Kung Pao Chicken, how to make authentic Kung Pao sauce 宫保鸡丁

hi everyone today we’re gonna make
very classic and popular Kung Pao chicken if you wonder why it’s called
Kung Pao chicken long story short it is named after an official in Qin Dynasty his
last name is Ding and his title is Gong Bao and he often made stir-fried
chicken with chili peppers and also peanuts everybody loved it and they
named the dish after his title Gong Bao literally means Palace Guardian and
I’m gonna show you how to make the Kung Pao sauce the dish is normally made of
chicken thigh or chicken leg meat and by now you know I prefer chicken breast
and also we have a few chili peppers so depends on how spicy you like I have a
few of them and have some Sichuan peppercorns and we have 2 green onions
just cut them into pieces like this and 2 cloves of garlic I’m also cutting into dices and then we need
some ginger cut into the same size next we’re going to cut the chicken I have
one chicken breast first we just trim the fat like I said you can just use dark meat
chicken thigh chicken leg meat just my personal preference I like chicken
breast now we can just cut into pieces like this now we just cut into dices next we’re going to season the chicken add a little bit of salt white pepper
powder dark soy sauce if you have it for color mix well add about one tablespoon cornstarch and some oil now mix them well I used up all my
kitchen gloves let me get my hand “dirty” I will let it sit for a few minutes next
we are going to make the Kung Pao sauce add 1 tbsp light soy sauce and the 1
tbsp dark vinegar and about 1 tablespoon cooking wine Shaoxing cooking wine if
you don’t have cooking wine you can use chicken stock and about 1 tsp sugar so
this will be sweet-and-sour flavor and about 1 tablespoon cornstarch and about a quarter cup water now we mix
this well these are pan-fried peanuts you can check
out my hot and sour noodles I showed how to do pan fried peanuts if you
don’t have it you can use dry roasted peanuts now we are ready to cook we heat
up the pan to high add some oil First we are going to stir fry the chicken it will take a few minutes After a few minute our chicken almost done set aside mmm smells good now we’re going to saute
the peppers chili peppers Sichuan peppercorns here’s garlic ginger yeah about 10-15 seconds
smells good now we add the chicken back now we add our Kung Bao sauce mix well
before you add it now we add pan fried peanuts and
green onions mix well Kung Pao chicken is ready mmm smells so
good I can’t wait to eat for you guys let’s have some I just made fresh rice chicken so tender it has sweet and sour
taste peanuts delicious mmm sauce just perfect I can also taste the spiciness from chili
peppers and you can taste the Sichuan peppercorns a little bit numbing mmm so
delicious you know with that sauce if you check out my channel I also made Kung Pao lotus roots for vegetarians I also made Kung Pao shrimp and please
please try it let me know how you like it if you like this video please give
me a thumbs up please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet thank you so
much for watching see you next time

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    Am glad to be the first viewer and commenter right here, high every one ☝️

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    Looks delicious thanks for sharing

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    It looks delicious.

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    Looks delicious and amazing dish 🥑🧀🥓🥩🍕

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    Why, you just planned tomorrow's dinner! Thank you.

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    You're eating on purpose 😮😳🍕🥓😥😥😥😥

  10. Joshua Andrews says:

    I love how simple you make everything. Looks delicious. Tai hao chile! One question..I notice this recipe does not incorporate Doujiaoban …does it make much difference to the flavor?

  11. Sean M. says:

    Great stuff so simple and tasty 🤗

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    Yes, I LOVE kung pao chicken, it's SO, SO GOOD😋🔥🙌🐔🙌🔥🙌!!!!!!!

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    Beside the yummy dish, I love your voice.

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    Thank you so much for making this video! I love making Chinese cuisine, in a healthier version than take out. I’ve been waiting for this one! Looks so delicious! I am going to make this for dinner tomorrow! Again, thank you!

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    Thank you for the simple recipe

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    Looks so yummy 😋 I prefer white meat also

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    You seem so relaxed in this video. Very calming to us viewers. 🙂

    On a side note, I remember the first time I had kung pao. I was a young lady new to Los Angeles from a small town, and I didn't know what the red vegetable was so stuck it in my mouth and chomped away for a few seconds. Oh, myyyyy gosh! And my then boyfriend laughed – he's lucky to still be alive. Course, I wised up and eventually dumped him. That pepper incident was one of several times he showed me who he was inside.

    Isn't it funny a dish of Chinese food reminds me of all that. . all those years ago. . .

  18. Matowix says:

    My favourite dish, also I love la zi ji. What was the literal translation of kung pao I couldn't understand what u said. Also chicken on the bone like leg or thigh meat seems to have more flavor than breast dont u agree with that ? Also apparently originally this dish only had leeks in it not vegetables (but i prefer with vegetables)
    Also wouldnt a dash of Chinese cooking wine make it taste even better or isn't that traditional Thanks 😍😍

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    Looks amazing! Is celery a natural ingredient for this dish? I had a great Kung pao chicken dish a long time ago and I remember the celery made it very good. If so, when would you add the celery?

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    Omg this looks amazing!!! I’m going to try to make it for dinner tomorrow!! 🙂

  23. Asad Ahmed says:

    We don't want to see the whole garlic or ginger being chopped off

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    Also add captions when you put ingredients. Sometimes it's difficult to understand your pronounciation.

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    What kind of peanuts are you using ? I could not understand and they are not in your list of ingredients above..

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    Authentic Kung Pao is my absolute favorite meal. If everyone knew how delicious the authentic recipe is they would stop eating the one at Panda Express 🤣

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