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Let’s fry! In a bowl, sift gram flour and add garlic paste, vinegar and spices I have purchased Rahu fish. To remove its smell apply salt and Anise seeds for few hours and then wash thoroughly It is a 2 day long recipe, 1st day is to wash and stain in the morning and marination in the evening Keep it in a refrigerator for at least 24 hours and then fry. It will be amazing, I bet. Mix it well and make a thick paste There is no need to add water or any other liquid in it You can add or less any ingredient according to your taste The paste is ready to apply over the fish Fish must be dry, so put it in a strainer after wash for at least one hour Now, apply this paste on all sides of the fish properly Said amount of masala paste is good enough for 2 kg fish After applying paste, let it marinate for at least 24 hours for better results Now mix and shuffle it once with your hands to cover all sides Cover and put it in a refrigerator for marination It will be much tastier when marinated for more time. So be patient! Next day, add oil in frying pan. I like shallow frying but you can deep fry. Its your choice. Heat the oil at a medium high flame Now put the fish in the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes Fish is a delicate meat that does not need much cooking After 3-4 minutes turn the fish upside down Now fry the other side In case of deep frying you still need to turn it to give equal heat to both sides Give it another 3-4 minutes and it is done After frying, place the fish slices at kitchen towel or tissue paper to absorb excess oil Before adding a new batch, remove the residues from oil These can ruin the taste if not removed Your tasty, crispy and amazing Lahori Fish Fry is ready Serve it with Plain Naan and your favorite dip as side. Tamarind sauce, ketchup or Yogurt raita are good with it Now add other batch and fry in the same way I did not add more oil to the pan, all fish is done and oil is still there Enjoy this winter with tasty Lahori Fish Fry Thanks for watching this video, please Like and Share our recipe with your friends Please Subscribe to our channel “Food Segment”. We are determined to share many local and international recipes with our viewers. It is not possible without your help, so encourage us. Bon Appetite!

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