Korean rice (Bap: 밥짓기)

Hi, everybody Today I’m going to make “Bap” So in Korean, Bap – cooked rice Using this small pot The recipe ingredient is too simple Is 1 cup of short grain rice and just a little pot And also I’m going to show you burnt rice how to take off look like a hat Let’s start! Drain this And scrub like this It’s fun! Put the water, cold water Drain Around 3 times of wash and drain, wash and drain And 1 cup water And I can leave this in my kitchen for 30 mins 30 mins after soaking, let’s cook! Over medium high So 10 mins passed, so we are going to turn it over You see the bottom part? A little hard Still, we need to cook longer And lower the heat In a low heat, simmer And Hm, really good But a little bit hard stuff I chewed, so we need to cook little longer Let’s open Smell so good Most of little like a burnt smell I love this one My god, so good! Beautiful So with 1 cup of rice We made two bowls of nice rice Next time of recipe is Nurungji So cover the lid And we are going to cook a little of few more minutes Very low heat This is my secret So put some more water Open it And water Using your hand like this Remove from the heat Yay! Beautiful Nurungji Isn’t it pretty? And this pan is like brown at the bottom, still we are going to make the tea It’s still really hot, so ‘shh’ did you hear on the sound? Boil this Over low heat Pretty When I was young, my grandmother made this but she never made this small amount She use the castor iron really large, like a pat On the bottom, she used this always like scrape like this And then what she did was that She made it like a squeeze this, and like one kind of lump And then she always used to give me She had small children, like my uncles But she always: “Come here!” And then she gave it to me So that was so delicious Nurungji tea done We made Rice And Nurungji And Nurungji Tea So rice is like white Is plain rice Because rice is plain We need so salty side dish So kimchi is homemade kimchi Not many people like eating only rice and kimchi Usually we prepare more side dish Stew, soup, and fish, seafood, vegetables, seasoned vegetables and many side dish Rice Hmm Hmm Delicious Little well fermented kimchi And rice So really go well together Delicious Feel cool It is a really hot temperature But for some reason Just when it’s go through all my body I feel really cool So we always say “arwh sonada” Sonada means cool Arwhh It’s good Very good Nurungji Hmm Delicious Hmm Very hearty Cheers everybody Enjoy my recipe See you next time! Bye!

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  1. Iam Matrix says:

    40 minutes for eat rice…

  2. Hulda Lopez says:

    The nurungji in my country we call it "concon"

  3. Vanny's Corner says:

    I just did it with long grain rice and omg it came out SOOOO GOOD!

  4. Sruti Samantray says:

    I'm 16 years old and I know how to make rice 🍚 perfectly.. because I'm Indian 😚😚

  5. Pinar Akdas says:

    But is the tea made of the burn rice healty?? I always heard that burd food isnt good for humans healt

  6. Moona Chowdhury says:

    Rice tea 😀😁😂 when rice burnd it has very bad smell. But I am happy to see you enjoying this water.

  7. Lyna Lee says:

    in Indonesia we call the burn rice is intip,,,
    intip we can sundried until very very dry and after that we fry in hot oil until crispy and you can sprinkle little salt afterwards
    it turn out into delicious crispy snacks

  8. بتول الخليف says:

    من يبي شاي

  9. adn 1003 says:

    In Costa Rica we eat it with garlic onion and Chile dulce

  10. Art B says:

    Maangchi what pot did you use to cook the rice is it stainless steel or something else?

  11. Lee Hwayoung says:

    😍😍 thanks alot for the recipe 😘 luv you 😍
    I suck at cooking rice 😑 and ur video taught me the best way to cook em better ❤ thnks again

  12. Sunil Wankhede advi says:

    U haven't add salt

  13. Ruthi Lalhlimpui says:

    Your the best!!!

  14. Я НА КУХНЕ says:

    Очень красиво😂😅

  15. Я НА КУХНЕ says:

    Больше всего мне интересует вкус чая 😂😂😂👍

  16. Ivanice Rodrigues says:


  17. Garmalyne Boyer says:

    to tell the truth i love burnt rice for some reason its my tradition

  18. real stud says:

    in iran we cook rice with oil and salt at bottom of pan there is tahdig

  19. Shirley says:

    oooo I didn’t know the burned rice had a name in Korean, but my dad scrapes the pan so he can eat that hard rice, he is Ecuadorian btw lol

  20. CLARA3952 koss says:

    nothing wasted not even burnt area of pot…

  21. Paris B. says:

    I didn’t know burnt rice was a snack or that you could make tea out of it very interesting going to have to try

  22. Unknown Someone says:

    No salt ?

