Kitchen Knife Set ◄ Black Friday Kitchen Knives Set REVIEW Deals

– Today–
– Black Friday’s best knife set.
– And a huge giveaway. (cash register ding, light playful jingle) Why are we still always holding
this when the video starts? – I don’t know, I mean, we
just wanna display the item, right?
– Yeah, we do, hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite, on display beside me is–
– Dominique. – You can tell them who you are. – Job shadow, future intern.
– It’s an important thing. And all of you watching
right now, you are part of a very important mission for
us to preserve Thanksgiving, get you every major Black Friday
doorbuster early from items like this to big screen tvs
to what else, Dominique? – To pans.
– Yes, we’re testing the most amazing cookware set,
this’ll probably be a deal within the next 48 hours,
I’m not yet sure though when, so stick with us, if you’re
subscribed, we also give away everything I test for free to subscribers. – Yes, we will be giving this
away at the end of the video and making a huge announcement. – Yes, that announcement
ties into the overall Black Friday deals that so
many of you are looking for, for those of you that
know I hold no credibility in the kitchen, just ask my
wife, I actually sent this out to tv’s Chef Binks to
test and he has this full demonstration, he really will weigh in. Dominique, do you cook?
– I cook every morning. I make bread, I mean toast,
I make toast (laughing) and I make over-easy eggs, and– – You sound so accomplished already. – Yeah, I do, and the
eight-inch bread knife definitely helps me, I
definitely love this, and I definitely recommend it. – And if that recommendation
means absolutely nothing to any of you right now,
we have one coming up that hopefully will, no
companies pay us to talk about these products, I
don’t care whether or not you buy anything, but I do
care about saving you money. This combo, which is
forged from German steel, includes a three and a
half inch paring knife, six-inch boning, eight-inch chef knife, eight-inch bread knife, that
was Dominique’s favorite, the ten-inch slicer,
twelve-inch sharpening steel, free kitchen shears, and a knife case, all at it’s lowest recorded price. – As a professional
chef, no one appreciates a razor-sharp knife more than myself, and you cannot get a sharper
blade than forged German high-carbon steel, this
seven piece set is beautiful, everything you need to
prepare beautiful dishes right in your own home,
I am a huge, huge fan, good quality holds knife and
razor sharp, big thumbs up. This seven piece set has
everything that you need to prepare professionally
restaurant quality dishes right in your own home. – Now Dominique, I know you
have a lot of holiday shopping to do and I’m gonna do my best to pay you in props this year as well–
– Thank you. – Do you have anyone
where they could benefit from a massive knife set like this? – My whole family cooks,
except my brother, so this would definitely
work for anyone in my family. – And when you say they cook, are they beyond bread and eggs? – Well, I think bread and
eggs is a very high standard, especially if you make it
every morning at six a.m., but they can make a few other things. – And actually there is one
other thing that I have learned, on many of the complicated
cooking shows that you can see on Food TV, one of the
tests that they always give these advanced chefs, over-easy
eggs, and ways to make sure they execute perfectly, so
you might be on to something. – Over-easy eggs are my favorite. – Are they?
– Yeah. – What are your favorite eggs,
for those of you watching right now, what else would
you like to save money on, leave us a comment, we read everything. Dominique, what’s it time for right now? – Giveaway time. – Using Two Buddies random selection tool, we’ll find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months,
congratulations Diana, and I promise we’ll have
Amy Casey and Dominique in a future video, as soon as
their school schedules permit, just email [email protected]
for your freebie, and a reminder everyone, make
sure all of your notifications are on, so you never miss a giveaway. And now for our winning
subscriber dance, I would like to begin with a disclaimer,
do not try this at home. – Don’t.
(knives clinking) Stop, you’re putting them everywhere. – Okay, you do your part
of the dance, I’m not gonna hurt you, you’re precious,
yeah you won, whoo you won, what are you doing?
– I’m scared of your knives. – But that wasn’t an applicable dance, the motion didn’t tie in to the product. – Okay, well I like this dance,
and they probably do too, see if I had knives in my
hands like this, it would work. I just couldn’t hit my face. – No, no, insure your
face, protect your face, that’s what we tell all of our interns, because they all have
these smiles, anyhow, for those of you that would
like to grab this limited time deal drop located right
under the video screen, now for the huge announcement. If you want all of your holiday
shopping done, for free, there’s a very simple way
for me to get every major doorbuster for you, in
the 48 hours that follow Black Friday, on Cyber
Monday, I’m gonna hook you up, all you need to do is be
subscribed, click somewhere on my oversized head in this
area and you’ll be good to go, Dominique, show them where to point. – That’s not scary at
all, and if you’re looking for other great deals, just
click right here on this video, move that away Matt–
– Yah. – And if you want how-to
videos for notifications, just click right here.
– Yeah we are.

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