Large Family Cook With Me | + How to Make Instant Pot Brown Rice!

– Hey guys, so it is a busy
Tuesday afternoon at our house. We have cut our home day
short, we have to get back out the door for a late
afternoon and evening full of archery. Five of the kids have now
started archery and they get to actually use those
compound bows tonight. So it’s a big, exciting afternoon. Anyway this mean we have
to have dinner on this day of the week a lot earlier than normal. A lot of times we won’t have
dinner until 5:30 or 6:30 or 7:30, so we’re having dinner today, hopefully by 3:30, 3:45ish, maybe 4. So I’ve gotta start
pullin’ things together. We’re gonna have some read aloud time while dinner is cooking. The main thing I’m gonna
show you in today’s vlog is how I’ve been doing,
whoo-hoo, having dishes done too, how I’ve been doing brown
rice in the instant pot. So I’m gonna do that. What else is going on for
dinner, I’m gonna do some corn on the cob. And then I’ve got a video up with these, and we have the recipe over
on On my last freezer
cooking day, I did these parmesan turkey burgers. So we are gonna cook these
on a sheet pan in the oven. It’s just a real easy
way to do a whole lot of burgers at one time. So gonna do those and
show you how to get that rice going in the IP. For the burgers, again this
is in the recipe over there, but I’m just gonna preheat my oven to 350. I’ll show you these in action
too because some of you have asked me to see some
of my freezer recipes actually being cooked, so
the turkey burgers I’m just cooking from frozen. And just to get another
glimpse on how we do some quick afternoon as needed fill in chores. Gabriel is taking his
turn doing the dishes, and then over here, while
we are doing a few things, Liam is reading to Daniel,
cause Daniel, you’re not taking a nap, are ya? You big boy, you stayin’ up? Daniel likes to tell me often
that he’s not going to bed. Naomi’s getting her
sewing stuff while we do a little bit of reading. Gabriel’s taking turn with dishes. I’m spraying my pan there for those frozen parmesan turkey burgers. I just heard UPS pull up
so that’s always exciting. I ordered, listen to this,
I ordered a new 14 quart electric pressure cooker,
and cause I wanted a second one, but I wanted to use
a different brand besides Instant Pot cause a lot
of you, not everyone has Instant Pots, so it’s just
gonna be, it’s another brand pressure cooker. But it’s one that my friend
Ashley, she’s a home school mom of nine kiddos. It’s the same size and model that she uses in addition to her Instant Pot. And I also ordered an Air
Fryer, so be on the look out. I’m gonna do unboxings for those and share how we are usin’ em. So here’s our turkey burgers
and not a lot of space between ’em but I don’t
wanna get a second pan dirty and so my husband did
hamburgers last night and about three-quarters of the way
through he took ’em out and flipped them and
that’s what I’m planning to do with these turkey burgers as well. So we’ve got the oven, it’s
actually still preheating to 350. I’m gonna go ahead and put
these turkey burgers in and then I’m gonna set the
timer for about 35 minutes because I will flip them
and check them at that time. (water running) So I usually rinse my rice. I’ve had some viewers
tell me that rice can get, I don’t know, arsenic on
it and different things in the packaging so it’s
always a good idea to rinse it. So since I’ve read those comments, I now am a faithful rice rinser. So this is 32 ounces of
rice that is four cups. I’m gonna put the rice in
the Instant Pot and then I’m going to add in eight cups of water. We’re puttin ‘in our
first four cups of water. Second four cups of water. And now we’re just gonna put the lid in. My whole point in doing
this is because I know many of you got Instant Pots
for Christmas or at sales and you haven’t started using yours yet. I’ve had mine for, I don’t
know, maybe 8 months or so now, and I use it more and more each month. I’ve used mine a lot on
my freezer cooking days. I’m starting to mix in, using it more. Takes me awhile to get to
know new appliances, right? So anyway, I feel comfortable
now doing the brown rice, I’ve done that a lot. So we’re gonna make sure
that the vent is sealed. We don’t want it on venting,
we want it on sealing. And then look how lovely this is. So this is for the Instant
Pot model of course. We’re gonna click rice. Look at that. That’s it. I clicked it. Now it’s gonna make the rice. It’ll be amazing. Oh, you’ll hear me say
this again and again. So this says, it said 12 minutes but now it has to build up pressure. So the pressure building up
