(jaunty upbeat orchestral music) (dog grumbles and squeals) – Hello, everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today, we are testing another
batch of kitchen gadgets. As always, if you’ve missed any other kitchen gadget videos to date, watch this one and then have a Barry-thon and check out the rest on
the Kitchen Gadget playlist. There are actually two
different playlists. Also, bear in mind that
some of these gadgets could help someone with a disability before commenting down below. Mostly, these are quite novelty today, but there is one re-test as well that I’m looking forward to. Pugs are just down there, chilling out. The really cool thing about
this video is it’s probably going to be brunch by
the time we get to it, but I get to have a
cooked breakfast today. Oh, yes! All of the gadgets, once
I’m done, I sign them and then give them away, so if you’re not following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, @MyVirginKitchen, I’m doing regular giveaways
and surprising you guys, so be sure to do that if you want one of these once I’m done with it. Just let me review it
first and, of course, I’ll leave links down below if
you want to get one as well. Our first one is novel-tea. Bad joke, sorry. Iceberg, dead ahead! This is the Teatanic. Not the first time I’ve
used a tea infuser on this and it probably won’t be the last. The girls made a snowman in
the garden at the weekend and it’s kind of turned into an
iceberg, what’s left of it. You see it down there? Iceberg, right ahead! Just gonna boil my kettle … And get this mug. I don’t recognise this mug. Have I used that over here before? You guys know my kitchen as much as me. Perfect for this, though. Random fact: when Titanic
was out in the cinemas, me and six other friends, I think we were teenagers
at the time and we went “Yeah, yeah! “We’re gonna watch Titanic!” And then we were all like “Oh, Jack! “Come back!” (sobbing) Still really galled that
Rose left Jack in the water. You guys know I don’t like tea. If one of you out there can find a way for me to enjoy tea, we’ll go for it but the Teatanic Tea Infuser– (speaking foreign language) It’s silicone. It looks like the boat. Clearance, but it was
still five pound, 59! “For oceans of flavour.” I love it. To be honest, I prefer tea-jerker. So, you put it in your tea like that and it’s supposed to sort
of sink, like the Titanic. That’s a bit sinister, isn’t it? The clearance sticker has
actually covered another quote. “Sink the famous ship into your teacup.” Now, if that doesn’t
sell it, nothing will. Oh, and I actually needed that anyway so I can see the instructions. There it is. Oh, wow! (chuckling) That’s cool! Let’s give it a wash. All right, you know what the ultimate tea infuser would be, don’t you? Mr. T. Infuser. Oh, my gosh! I pit-tea the tea. That probably does exist. If it doesn’t, Mr. T. Needs
to really get on that. Isn’t he on Twitter? I wonder, if I send him a tweet, could you guys like it or something? Yeah, let’s do that. He probably won’t see it. Kettle’s there and there
are my loose tea leaves. We got our spoon. Mrs. Barry’s not too fond of tea either, so I’m going to give those
tea leaves to my Mum, who is very partial to it. It’s getting leaves everywhere. This always happens, right? And there’s holes in it, so
it will probably fall through. The princess spoon is going to help. How much is good? I’m going to make it strong. With tea, if it smelled how
it tasted, I would love it. I put milk in it. I did a tea tasting tea thing
on the channel somewhere. Go have a look for it. But, I don’t know if this
one’s gonna work, you know. Because those holes are quite– (clattering thud) Sorry, it was the postman. He’s well-trained. At the top there, that’s quite a snug fit. In my mind, I want to re-boil the kettle. Does anyone else do that? They boil the kettle and then
leave it for like a minute and then they’re like, “Oh, I’d better re-boil it!” Don’t do that. It’s still gonna be hot. See? I’ll tidy the leaves up in a minute. So, all we do, just stick it in. Maybe I need a bigger mug. We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Oh, wow, it’s working! Look! (chuckling) It’s like making dirty water. I’m feeling a little bit bad, now. I’ve got little visions of
tiny little Rose and Jack from Titanic floating in
the hot water but then, if it was hot, they would
have survived, wouldn’t they? I suppose all the tea has
gone to that end, so yeah. Yeah. Was I supposed to be doing it one end? No, I think this hull– Is that the hull? The end of the boat, that bit there. I think you’re supposed
