Large Family Cooking | Easy Homemade Chili Recipe

– Hi, friends. I was getting ready to
make a large stock pot full of some very healthy
chili for the family for the upcoming weekend. And I know several of
you ladies have asked for my homemade chili recipe, so I was going to share
that with you right now. As you can see, what I
have ingredients-wise is I have three cans of corn, I have a large can of kidney beans, a large can of tomato sauce, I have some diced tomatoes, these are actually out of my freezer from another large can I had
opened for another recipe. I have a variety of other beans. Here’s some black beans. I have a small can of olives,
I had these in the pantry, so I thought, hey, those
would go great in chili. Spice-wise, these are my staple spices. I have garlic powder,
parsley, chili powder, this is actually another
little thing of chili powder I was gonna use up. And then just some salt and pepper. Now, do wise, I usually try to put in
a lot of green peppers, various fresh peppers from the garden. And we just didn’t have any right now. So what I did find in my fridge
is I had some green onions, so I’m going to chop up green
onions and put them in this. You really cannot go wrong
with a big pot of chili. I have four pounds of ground beef, you probably hear it
sizzlin’ on the back stove, I’m browning that now. And then I’m going to
dump all of this chili, all of these ingredients into this pot, it’s going to simmer for about an hour. Now, if I start this in the
morning, it can simmer all day. We actually have dinner
time coming up pretty soon, but I can put a rush on
this particular pot of chili and then we’ll also
have it for the weekend. All of these ingredients can additionally be dumped
into bags for freezer meals, and you can have slow cooker chili ready any weeknight during the week. And I’ll show you how
I’ll throw this together. So now I have all of my cans opened. We’ve got the large kidney
beans, the tomato sauce, corn, various beans and some black olives. And I am gonna just start the process of dumping these all in. I do not drain the juice. I leave all of the canned juice in there for added flavor and volume. And now I’ll add the corn. And now I’m going to
add in my larger cans. And I’ve actually
decided against adding in the diced tomatoes in this pot, because there’s just not enough room. Since I added all these canned veggies, once I add our browned, ground beef, there’s just no room this go round, so I’ll put those back for another recipe. Here’s what we have so far. Looking very much like chili. I’m going to add in a
whole cup of chili powder. I’m just gonna shake
in my salt and pepper. You can help me stir in a minute, okay? And Liam, we found a few
more beans in that can, didn’t we? We sure did. Now I have a third of
a cup of garlic powder, and I’m gonna pour that directly
in my meat that’s browning, because that gives it incredible flavor. There’s the garlic powder in the meat. And I also had several
green onions in the fridge. When I make this chili I just pull out whatever veggies I had, so I just added those to my meat as well. And for the parsley, I’m not going to measure exactly either. Actually, I’m going to give
Liam the joy of shakin’ it in. So, Liam, you work on
shakin’ in the parsley. Shake it, shake it. Yeah. – Shake some more. – [Jamerrill] In a minute
you can have a turn too. That’s good Liam, stop there, honey. Let Amelia come over
and have her turn, okay. – [Liam] Yay for me. – [Jamerrill] You gonna
come have a turn, Amelia? (child murmurs) You can sit there. – [Gabriel] Mom we went to
the store, I went with Daddy. – [Jamerrill] You did go with Daddy. Did you go with Daddy to the store? And got crackers for the chili? Thank you Gabriel. Okay, Amelia, you wanna shake some in. Woo, good job. Okay, now Liam is gonna stir. – [Gabriel] I got goldfish. – [Jamerrill] You got
some goldfish with Daddy? I won’t eat too many.
– [Liam] I want some goldfish. – Everyone loves to run
with Daddy to the store because they get treats. Okay, so now our meat is done. And we have our large stockpot
full of our tomato sauce, and our beans, and our corn, and I even added some olives this time. And now, I’m just gonna pour
all of this ground beef. This was a four-pound pack. (child speaking in kitchen) Put ’em on the table,
put ’em on the table. And now I’m just gonna stir it up. And that meat is gonna be so good, especially since it cooked
with the onions and the garlic. And we will get several
meals out of this chili. And now I’m gonna scootch
it to my back burner. And actually I better turn my burner on. I’m gonna put my burner on about six. I would not normally put it up that high if I was gonna simmer this all day or cook it in the slow cooker, but you can tell by our
time, 5:45 p.m. here, I did not have it together today to have dinner cookin’ by morning time. That is my goal most days. I start whatever we’re gonna
have for dinner in the morning, but I thought, hey, time for chili anyway, we could use that. We could get a pot of last
minute, weekend chili goin’. Saves the day, yay.