  23. PUMKIN says:


  24. Emerald Rain says:

    Thank god for this tutorial!!!! I finally made a decent pot of rice🙌🏽🙌🏽

  25. 애란 says:

    항상 한식에 대해 알렸으면 하는부분들이 다 들어있네요~!
    한식은 밥이 간이 안되어 적게 또는 많은 짭짤한 여러가지 반찬,국,찌개등등 곁들여 먹는게 일반적이죠.
    요즘 한국도 외국을 많이 따라가고 있는데, 식당에보면 반찬 가지수가 적어지고 또는 추가 요금을 받거나 반찬같지 않은 단무지만 나올때 너무 씁쓸합니다. 요즘은 저도 결혼을 하고 직접 음식을 하다보니 집에서 나마 제대로된 한식을 먹고싶은 욕심이 생깁니다.
    요즘 식당 이나 방송보면 한식같지 않은 음식이 나올때 너무 속상합니다.

  26. Madina Shakirovna says:

    Hi. I live in Korea. And I know how to make rice. It is very simple that if you want make 1 cup of rice so then after washing rice 3 times you have to add 1 cup of water then left it 30 or 40 minutes. Then you can boil rice as you have seen in vide. One secret is 1+1 and leaving them for while..

  27. Shahina gold says:

    I love you ..you teach me allot dear ..nice

  28. Muscle Man says:

    When you only have rice but want a meal with more than 1 texture, cool idea I must try this, thank you.

  29. princedlw7 says:

    Hello-Is there an adjustment for over 6000 feet? Love your videos! 🙂

  30. V Kim Taehyung says:


  31. kenzZ says:

    Why the fuck YouTube reccomments me this lol

  32. Teun de Groot says:

    Hi Maangchi, why do you rinse and scrub your rice? Is it necessary, because I never do it. Lots of love for your videos

  33. banda l says:

    I like the way you filming with, the clearer vision, the comfortable colors of your kitchen that make us very calm when we watch you and finally I like your accent It's very AMAZING, you make me wanna watch every video even I’m not going to cooking, please keep on =)♡

  34. xxcassielfczennie armycircle says:

    I love your stories

  35. Andrey FF says:

    Cade os💛💚💙

  36. Monianaa says:

    Yapmaya üşeniyom yaav kfnccömc

  37. Yhell Bee says:

    I still remember the intro you chopping real onions, and holding real fish 🤣

  38. Palwasha says:

    In Pakistan we don't make sticky white rice every grain of rice is separate from another if someone makes sticky they call it khichdi 😂

  39. nil can says:

    Çok kötü bir pilav biz Türkler bu pilavı yemeyiz

  40. Ash says:

    So can I use this Korean rice to like make egg fried rice

  41. Dilara ŞİMŞEK says:

    Oil, salt ????

  42. Dilara ŞİMŞEK says:

    Yanmış pirinç üstüne su döküp çay diye içtinya 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  43. AGraceT says:

    I was not expecting the tea part 😂
    Can u add sugar and milk? 😂

  44. Shobhana Priyadharshini says:

    In India we always mix the rice and gravy together before eating.. we definitely have a side dish (fry) while having our meal.. and if rice sticks to the bottom of the pot, we are sure to get scoldings from mom 😁
    Love from INDIA!!!🤗

  45. Jo lens says:

    Same in philippines we make rice ball after take the rice😊😀

  46. Nada Ibrahim says:

    Omg they eat tahdig tooo Persian tahdig 😁

  47. yok yok says:

    Tutumlu olman ve hicbirseyi israf etmemen çok guzel

  48. M Class says:

    Pilav yapmasını bile bilmiyon kız ne tuz ne yağ var senden güzel yapıyorum ben seni almazlar ha evde kalırsın bak xD

  49. Dwijen Raval says:

    Like vej resipi

  50. Мая Лия says:

    Спасибо за перевод .

  51. aaa a says:

    You must try turkish pilav.mmmm

  52. sumaya al hinai says:

    Without salt???

  53. Hakan Akgün says:

    When u eat someting please sitdown honey .😊

  54. Abla Kanoun says:

    Where is salt and oil 😲

  55. Abla Kanoun says:

    Te 😢

  56. Arjun pariyar says:

    The way the rice is cooked is good, but it is The water of the last of the rice does not come to a halt

  57. Mauro Carvalho says:


  58. bts army says:

    Rice with no salt is not real rice.

  59. Soraya Jalali says:

    Wow! So cool! I love you see you next time bye 👋

  60. Sad Song says:

    I love you so much n ur food is excellent

  61. Sena Kara says:

    Oh my goshhhhhhh look like delicious. Also thank you for turkish subtitles 🙏🏻💙💙

  62. Erroneous Perceptionist says:


  63. Neetu Rai says:

    In india we make rice without burning🇮🇳😇so there is no need to eat burnt rice and tea

  64. Afsana Akther Danes says:

    Very good sister.