to use it to grab it with your fingers a little bit, so yeah. We’re making tea, baby! It’s tea time. And the leaves aren’t coming out. I’m quite surprised. There’s a few in there but I think I’ll note that in for user error. We’re going for quite a strong
and malty tea, apparently, because it says strong
and malty on the cover, but it is by appointment
to Her Majesty The Queen. Don’t worry. I’ve still got Lizzie as well. She’s just having a bit
of a rest at the moment. But, that is looking seriously strong. Wow! I’m turning it upside-down– Oh, ah– just to see if there’s
any tea at the other end. Oh, yeah, because there’s
hardly any holes there. That’s where you’re supposed to hold it, so I’m now holding it incorrect but you finger from there like I did before. Beautiful! You can even see, on the end there, how some of the tea leaves
have tried to re-enact Jack and Rose doing the whole– (sighing) See, tea smells like a
smell that I want to love. No, it still tastes of dirt. If that Mr. T. Tea Infuser does not exist? Oh, my gosh! I pity the tea! Tea? Ain’t gettin’ no teabag, sucker! I should be in marketing. Do you want some tea? Hey! That was a good bit! Tom Cruise in Cocktail. All right! I’ve got a question for you. Do you like sushi? Because I bloomin’ love it and it’s quite easy to make
your own homemade one. I did this video a couple
of years ago of making homemade sushi and it was phenomenal. Bizarrely, as well, something happened to my camera that day. I never really know
how to use these things and it looks insane. Like, it looked kind of like Steven Spielberg was
directing it and stuff. Steven Spielberg directing
Teatanic, starring Mr. T. We’ve done it, guys. We’ve made it. We’ve made a movie. This, by Lekue is the Twin One. It’s a knife, right? Oh, it’s not just a knife. It’s also a forky-stabby thing
that you can put in salad. It’s not just one of those. You can do a variety of things. You can also turn it into chopsticks. Oh! Bit of an itch, sorry. That is everything on the box, but that’s all you need to know. Oh, my gosh! Look at that! What a fancy way to open a box! Let’s do it. Hi! Wow! Yes! Oh, my gosh, that’s it! There’s nothing else in the box. There is nothing else. Oh, there’s instructions on the side. “Twin One is a set cutlery
convertible into chopsticks. “By fitting the pieces
of cutlery together, “they become an easy to use
set of chopsticks that bring “together the Oriental and Occidental “traditions in funny way.” (laughing) That’s funny. Sorry. There’s more caffeine in
tea than coffee, right? So, that explains the hyper-ness. But, look at these things! That’s really cool! Are they, like, non-slip grip as well? So, that feels like quite
cheap, nasty plastic, but this bit in there,
there’s a reassurance. Yeah, it’s like non-slip. Good, good! Knife, fork! I’m looking at this diagram
here for reference, okay? Like that and then, oh my gosh! Yeah! There’s a groove, there’s
little groove on the back. See that? We’re gonna push this slippy
bit into that groove and up. Oh, my gosh! (chuckling) Look at that! Mr. Miyagi! It’s not quite level, actually. Ah, that’s better. That’s better! There we go! Ah, yeah! Look, that’s level now. (fly buzzing) There was that other thing
in Karate Kid, wasn’t there? Ooh, yeah! When he chopped the ice? I think that was on the
video game I had on my Amiga. (electronic buzzing) I didn’t make my own sushi today. I got some high-quality
supermarket-made stuff. See? Which I hope is actually made of fish. Sometimes, these kits
actually come with chopsticks. I imagine a lot of people have
these on their lunch break. You know, you’ve got Colin sat
there with his ham sandwich and you’re just sat there. “Hi, I’ve just got my sushi. “I’m just gonna prepare
my wasabi and my soy.” It always seems to come in
a little fish-shaped bottle. I don’t know. So, just for testing, I’ve got two different size sushi there. Wasabi, oh yeah! I actually do like wasabi because I am obsessed with horseradish. A bit of soy. Yecch! Yeah, ginger. Teenage Mutant Ginger Turtles. That would have made the cartoon really different, wouldn’t it? Oh, we can open it. Yes! Get it in, down, dunk, dunk. Oh, good! In fact, that was really good. Non-slip, it works an absolute
charm and my fear was that it wasn’t going to open
wide enough, but look! So, that means Daddy Sushi– Ah, like that! Boom, boom, boom! Mm-hm! It does really, really work
and it’s making me mull over. As you know, we’re moving house soon. Like, you could either
have this, this, and this or just this! I don’t know if Mrs. Barry is going to agree to having cutlery like that, but that’s phenomenal! There’s got to be a way of
working a spoon in this as well. And a roll-out placemat! And a napkin! And a complimentary wet wipe! We’re making brands today, guys! This is great! Now, I know Australians are