73 comments on “Large Family Cooking | Easy Homemade Chili Recipe”

  1. rebecca White says:

    Looks wonderful, thank you for sharing 😊 We love white chili as well, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so we can add that to our menu regularly. 😉
    I noticed your refrigerator in the back and was wondering how well you enjoy that particular kind (side by side with freezer in the bottom) We are in search of a new refrigerator in the coming months, so I'm doing my "research"

  2. Abigail Vaughn says:

    Can you please say your name in the next video cause I have no idea on how to pronounce it

  3. Thehaunterswife says:

    yummy that is what I am making today 🙂 just not the jumbo but chili freezes really you ever put pasta in yours?

  4. organizedMOM says:

    Looks so yummy Jamerrill! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Can't wait to make up a giant stock pot full like your doing. What a time saver- I'm ALL about the time saving meals~!

  5. Faith Lord says:

    Black olives in chili? Hmm never heard that, but I bought a case at Costco.. So I will have to try that! Chili is on our menu next week! It's a traditional fall meal here!

  6. Stephanie O'Neill says:

    Yum! Have you ever had lasagna roll ups? It would take a bit of prep for you, but they freeze great and are a fast and easy lunch option. My girls love them!

  7. Sarah Aubrey says:

    I knew I wasn't the only person that put beans in my chili…but after almost 10yrs of marriage my hubby informed me two weeks ago when I "make chili" I'm not making southern chili. LOL. So the next time I make chili he requested I NOT put any beans in mine. I'm gonna let him watch this movie to see that I'm not crazy. I eat my chili with rice – have y'all ever tried that?

  8. Barefoot Izzy says:

    Looks so good, we have been looking for a great beef based chili recipe. We always make a white bean and chicken chili so this will be a great way to change it up! Not to mention the bonus of having a ton leftover!

  9. It's A Mom Blog says:

    yum! I can't wait until it gets cold enough for chili here! we are still having some temps in the high 90's &100's.

  10. Violet Baker says:

    I never thought of adding black olives to my chili, I am totally going to try it. Thanks!

  11. Annie Harbert says:

    Nothing says " Welcome Fall" like a big ol pot of chili! Thanks for sharing! We slap corn bread in our bowls and ladle chili over it and top it off with sour cream! Talk about filling!😄

  12. Mrs Kay says:

    love love love your cooking vlogs!! thanks for including them now!

  13. Ash Cakes says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! May LORD JESUS bless your beautiful family!

  14. Craft Corner with Esther C says:

    We add cumin to our chili. I love that you include the kids when you cook 🙂

  15. Alaskan Mama Vlogger says:

    Yum!!!! Family of 6 over here and homeschool mama as well. I'll be doing this for sure! Thx girl!

  16. Swflchic Florida says:

    I made chili last weekend and after originally eating it the next day I mixed elbow macaroni with it …chili mac.

  17. Stephanie Turpen says:

    can i move in lol

  18. Tea Roses says:

    Nice video! Do you still use your cast iron skillets with your glass stove tops?

  19. Abundantly Blessed Mama says:

    This is so different from what I grew up with! We would call it, soup. ☺ Chili ,for us, is chili meat(kind of like smaller stew neat, cumin, chili powder, cayenne, cocoa,seasoned salt, diced onions, garlic or garlic powder,tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, no beans, no corn) let simmer and serve with corn chips, sour cream and cheese as Frito chili pie or with cornbread. I think our chili is called Southern chili. It's my grandmother's recipe and she's from Texas. ☺ I will try yours one night, my kids will really like it.