process can take 10-15 minutes. Then its gonna cook the
rice for 12 minutes, then we’re gonna have to vent it. That can take another 5-7 minutes. So it’s still nice, I
don’t have to babysit a pot on the stove and the rice is lovely. So again, this is just one
of my kitchen assistants helpin’ us make dinner. So we’ve got brown rice in
the instant pot, we’ve got corn on the cob here and
we have our parmesan turkey burgers in here and we have
boys now doin’ some Lego’s and we’re gonna work on
our afternoon reading while dinner cooks. So we are all spread out here. Naomi has her Woodzeez
house and her Polly Pockets and different things. She’s burping Benjamin for
me because he’s been here nursin’ while we started
reading Farmer Boy today. Everyone else is doin’
Lego’s but our turkey burgers just beeped so I’m gonna go flip them. And the Instant Pot is now countin’ down and I’ll check on our corn. We’ve gotta scooch soon but
I think we’re gonna make it. Oh yeah, okay, so there they are. And our Instant Pot, now it’s
actually reading 13 minutes. Okay guys, so this is just
the reality of what the pan of turkey burgers look
like when they come out. I know it doesn’t look too appetizing. I am cookin’ ’em from frozen, though, and I’m not standin’ here
flipping them in a pan. So this is mostly water that’s in here. I’m gonna drain this off,
flip the turkey burgers, and put ’em back in for
about 15 more minutes and then we’ll check their temperature. So here they are, all drained
and we’re gonna put ’em back in for about 15 minutes
and check the temperature. And our IP is now on eight minutes. And this is the new digital
thermometer I had picked up on Amazon. It also has the meat temperatures on there which is convenient. The nice thing with the
Instant Pot is if you can’t get right back to it,
it will keep it on warm, and this means it has been
warming for nine minutes since it was completed. We were still reading our
Farmer Boy book, though, and I couldn’t get back to it. So now, we may have some
venting that still needs done. You need to wear hand
protection when you do this. (air releasing) There you go. So the last little bit of
pressure that needs to come out there you go, will come out that way. And I have had viewers tell
me too to watch out because the steam will damage cabinets. Those are all things
you need to be aware of when using an Instant Pot. I just don’t have a good place to do this, so this is how I do it, yay! And then we’ve got, so
our corn is also done and then our turkey burgers are beeping. You know how it goes,
everything happens at one time. Whoo. But hey, these look very good now. We will get the temperature also. Here is our thermometer. Look Liam, we’re gonna stick it in there, and see the numbers going up? Okay, so we are almost at 200 degrees. On here, it says they need
to get to 175 degrees. Whenever I looked it up on they said they needed to reach an
internal temperature of 165. So you can see we’re well within that. I’ll check a few more. So temperature wise
everything looks like it is the right temperature. This little digital thermometer
was 10 bucks on Amazon. We also have this digital thermometer. Because we have to scoot
in about 30 minutes, I am just gonna feed everyone
around the kitchen counter this evenin’. I’m gonna drain this corn now. So I just put some clops of
Kerrygold butter into our corn there, put some salt and pepper
on it, just gonna put the lid on it to let the butter
melt for a few minutes. And we’ve got some background
clean-up noise going on. We are gonna open up the Instant Pot now. It should let me open it. There we go. And, I don’t wanna steam my camera up, but you can get a look
at the rice in there. I’m gonna dump my IP rice
in this Pioneer Woman bowl. But anyway, I’m gonna put
some clops of Kerrygold butter in here to be melting
because we love butter. So here’s how this beautiful
Instant Pot brown rice looks, and I’m gonna put the lid
on it just to steam down the butter into the rice and
add some salt and pepper. So here is how our dinner is
lookin’, those turkey burgers turned out fantastic. Again, recipe is on There is the Instant Pot brown rice, so we have conquered that. There is our buttered corn,
and as always remember that you can text the word freezer,
all one word, to 44222 to get our mega freezer
meal planning pack. Thanks so much for cookin’ dinner with me, and this is our freezer parmesan
turkey burgers in action and again, our Instant Pot brown rice. All of it, you know where to look. I’ll see you next time with
a brand new video, bye bye.

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