watching and, me bring British, you would sometimes refer
to me as a Pommy, right? Wait for it. I’m sorry about this. Now, imagine that I was made of granite. Makes me a Pommy-granite. Gonna keep these Dad jokes coming! Yes, this, folks is a pomegranate and it has delicious, gorgeous seeds in it, which I absolutely love
plunking in salads. I know you wouldn’t think
that from my figure, but generally, there
are some amazing recipes you can do with this. “But, Barry, it’s so hard to get “the seeds out of your pomegranate! “Dammit, Janet!” A little Rocky Horror
Picture Show mention there. Can you tell I’m unscripted? Yes. “Don’t worry. “You need one of these!” “Thanks, Janet!” Yeah, this is a pomegranate de-seeder. This is by Handy Kitchen Thingy. I think they make quite
a few gadgets, actually. I’ve reviewed a few things
before and on that note, I’m trying to get my own range of gadgets. I’ve teased this enough. I’m actually speaking to people
in China about making them and also two big brands
about maybe my face on a box, which might overtake all of that. I’m just gonna put this
down and talk serious now. I’m gonna maybe do some
videos where I compare like five different spiralizer
gadgets, pick my favourite one and then that will go
in the My Virgin Kits. Wait and see! But, I’ll need your help. Anyhow, back to serious
pomegranate de-seeder discussions. Handy Kitchen Thingy
Pomegranate De-Seeder. “De-seed pomegranate seeds in minutes “and save lengthy
labor-intensive preparation time. “Simply cut the pomegranate in
half and trim off the crown.” Trim off the crown? All right! No inflatable crowns
here, Stuart, all right? “Using a knife, score the
flat edge of the fruit “equally in five places. “Place face down on the lid
and tap with a wooden spoon.” Whack, done. “The lid asks a sieve for the seeds “as they fall through and
are caught by the container. “Wash before use. “Dishwasher safe.” Before we had a dishwasher,
we would have thought, you know, it doesn’t matter. Dishwasher’s amazing. This is basically a bowl
with holey lids, Batman! I’m by the sink, so I’m gonna wash it. I know I teased, on
the recent Hacks video, Mrs. Barry’s ironing channel. How about Barry’s washing-up channel? Welcome to My Virgin Washing-Up! Today, we’re washing up a glass. Please subscribe for regular videos. I found a tiara wig, didn’t I? Oh yeah. Perks of having daughters. “So, Phoebe and Chloe, “what does your Daddy do for a living?” But, anyhow, bonus gadget inclusion! We needed a wooden spoon
to tap and make a rhythm? Then, you need MixStix! (chuckling) I got sent these literally
the other day from someone! Thank you so much! People just send me random gadgets. I’ve got a real mediaeval
one coming from years ago, so if you’ve got any old
ones lying around your house, like proper old ones, let me know. I’ll send it back to you and stuff. But, these are MixStix Drumstick Spoons. Why does it always sound
so much better in French? (speaking foreign language) These are not baguettes,
but I’m gonna go with it. Cooking end, all right? Nice. And that’s the rockin’ end. Yeah! I’m not a drummer. I don’t have a drum kit. “Keeping rhythm in the kitchen.” That’s it. That or that. But, we need to smack our pomegranate. Let’s take the tassels off. It’s got a musical note in that spoon, making it quite pointless if
you want to lift anything out. One, two, three, four! (tapping, banging, and scraping) Music! Shout out to my friend, Eli
Silverman from Barshens. I was inspired by Clanker
Man during that scene. Okay, if you haven’t
seen that, Google that. Eli from Barshens. Hilarious. Someone asked me why I put that underneath there the other day. A hack that a lot of people know, it stops your chopping board moving. (grunting) No. It looks like a cartoon bomb
or like a really angry apple. Cut the lid off. A few little seeds trying to escape. “Hey, quick! “Morgan! “We’ll get out the back door
and no one’s going to see us!” (coughing) So, you slice it in half using our knife that we sharpened on a mug the other day. Kitchen Hacks Eight, which you guys loved, especially this moment. (screaming) (popping) (laughing) It looks a bit like a
gory scene at the moment, but there are our seeds, baby. “Using a knife, score the
flat edge of the fruit “equally in five places.” Now, I think, when it says
scoring, it’s like that? In the picture, they’ve
actually sort of made light incisions so I’m gonna do that. As you guys know from my
Pythagoras-slash-Pi joke thing that kind of flew back at me,
I ain’t the greatest at maths. That’s it. I really don’t want to get
any of that on my t-shirt. Incidentally, the
t-shirt that I’m wearing, if one of you would like
