Korean red bean rice and side dishes (팥밥)

Hi everybody! Today I’m going to make patbap, rice with read beans. Patbap is very special. Somebody’s birthday? We make patbap. Family members who live far away coming back home? Mom is: “Oh, I made special rice today.” Red color is wards off bad spirits. This is red beans. It’s also called Azuki beans. You can easily find this at a Korean store, Japanese store, or Chinese store, or even health food store. These red beans are really dried hard. Each bean is like a small rock. When its cooked, it’s soft and kind of a little nutty. Good resource of protein and starch and also vitamins. Vitamin B, there’s a lot of lot of Vitamin B. So it’s good for your eyes, and good for your skin. To make patbap, first thing we have to do is make it tender. Tender enough. Everybody has a different method how to make it tender. But I found out this method is perfect. How to choose good red beans? So buy this kind of bright red, and a little purple beans. Let’s boil this. I’m going to use this half cup. Check out any dead beans are here. See? Really really pretty. I don’t see any dead beans. Leftover beans you just seal this. Nicely. And you don’t need to put this in the refrigerator! Just any place, cool place you can keep it. Any time you need red beans take it out and make this. Or today I’m using a half cup, maybe you can use, “Oh, I like to make a lot!” and then you can freeze this after boiling. And then I’m going to wash. Four cups of water I measured. And then I’m going to boil over medium high heat ten minutes. After that, I will just lower the heat to really low, and fifty minutes. Then perfect. Perfectly cooked. Perfectly cooked doesn’t mean that it’s mushy. Each bean should be firm. I’m going to eat patbap with doenjang-jjigae today and a few more side dishes. I like to show you how Maangchi is eating patbap. What kind of side dishes she’s eating together. One side dish I’m making wanjajeon, pan fried pancake, meat pancake made with beef. And this is flour and this is egg mixture. So I’m going to make a small ball. (pot is rattling from boiling) Like this. (timer goes off) Ten minutes! Let’s lower the heat. I turned down the heat to very low. And then I’m going to cook this for fifty minutes. Then let’s go back to our wanjajeon. This is not ground beef, I minced this with my own knife. Really delicious looking! And then coat with flour like this. Then I will wash my hands. This recipe is on my website. If you like to make wanjajeon you can make it very very easy. (gas ignites) Now my pan is heated. So I just add vegetable oil. Swirl this, spread like this. And then dip in the egg. And… Like this. Let’s add more oil. (sizzling) Korean housewives who have children going to school, especially junior high school, high school They have to make a special lunchbox – dosirak. And dosirak side dishes, all Mom’s love is melted. To make this dosirak you need to wake up early morning. I used to do that. I used to wake up 5:30, start by making rice and freshly made all side dishes. I don’t make a lot amount, just a small amount. Sometimes five side dishes, seven side dishes, I make this. And then it takes at least one or two hours. Nice. Well done. This guy is first, very cooked. You saw that really really easily you can make it, so gorgeous and pretty. Ok, one side dish done! Next side dish I prepared, mung bean sprouts and this is matchstick cucumbers I mixed with some salt. And squeezed out all the water, this is not much water here. And then I will add some salt. And sesame oil. And I added also garlic. This is also available on my website. You guys can make it. Fun, isn’t it? All the recipes are on my website, this is the ordinary Korean table setting. Sesame seeds… Toasted sesame seeds. Very crispy and nutty And, here. Hm, my! Smells so good! Wow looks so good. And also stew, doenjang-jjigae, Korean fermented bean paste stew I’m making. Because patbap is just rice, we need soup or stew. So I chose doenjang-jjigae. This one is very special. My friend, she’s living in New York, and she visited Korea where her mom is living And mom made this maesil, you know – plum. Maesil-jangajji. I like to taste today. Sweet and sour and salty. It’s a kind of pickle. These two more side dishes, kimchi and kkaktugi. Kkakdugi is cubed radish kimchi. (jazzy music) My timer is going to go off soon. I’m ready! (timer goes off)
Ok! Now it’s ready! Low heat, good. So red beans, it’s like this. Still firm. We are going to use this red bean water when I make rice. Short grain rice, just two cups. And let’s wash. I rinsed this a couple of times until the water is clear. Wash nicely. And pour out water as much as you can. Instead of adding water, I will just add the read bean water. I will wait until this red bean water cools down. If I put this hot water just right now, it may cook this rice. One… We need more. I will fill it up with water, cold water. And this is, two cups. Half cup. Add all the cooked red beans. You guys know that when I make white fluffy rice I never use salt. Because rice should be bland so that it goes well with salty side dishes. Most cooked rice is bland, but this patbap is different. I use a little bit salt. Half teaspoon salt. And then cover this. And soak for thirty minutes. (more jazzy music!) (alarm goes off)
Thirty minutes passed. Now it’s time to cook. I will cook this ten minutes. After that I’m going to open this and stir this. And then turn down the heat to low. I can’t wait to eat my food, I’m so hungry. (laughs) Ok my rice is, wow! Nice! Beautiful red color rice. And then turn down the heat to low. And then I’m going to cook another ten minutes over low heat. Then we are going to have fluffy rice. I made doenjang-jjigae here. Tofu, onion, shrimp, potato. Wow. Fluff the rice. Very shiny and well done. A bowl of patbap. Doenjang-jjigae is boiling… So this is a kind of table setting. Rice and spoon and chopsticks and my side dishes. Side dishes like this. Look at that! This is my patbap table setting. Let me taste my patbap. Cheers everybody! Mmmm! Rice is very fluffy, beans are soft and tender and nutty, and also a little salty because we added a little salt. Byt itself I can eat it but we have to eat with delicious side dishes. Broth tastes good and potato makes it a little thickened. My winter kimchi. These days the taste is at the peak! Perfect time. Mmmm! Mm! Spicy, crunchy, and pungent! So this patbap I can keep going on and on Instead of eating only one side dish, you have to eat a little bit of everything. The main dish is rice. Rice is very very important in Korean cuisine. So all these are side dishes, but all the nutrients are different. Today we made patbap, rice with red beans. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye!

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