
below let’s get started so to get started on this chicken thighs recipe
with creamy spinach I’ve got five chicken thighs that have the skin on and
the bone in and I’m going to season them generously with salt and pepper and then we’re going to cook them in a
really hot skillet until the skin is nice and crispy I’ve already got my
skillet getting hot so I’m going to add in some all avocado oil okay it’s
it’s almost there okay we can add our chicken thighs you
want the pan to be pretty hot so these will get nice and crispy and I’m going to season the other side the salt and pepper and this will be ready to turn when the
skin can be easily released from the pan because if it’s still sticking that
means that they’re not ready to turn yet another important thing to do with the
chicken is to move it around my chickens not sticking this pan is so hot
and the chicken is getting crispy but we want to get the skins really crispy so
and evenly cooked don’t get it move it around the skillet and so all of the
areas all of the skin areas will get crispy okay I think these are ready to
flip the skin is nice and golden brown so now we’re just gonna cook the other side for a little bit longer until
these are cooked through okay these chicken thighs are nice and
cooked through so I’m gonna remove them to a plate and then we’re going to
pour this excess grease out of the pan and we’re gonna start making our creamed
spinach okay turn the heat down on my pan
and I’m going to start adding the ingredients for the creamed spinach
we’re gonna start with cream cheese a brick of cream cheese and we’re gonna
let that melt and it’s gonna there’s all this brown stuff on the bottom of the
pan so we’re gonna want to scrape all of that up to just chop it up let it start
to melt okay that’s looking nice and melted so now we’re going to add in some
sour cream some mayonnaise and some this is
diced tomatoes and green chilies Rotel I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but
they sell it everywhere it’s really good it gives this creamed spinach a lot of
flavor so we’re gonna stir all of this up and
then continue scraping the bottom of the pan all of that burn stuff Brown stuff
oh maybe not stir so crazy that’s looking good and now we’re gonna add in
our spinach this recipe calls for frozen spinach but you know what the grocery
store didn’t have any so I bought fresh spinach and then I froze it and what
that does is it breaks down the fibers in the spinach and which or any
vegetable breaks down the fibers and makes it I don’t know it just makes it
easier to eat I think not so fibrous so we’re gonna add this to the skillet and
after I froze it I kind of like smash the bag a bunch and it chopped it up okay so this is going to melt into this
sauce and it will act it will seem like a lot of spinach now but in a minute
it’s gonna be like look like one piece of spinach and my husband even though he is super
picky my husband Matt loves this creamed spinach recipe and he’s probably one of
the pickiest people on earth that is looking good okay we’re gonna
let this spinach keep wilting into the pan into the sauce
okay this creamed spinach is looking amazing all of the spinach has wilted
and this makes a lot of creamed spinach and you could even put more spinach in
here and just make it just full of spinach you know what I’m gonna put more
spinach in it I think it needs more spinach okay let’s get this this is that was
some pretty frozen spinach and pretty wilted already so this one that batch of
spinach really just went in there nicely like I was saying this makes a lot of
creamed spinach so even though I made five chicken thighs this could be
probably half of this could be saved for another meal you can make more chicken
thighs or you could use it as a dip you can use it with some low carb crackers
be really delicious you could use pork rinds okay now we’re going to add in the
last ingredient and that is some Parmesan cheese we’re going to stir that
in to get it melted oh man that looks so good look at how
creamy and delicious this is it looks so amazing so you might know or you might
realize by now that I’m a klutz so I’m gonna put this chicken back in the pan
just because it will look pretty but I would actually suggest that you don’t do
this because then the chicken skin will not be as crispy but I’ve got to get my
glamour shot okay and that recipe is done it’s ready
to serve take it off so that’s it that easy
that’s easy chicken thigh recipe a one-pot dish that you can make any day
of the week after you get home from work and it is a people pleaser I’ll tell you
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  1. Patty LeVasseur says:

    wow that looks yummo and love not doing 4 pans to make it;];];] great job jennifer;];];]

  2. Laura Campos says:

    my mouth is so watery !! lovely video Jenifer !!!

  3. Golden Ron says:

    I have a question. Do I have to add the sour cream for the sauce?

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