one like this that says Dad Jokes on it and other ones, I set up a store on Redbubble
but since I’ve done that, loads of other people have gone, “Hey, I can make you a store!” “Hey, I can make you a store.” “Hey! “I can make you a store!” “Hey, I can make you a store!” So, I’m not sure who to
go with at the moment, but it will be soon, okay? I mean, the Redbubble
store is still there. I’m just gonna whop the– (chuckling) Whop? I’m gonna mop that. I’m not gonna mop it. I’m gonna dab it. No. All right, let’s take
the bigger pomegranate. It’s got that honeycomb
sort of netting on it thing. So, we just stick it on there. Oh, you’re supposed to hit it. You’re supposed to spank
it with the bigger end rather than the drumstick end, okay? So, I’m kind of like … (tapping) “Put it face down on the lid
and tap with a wooden spoon.” (tapping) This pomegranate’s all intact. Mine’s kind of starting to perish from those slats that I made. But, they are falling through. I’m gonna carry on with this. (tapping) Stay! (chuckling) I got some specks on my t-shirt. But, look! It’s emptied it! You probably don’t have to smack it quite as violently as I was, bringing out my inner Dave Grohl. Foo Fighters. One of my favourite bands, by the way. I won’t worry about that half of it. We’ve got a bit of juice in there but we’ve got all the pomegranate seeds. Oh, so good! “But, what, Barry, if
you wanted to wrap this “in cling-film and store it? “What if you wanted to
re-test a gadget that “you needed to wait for
the things to arrive?” The Wrapmaster 3000, which is
not the name of an 80s rapper. “You mean like a Snickers wrapper? “I pity the–” No. The Wrapmaster 3000, for
foil, baking parchment, and all that stuff. Hopefully, something that’s
gonna stop me doing this. Seriously, though, good
food hack to help with getting cling-film off is
to put it in the fridge. When I ordered the Wrapmaster 3000, I started doing my video. I forget which one it was. Then, I realised I didn’t
have any of the inserts. It didn’t actually come with any. So, I ordered these cling-film refills and then, I shoved it up in my
loft with all the other gadgets and just forgot about it for a while but I’ve been told the
Wrapmaster 3000 is amazing because a lot of
commercial kitchens use it. I mean, look at this! These are like, heavy duty
cling-film things right there and that’s how they get you,
because once you use it, it’s got these special notches on the end. I’m sure you could probably hack it. I might try that and let
you know in the vlog. But, you effectively need to
have these rolls of cling-film and I guess it’s the same for the foil and the baking parchment. Those guys are onto a winner! Maybe we can foil their pan. Foil their pan? Oh, my gosh! I’m turning into Mrs. Barry! I mean, foil their plan! Let’s just have a pug-terlude. So, here is the Wrapmaster 3000. Look, non-slip bottom on it. It is weighty. It’s a bit of a beast. I want to be careful with it because I don’t want to slice
things and hurt myself. You can tell it’s for,
like, a commercial kitchen because it’s got a lot of
different coloured stickers on it. You know? I plaice-d the sticker here. It was a bit of a mis-steak. I don’t carrot all! (chuckling) These jokes are fowl! Ah, my head! Ow! But, I loaf them! Anyhow, let’s just get to
the core of this gadget. Oh, my god. Oh, no! It’s not my eyebrow, is it? Ah, okay. It’s at this moment when I
hope my doorbell doesn’t ring. “Instructions for use and refilling. “Remove the cutting lid
from the container base by “pressing the release buttons
on the side of the dispenser.” They actually say Press on the side. Whoo! All right, there’s a
concealed blade in there. That makes me feel a little bit safer. “Insert the roll by aligning the F-shape “in the end of the roll
with the F-shape locator “on the base of the container.” When it comes to these
instructions, we’re on a roll. Oh, yeah, so that is
actually a letter F and there’s an F in here. We have to line that up. Oh, oh, oh! That is snug as a bug! “With the jaws of the cutting lid open, “relocate the lid on the container base “and press the sides of the base “to lock the lid in position. “Reach through the open jaws of the lid “and pull out 20 centimetres
of material and close the lid.” I don’t want to reach through the blade! All right, so we leave the
jaws open so we can actually get good access to these
actual sort of rib. It’s in place. I’ve got to reach my hand in there! I don’t wanna do that! I can see the blade in there, though. Blimey! It is concealed. We’re gonna be all right. It feels like putting my hand
in a crocodile or something. Reminds me of an old video. Yep! Just out there was the
