Korean Fried Chicken Recipe – BonChon

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today I’m going to show you how to make
some really delicious chicken wings. They are a Korean style chicken wing. Now the first time I encountered these was
when I went to Thailand, I was on holiday there with my girlfriend and I went to Bangkok
and we walked passed a restaurant and it had a queue of like 50 people every single day
and it was just mad. It was an entire system with a TV, with Korean
symbols on it and you didn’t know what was going on, but eventually we got a table. At the end of the day the restaurant was called
BonChon and they literally nothing leftover, this was the end of the day. They only had chicken thighs and you could
choose between two sauces, soy garlic or hot and we chose both. When they arrived oh my god, so tasty, it
was like the best chicken I have ever had ever in my life. And the hot one it was so spicy it hurt to
eat but you just kept eating it because it was so darned tasty. By the end I was like in tears, but they were
tears of joy because it was just so good. We went there like two more times and then
when I finally came back home I started trying to recreate this from memory and I’ve got
a lot of experience with Asian kind of sauces and Korean style sauce, I’ve made a couple
in the past. I feel like I got it pretty spot on but over
time I’ve been refining it looking on the internet seeing what other people are doing
and right now it’s a really, really good replica of it. So I am here now to share with you. Hopefully you enjoy this recipe, let’s get
cooking. Let’s do this! Alright so here I’ve got all my ingredients
to make my sauce. I’m going to start off by taking 70-grams
of brown sugar and putting it into a sauce pan. 125-grams of soy sauce followed by 80-grams
of mirin which is a rice wine, and 35-grams of rice vinegar and 50-grams of water. Now I’m going to take two garlic cloves
and just place them into a crusher and just crush them in. Now these are about medium size garlic cloves
and they weigh about 7-grams in total. Just put that in there, now to add a little
bit of ginger. I’m just going to peel it using a spoon,
it’s the quickest and best way to peel your ginger. Once it’s peeled you’re just going to
want to take a grater and grate some of this into your sauce. You’re not going to need much, about half
a teaspoon will do. Just grate it until you’ve got the right
amount and just scoop that in there. There we go and now I’m going to add half
a teaspoon of sesame seed oil, that was a little bit too little I’m going to add a
little bit more. There we go – great. And I’m going to add half a teaspoon of
Gochujang Chile Paste, which is a fermented chili paste from Korea. And after that I’m just going to sprinkle
a little bit of cayenne pepper in there, do this to taste, however spicy you want it you
add more. I’m going to whisk this together and you’re
going to want to start cooking this. It’s going to need about a half hour to
start to develop the flavors. In the meantime I’m going to take cornstarch,
place it into a bowl and add an equal amount of water and you just want to mix it in. The reason for mixing it here is because if
you add cornstarch to hot water it will clump up and it will make a mess and you’ll never
be able to get the clumps out. But this way you create a slurry which easily
assimilates into the liquid. The point of this is going to thicken your
sauce, so you want to take one tablespoon at a time and just mix it at the end of cooking. You’re going to need about three to four
tablespoons. So just keep adding it until you get the right
consistency of a thick sauce. To check if you have the right consistency
you’re just going to want to take a spoon and dip it in and then on the back you just
run your finger across and if the line stays then it’s the right sauce consistency. Now you’re going to want to leave this on
the side to cool down and use it later. Now to prepare your chicken wings, just take
your chicken wings and cut them up through the joints here and here. You can easily just cut through the cartilage
just swiping through in one single motion if you know where it is. Now if you don’t know where to cut just
take a chicken wing and where the corner is here just make a small slice and then just
put out the wing like this and then in between the two bones you just cut. This is especially good if you have a blunt
knife it’s the better method for that. Again just do a small slice here and pop out
the joints and then just cut in between. Now the method I showed before is way quicker
and way more efficient so try and learn that one. Now you’re going to end up with three pieces
of chicken. Here this little winglet you’re not really
going to need this, you can make some chicken stock out of this. Just throw it in the oven with some vegetables,
grill it and then add some water and a delicious stock. This is what you’re going to need right
here, these two beautiful little pieces of chicken are going to make your delicious chicken
wings. Alright moving on to the batter, you take
150-grams of tempura batter mix and just throw it in. I’ll add a link in the description below
for this. And you add 60-grams of cornstarch, this is
going to make it very, very crispy. And you add 8-grams of salt, followed by an
optional 10-grams of Shichimi, which is a Japanese spice mix, and just mix this all
together. Now you’re going to need 240-grams of water
that’s about 240-milliliters. You just mix it in like that until you get
a sort of cementy sticky consistency just like this. It’s a very, very sticky battery. Okay great, that’s perfect. Okay now you drop your chicken wings into
your batter mix and just turn them around until they’re fully covered in the batter
mix, just make sure they’re submerged in that batter mix, just like this. And once that’s done just pull them out
onto a plate so that the batter can just slightly run off. You don’t want an excessive amount of batter
on them, just enough to cover them lightly. Okay so once you’ve transferred them to
the plate then you’re going to want to transfer them into your deep fryer. So you take them and slowly put them in so
they slightly cook and then drop them. You’re going to want to put them in a deep
fryer at 190-degrees Celsius, and don’t overcrowd the deep fryer. Put six or seven pieces in there and after
one minute you pull it out. At this point you just want to make sure they’re
not stuck to the bottom, so you just loosen them up and you’re going to want to leave
it to rest for one minute and in this time it’s still going to continue to cook because
the chicken pieces are very hot so they’ll cook a little bit more lightly than they would
in the deep fryer, and this is key. After it’s rested for one minute you drop
them back into the deep fryer for another two minutes of cooking, and in that time the
deep fryer has had time to reheat so it’s going to be very, very crispy and hot fried. Once it’s done cooking you just take it
and place them onto your paper towel just so the oil can run off, and you just let them
rest for a little bit to cool down. Once they are cool enough take a Ziploc bag,
just like this and transfer your wings into there like so. There we go, and once they’re in there you’re
going to want to add a couple spoons of that delicious soy garlic sauce you made at the
start, just two or three spoons will be enough. You don’t have to overdo it. Once you’ve got that in there just pull
up your bag and then just massage the sauce around until it covers all those chicken wings
in a delicious coating of that sauce. Once that’s done you just take a plate and
Voilá, there you go Korean Style Chicken Wings, and these are finger licking good. I mean awesome! Enjoy! Alright so there we go, now you know how to
make the most delicious BonChon Korean style chicken wings. I hope you give this a try at home and share
it with your friends. I don’t mean share it like Facebook share,
I mean like cook the stuff and give it to them because they’ll love you for life after
that. Alright, thank you for watching. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel
already do so by clicking down there somewhere, and see you in the next video. Goodbye! END