  65. Leah says:

    i burnt the rice 🙁

  66. Tuğçe Fidan says:

    Yanmış tencere bulaşığından çay mı yaptı ben mi yanlış gördüm 😳

  67. Bts fan says:

    Müq haa

  68. Sasgn says:

    Önce tereyaginda şehriye kavurup üstüne pirinci iyice kavuracaksin ki tadına doyum olmaz.

  69. Gautam Gill says:

    In the india people eat rice with daal or sabhji ok

  70. Mika Harima says:

    Bacım pilav öyle pişer mi ne hale getirdin

  71. Dlo . X. says:

    حتى الحريق استفادت منه 😁

  72. Анастасия Беспалова says:

    Очень вкусно:))

  73. Wonder Whoah!Mom! says:

    In the philippines we get the burnt rice, add hot water and sugar. taste like coffee😁

  74. U7643 says:

    نحن ايضا ناكل الرز الملتصق اسفل القدر ونسميه حكوكة😁

  75. Saliha Mohamad says:

    I am from Somalia I really like korean food but I haven’t eat yet and I wish 🤗

  76. Imelda Billitonia says:

    In Indonesia, we called Nurungji as Kerak nasi atau intip. It's very delicious with sambal or simply springle of salt. And yes, in some countrysides, we drink boiled water from the same pot.

  77. sidra says:

    i will never stop watching you even after all these 7 years now

  78. Farzana Saeedi says:

    چه جالب ته دیگم دارن اینا 😊
    We have also Nurungji but not Nurungji Tea. You can serch Persian saffron Tahdig.This is sooo delicious 😍😋😋

  79. jc zyver says:

    Nurungji in Filipino language is "Tutong".
    When you are preparing for a hard sport, you should eat that esp. Boxing.

  80. Kurdish ARMY BTS says:

    So we coock a rice with a salt water and oil but korean ricey cook only of water

  81. 리나리나 says:

    بليز اشتراك

  82. lily says:

    everything just nice, only the tea which i can't accept the taste 😂

  83. Aslıhan E says:

    Türkiye'de olsa pilavı dibine tutturmuş diye topa tutarlar.

  84. Stay Cool says:

    I never knew we can make tea from burnt rice pot,will definitely try soon

  85. SeaTheGod Gold says:


  86. Оксана Николаенко says:

    Какая хорошенькая как кукла!!!👍👍👍👍😘😘😘

  87. katherine mateo says:

    Hi maangchi just want to thank you for your videos and ask you what brand of rice do you use I would like to know thank you 😘😘😘

  88. Efrain Villavicencio says:

    Ohhhh Maangchi, I’ve been following your channel for a long time now, I really want to try all your recipes and I love they way you share all your cooking histories! Im Mexican but im sure that my stomach is Korean! Lots of hugs and kisses!

  89. Fyn Anderson E. says:

    Now I'm cooking rice🍚 using a mini stainless steel pot that I bought yesterday. I tried with this recipe. I was afraid to burn the rice🔥🍚 … but thankfully it didn't burn🔥 and the rice was delicious. … only 25 minutes and it's done😉 ! (When I'm using ricecooker it's take 1hour😑)
    Thanks Maangchi ❤

  90. Marwa Mostafa says:

    I like Korean food and I'm from Egypt

  91. supriya Singh says:

    Which lipstick u r wearing on ur lips….

  92. Fruit Cake says:

    No salt?

  93. Bharathi Nagarajan says:

    hai I want know one thing… that is one side dish for white rice and eat with slice of paper like crispy, it's in green colour I think… what is that name. it's in small square shape

  94. nevin tülücü says:

    Yoksulluk zamanından kalma yemek tarifi

  95. yovi says:

    Ohh que bueno se ve el arroz blanco

  96. yovi says:

    Una pregunta porque no pone el texto también en español así me puedo enterar mejor 🤔🤔🤔

  97. Jeni Pratiwi says:

    Di indonesia namanya kerak nasi

  98. sarah ybobb says:

    Making this right now! Waiting for my rice to soak:)

  99. Kera Logan says:

    The crispy rice at the bottom is my favorite! I love to re fry day old leftover rice with butter and yellow curry powder. I like to fry it until it's really crispy. Crispy rice at the bottom of your bibimbap is the best, too!

  100. minali 976 says:

    In my country too we love the brown rice water with a littlebe rice and sugar the are my favorite breakfast or good remedy if you are cold🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶.i call this (panguou) in my country , in french( soupe marron au riz)

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