Korean Street Toast

Hi guys, I’m Seonkyoung Longest,
Welcome to Asian at Home and today I’m going to show you how to make Gilgeori Toast meaning Street Toast. Yes!! Street food recipe here I come, yessss!! so many of you guys wanted to know a lot of our street food recipes from My Life in Korea series and here’s the one, one of my favorite street food in Korea our Really popular breakfast like grab and go quick and easy Simple the best part of this Korean street toast recipe is you can get all these ingredients in A regular grocery store, you don’t have to go to Asian store for this because it’s like Korean taking on Western-Style eggs, and do it is so Let’s get started the first thing which we need to do is a cut up some vegetables. You know Korea loves vegetables We have to have vegetables every single meal and for the sandwich, it’s not exceptional. Half cut some cabbage have some cut onions You need about 1 ounce of each vegetables and the vegetables can be changed depending on your refrigerator Situation whatever vegetable you have in the refrigerator. The cabbage, onion, carrot, green onion, the vegetables I’m using today is very classic one for the street vendor styles That’s what I’m using it, so chop up the green onion, alright all the vegetables are done now I’m going to place all these vegetables into a mixing bowl Do you remember Jacob and I were eating this sandwich at the very first episode of Life in Korea, the season 1 episode the one that we are going hike. Its haha, we were just grabbing this sandwich real quick as a quick breakfast before like 4 hours of hiking and Into the vegetables I’m going to Crack 2 eggs. I Know it looks like a lot of vegetables and not enough egg trust me. This is how we make it, okay? Just follow Korean style Alright and let’s see them with some salt about 1/2 teaspoon and some black peppers Now it’s time to use your chopsticks Yes You cannot mix this with the whisk you know what I mean you have to use a chopsticks and just mix it like this It’s almost like a vegetable pancake with just only egg batter I would say all right my egg mixture is ready if you want more egg Go ahead and definitely add more, but that is just perfect amount for my taste and for the street food vendor style So now I’m going to just butter my bread Plain old white sandwich bread because that’s what they use in Korea in the street vendor And you need to spread both side, alright. My bread is all buttered up and my egg mixture is ready Let’s move on to the stove and start cooking Hit a large skillet over medium heat add one tablespoon of butter let it melt Pour the egg and vegetable mixture and spread out evenly about 1/2 inch thick try to make it large square shape When the bottom part is cooked, it took me about couple minutes then cut it half so it’s easier to flip over Cook the other side until the egg mixture is fully cooked about 2 to 3 minutes remove the egg from the Pan and Let’s heat up, two pieces of a honey ham Remove the ham from the skillet and now let’s toast our bread toast the bread over medium-low heat about one to two minutes each side Alright, now let’s assemble the Korean street toast on the warm toast Sprinkle some sugar yes Sugar about 1/2 teaspoon or so on here this sugar is the key ingredients for Korean Street toast To definitely have it and then place this warm Omelet. I’m just going to cut it up little extra and put it on the middle easy right then Sprinkle some more sugar on top of the egg this time about a Teaspoon of sugar this is how we do Mm-Hmm then place the ham and Good old the American cheese. Go for it okay now time for the sauce you need Some ketchup, I know just do what I said so, okay, and Some mayonnaise as well there you go, and that’s it Close it tightly You Wanna see the inside? So simple easy and this recipe is good for two people two sandwiches *food enjoyment sounds* oh yea even in Korea Korean street vendors, ham and cheese is optional you have to pay like extra 50 cents to $1 for the ham and cheese So it’s kind of fancy way to do it. Now out of all this The cabbage makes me feel healthy If you guys like the Korean street toast recipe, please give me a thumbs up I know you guys do because I know you guys love Korean street food and Subscribe my channel for more inspirations and idea of Asian home cooking Thank you so much for watching me today, and remember you can always cook Asian food at your house Making it easy and fun Im Seonkyoung Longest and this is Asian At home, and I will see you next time. Bye

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  1. Seonkyoung Longest says:

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  2. Aparna Srikantan says:

    Hey I am vegan, can u suggest an alternative for egg… I really wanna try it out..

  3. lai Lai says:

    I always put sugar on my buttered toast lol thats how we do it in asia!! 😀

  4. Jamie Bainbridge says:

    This is my favorite recipe of yours. It's my go-to video when introducing people to your channel. Can't wait to make this yet again!

  5. Kabery special kitchen says:

    Nyc videos thanks for sharing

  6. Amina Bin shafiq says:


  7. Amina Bin shafiq says:

    Healthy girl 👏👏👏👏😘

  8. BehindTheMadness says:

    Can you eat this cold?
    I'm definitely going to try this myself, sadly I can't have the sugar (my body doesn't allow much sugar so I have to be extremely careful) hope I'm not missing out to much. Also I think if you don't have the health issues, just try the sugar, it's a lot less than 1 can of soda 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Fatty Kins says:

    Yummy 😋

  10. J E says:

    I might be in love with this women.

  11. Katherine says:

    Hello beautiful 😍

  12. nise Charles says:

    your personality was much better than the food. love your cheery spirit. that's what made me give u a thumbs up

  13. IO Odyssey says:

    ewwww… sugar

  14. Windy Hicks says:

    Looks yummy if you're not wanting to be healthy. Looks like a fun meal

  15. Liu Kelly says:

    Taste good! But too fat!

  16. Kim Lucas says:

    맛있어 보이내요 한번 꼭 시도해서 먹어 보겠습니다

  17. Bijeta Mohanty says:

    This is the best sandwich recipe ever 😍😍😍😍 I'm gonna try this soon thank you for this recipe 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  18. Borneo Kitchen says:

    Very eeeeaassssyyyyy…..and yummmyyyy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Anand Saxena says:

    It's a very veggie cabbage omelet. Yummy.

  20. Joe Lahr says:

    You LOST me with the sugar…

  21. hKPmZ786W4JG7Rgq says:

    Any other Asian on here who ate toast with butter and sugar growing up?

  22. BladeReader says:

    Hello, please may you give me the name of the type of cabbage you use, if it is merely the classic one or a green or white. I know American and extreme oriental use 'thousands' of different species, as I m not a good botanist, ci need help 🙂
    The toast looks great

  23. Karen Wedemire says:

    Loved the video I subbed as well.

  24. Bambi Salumbre says:

    Sarap!!!! Yummy!

  25. Milk Mango says:

    To everyone complaining about the sugar on the toast:
    In japan as well, its common to add sugar into our eggs! It’s not like this is some weird crazy new thing either!

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