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  1. Emmit says:

    how to make sushi isnt sushi

  2. ᅵ백인재 says:

    Bonchon..? i do not have heard of it ever..

  3. MrQuagmire26 says:

    I actually got food poisoning from one of the Bonchon departments in BKK. 3 days down the drain (or toilet should I say), so I kind of recommend people to steer clear of this place.

  4. Lotus Flower Kitchen says:

    한국은 정밀 다양한 치킨이 많아요 ☺☺There are many kinds of korean chicken so yummy☺☺☺

  5. Michael Faria says:

    To make the spicy version from restaurant do you just add more chili paste and cayenne?

  6. Pepper DR. says:

    Nice try! But this one's very different from our style. Maybe you should start with the right powder first. I'm pretty sure this one's texture will be different from korean one just by watching on screen.

  7. Ivan Ivan says:

    Bonchon is so nice. Love it😍

  8. Lily Braun says:

    I love Korean chicken and your channel, you are an awesome chef! Love your video's <3 There's one thing that bothers me about this recipe though, and that is: the chicken is only fried for about 3 minutes in total. That just isn't enough for chicken. I think it need at least 4 or 5 minutes for the first fry and another 3 or so for the second. But that's my opinion. Further, keep up the awesomeness!! Best wishes from The Netherlands x

  9. William Eroh says:

    Your description of the hot bon Chon is that it's so hot it hurts. There is no way your sauce recipe does the same.

  10. Buddhabear43 says:

    *Spoiler Alert*
    This is a recipe for -teriyaki chicken-, not bonchon chicken.

  11. Peach Jelly says:

    Talk normally

  12. TokyoBlue says:

    Wow! That looks great, reminds of the super tasty chicken I had in Seoul!

  13. nir766 says:

    what is "tampura batter mixs " please ?

  14. Ho Beom Kwon says:

    어 치킨이 아닌데 이건

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