scene of that crime. Really good recipe, though. That’s really easy to pull out. Look at that! “Your Wrapmaster is now ready to use.” But, it doesn’t tell me how to use it. I’ve just trimmed it off, haven’t I? (chuckling) Oh, that goes out of the way! That’s just like a flap. Oh, my! Look at that! Oh, no! Stop! Yes! Freshness! But, that’s the only really,
really annoying thing about it is that, as far as I can see, I’ve got to reach in every time
and pull that cling-film out because it’s just cutting it so flush. Probably just me, but look. I’m going like that,
getting the cling-film off. Yeah, but look. It’s gone back inside. You can just about get it. I don’t know. It works but I’m gonna
keep mine in the fridge. I’m just editing you right now and I’ve realised how we do it. There’s a little roller in
there and it goes in this gap, comes out there, straight
down, and it’s there. I can pull it out again. It’s amazing. For this finale, I am gonna use this, which I’m simply gonna call Big Pan. I’m calling it Big Pan because I took it out of the box it arrived in
and it’s now in the Recycling, which has been taken away. This gadget will help you cook, probably more than just to
cook breakfast in one go. But, that’s what it’s marketed at. You can do a whole cooked
breakfast in one pan. One man, one pan. But, you could probably
do so much more in this and the one that I’ve seen online actually had five compartments. I’ve got one, two, three, four. Got it? So, I’ve given it a wash. No recipe came with it so I think I’m just gonna cook the meat first. There’s like these ringed
sections that are slightly raised. We could probably put an
egg in it, so we’ll do that. I’m gonna go beans in here. I’m gonna do loads of,
like, food in there. But, I think might put an
English toasted muffin, you know, like you get
a McMuffin, in there or maybe some bread or if
you haven’t got one of those, I guess you could get a cookie cutter and stamp out your bread. I was gonna put vegetable oil in it but I’ve decided I’m not going to. I’m gonna use the fat that
comes from the sausages. These are pork and apple ones. Amazing. Bacon. Oh, it fits in there. Yes! It’s also got like a massive bottom, so I’m putting it on the
biggest ring on the hob. I might be needing these. So, sausages in first because that will take the longest to cook. I’m also going to be doing
a homemade sausage video with my Mum, which I think
will be hilarious, soon. Yeah, all these compartments
are pretty hot, to be fair. I’m thinking I might focus
on there but so far, so good. I like my mushrooms wilted, so I’m going to chuck those in next. (food sizzling) The beans! Tomatoes! The bread! So far, so good. I’m not sure if you can
hear me over the sizzling. You’ve just got to keep it all moving. Hey, that’s nearly there! If one part’s getting
too hot than the other, I’m moving it off the heat to control it. (chuckling) Just got to finish my
egg off and I’m done. To be fair, this is amazing. We’re done! It’s only fair to serve it
up on a DJ Dinner set plate. “Eat with the beat.” It’s got songs on it. “No sleep til broccoli.” “I’ll do anything for lunch
but I won’t eat that.” (chuckling) You’ve got the plate. That’s like the turntable thing. Oh, that’s cool. Let’s do it. (laughing) It’s plastic! Oh, it sort of sits in
there like, wah-wah-wah. It’s got volume controls. Oh, and the fork goes in
there and then you can … But I’ve got these. Ho! Let’s give it a quick wash. I’ve got a genius idea. Look! Bacon, mushrooms. (laughing) All right, let’s jump to it. Ta-dah! There we go! This is definitely a kid’s plate. It doesn’t fit on it but I’ve got my toasted bread there as well. My beans on there, the eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, sausage. Oh my gosh! But, a bit on our channel Will It Blend? Will it DJ? Yo, it’s DJ Breakfast, in the house! Boom! (upbeat bright pop music) And just for those of you wondering, the knife has got a really
good serrated edge on it, so that cut like a dream through my bacon. Needs ketchup and brown sauce. Both, I put both on mine. Today’s video’s been a heck of a workout. My favourite gadget were these. It was just so simple but effective. The pan was great but this is just genius. So, don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell button to make sure you’re notified of all
future videos and uploads. Follow me on social media @MyVirginKitchen for loads of behind the
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what you want to see next. I think I will send that tweet
to Mr. T., so if you see it, give it a like or a retweet,
something like that. See if we can get it going. I pity the food! All right, guys, thanks for watching. Have a Barry-thon now
and I’ll see you later.

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