Lamb Leg without oven in pressure cooker (English Subtitles) oil free| Lamb Leg without Oven

All praise to ALLAH and blessings be upon Rasoolullah, In the name of ALLAH the most beneficent the most merciful peace and blessings of ALLAH be on to you Today we are going to make Lamb Leg with Sureed in pressure cooker We are going to make Lamb Leg with a new type of seasoning We will take a jug We will take some water in the jug half a cup water We will then add garam masala papaya powder tandoori masala Salt Corriander / Dhaniya Soy Sauce Chat Masala Zeera Powder Haldi / Turmeric Powder After adding all these into the jug we will stir it well whet it is mixed then here I have taken a lamb leg (front leg) it is almost 3 Kgs. and I have already cut slits into it Now we will pour this mixture on to the lamb leg rubbing it on to the leg thoroughly Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (In the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful) It must be done thoroughly into the slits on the outer portions into the joints take a look at this that I have separated the joints by separating it from the joints we can fold it to make it fit into the pressure cooker otherwise it’s a big leg and it won’t fit in now pour the rest the mixture on to it we are going to use this mixture to first season it and after this we will use it in further cooking and making curry (making sureed) Now we have marinated the lamb leg for about 15 minutes and we are going to put it into the pressure cooker now, delicately and the remaining mixture / masala we will add this masala in the pressure cooker with half a glass of water Now we will add ginger garlic paste into it we will add tomatoes we will add onions and after adding all these we will close the lid and we will give it pressure for 5 minutes So viewers we have given it pressure for 5 mintues now I will lower the flame to low after turning the flame low we will cook it like this for 45 minutes without lifting the whistle we are not going to open the cooker, it will remain closed this will cook in it’s steam Now after 45 minutes we are here again I’m turning the flame off and I will release the steam In the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful In the name of ALLAH the most Beneficent the most Merciful Let’s open it now, all praise to ALLAH Look at this how beautiful it looks Now let’s stir it a bit Look at this soup / shorba / gravy Let’s now check whether it is cooked enough or not Ma Sha ALLAH Look at this, ma sha ALLAH it is cooked really well I feel like eating it right now In the name of ALLAH, these bread that we have made we will tear these breads into small pieces now, we will take the lamb leg out, in the name of ALLAH the most beneficent the most Merciful Now see how tender the flesh is and how well it is cooked that the bone is easily separated we will add some curry / shorba into the lamb leg and remaining shorba we will pour on top of the bread / roti including the masala / spices as per taste / requirement so viewers it’s ready now and I’m going to eat it now In the name of ALLAH may ALLAH put blessings into it we will take some roti we call it sureed rather many call it sureed and here I will take some meat and put it on top of my roti Let’s eat it now, In the name of ALLAH very tasty, it’s a little too salty you can put less salt to manage it If you liked the video, click like, share it and subscribe the channel we will meet again, may peace and blessings of ALLAH be on to you

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  1. Hammad Warraich says:

    very good janab. ap k hath may safai ha jo bohat achi baat hai .new subscriber

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  3. Umar Usman says:

    Bilal bhai ap raiwend ijtma pr ayen gy kya ???

  4. Umar Usman says:

    Plz bilal bhai tell me
    M apka bht ziada fan hon m apko dekhna chahta hon milna chahta hon

  5. Gopi Save says:

    Namaskar Salam Walekum many many thanks, you really inspire me to try out new meat recipes, infact this recipe shows that meat can be cooked without oil and with less water in a pressure cooker which I didn't knew before. Inshallah, if possible, please show more such mutton recipes which even high blood pressure patients who love meat can eat and enjoy, which generally they have to stop eating because of their medical conditions.


    Sir aap ka recipe ka color dikhne mey khoobsurat lagna chahiye. Is ke liye koshish keejiye.

  7. Hadi Quadri says:

    Badhiya bina oil kay is say better tariqa main nay nahi dekha zabardast moulana. Love from Hyderabad 🇮🇳.

  8. altamash shaikh says:

    Mashaa Allah bhai Bahtarin 🇮🇳

  9. Hamna Malik says:

    W salam

  10. Eman Wahid says:

    Asalamualaikum ,Kiya Hal hai AP ka, bohot he aaalaaa dish pakai hai ap ne.

  11. sports Gala says:

    Nice. Keep it up

  12. Numan Khan says:

    Mashallah. Looks very tasty. We call it soobat and ppl in banu etc call it painda.

  13. M Ihsan says:

    Masha Allah bahut acha bana hy

  14. Captain Rabeel Sheikh says:

    That was Nice also look very yummy …
    I will try it in vacations.

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    Poorey poorey 30, 30


    Masa allaah
    Aur achhi baat ye k aap ki recipe k beech me ahdees bhi suni

  19. Kaki Bulbul says:

    Nice vid…👍

  20. Tajuddin Khan Rahat says:

    Walaikum Assalam bhai

  21. fahad afzal says:

    Arabic sureed main sabzi bhi dali jati hai . Like kaddu ( looki) gajar or Alu merzi k mutabiq sabko baray pcs main cut kar k. Baqi roti bhi gosht main haddi nikal kar or kisi baray bartan main mix kardain . Use spoon to mix all of them.

  22. Trideep kumar Singh says:

    Wow,looks yummy and tempting to try👌

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  24. Ayesha Sabir says:

    It looks absolutely delicious. And I can't believe how incredibly simple it was to make! I want to jump in the video and eat it drooling here

  25. Kenni khan says:

    Kindly mention the ingredients with quantity… please

  26. Zoby Aslam says:

    ماشاء اللہ یمی

  27. Learn with Mariyam says:

    Thanks sir

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    و علیکم اسلام و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ

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    Please add english subtitle……

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