  20. Ninna Lucas says:

    Looks yummi, thanks for sharing

  21. Nancy Stornes says:

    Oh yes! Chili has saved my hide several times when I forgot to start cooking early.

  22. Rosemary Linas says:

    Do you have any picky eaters in your family? My son wasn't for the first year, now he's 2 and will hardly eat any dinner. I send him to bed without eating a lot. My daughter eats everything, but that took her a while to do as well. Do you give in (give them something different from the family) or send them to bed still hungry? Anyone feel free to help a mom out on this question, any advice would help. Thanks

  23. Em's Essentials says:

    Looks so good! I love chili this time of year!

  24. Cookie Crumb Fun says:

    Great job! After we move to California I'm going to incorporate your idea of making one large meal for the whole weekend. such a time saver! thank you!

  25. Beth Ash says:

    thanks for another great video! I can't wait for your next one 🙂

  26. Leah Brooks says:

    Great recipe! You can save some money by using dried beans. FREEZER STYLE: just soak for 8 hours, drain the water, and freeze. Then use them like canned, but make sure you cook for 3-4 hours. OR …..PRESSURE COOKER: cook for 30 minutes in a pressure cooker, add the meat, seasonings, and tomatoes, and cook for another 30 minutes. …………. We make pressure cooker bean soup or chili 2-3 times a week.

  27. Myndi 453 says:

    Thanks for sharing ! (: looks yummy

  28. Jen Fought says:

    If anyone wants an alternative to meat, add 1 cup dry quinoa(any color) and 2 cups of water to your crockpot along with all your other regular ingredients. =) I just did this last night and it turned out great! This made enough for our family of 7 plus some leftovers. I would say that 1 c dry quinoa equals about 2lbs meat

  29. loves to bake says:

    Looks wonderful thank you so much can't wait to fill my freezer with this delicious dish..happy fall yall : )

  30. Rani Killian says:

    is your chilli hot? or mild?

  31. Lakely says:

    that is not chili it is SLOP!

  32. Samantha MIND BODY & SOUL says:

    is this thm friendly? i don't like doing corn thou thinking of adding some more veggies:)

  33. MelodyandFamily says:

    I love chili ! Especially a big ole' pot to last the next day!

  34. Special Needs Homeschooling says:

    Love making huge pots of chili with cornbread this time of year! Great way to stretch the budget. But the olives have stumped me. lol 😉

  35. hearsthewater says:

    What? No cumin?

  36. randie dale says:

    I thought you were supposed to rinse beans because of the lye in them. I am probably wrong so please let me know. Cause using the juice does sound like a good idea to add extra flavor. :).

  37. alexa1068 says:

    I just discovered you this week and I'm hooked! I think I've watched 15 videos!lol I'm a mom to 7 and boy I can relate to all. I'm not brave enough to home school but I sure envy your choice. 🙂

  38. Away Girl says:

    Yum!!!! Thanks for sharing!! I love to cook BIG and always double my recipes:)

  39. southerncouponista says:

    That's some hearty, yummy looking chili!

  40. kel70 says:

    Hi Jammerrill……just wanted to suggest something. Try adding I think it's Bushs it says chili beans on the label and mild. it's pinto beans and has a yummy thinner tomatoey hot style sauce on the beans that adds so much flavor to chili. it's not over the top spicey just good flavor. you find them right by any bean section. i know they have generic brands as well. the ones I've tried have been alright. so just a thought of a new bean type thing you could add to your list. i think you'd like it.

  41. jewellm61 says:

    I was impressed how Amelia used one hand to shake that large container of parsley into the pot! Go Amelia!

  42. FarmGirl Goo says:

    Totally lost me with the Black Olives. Then keeping all the juice YUCK.

  43. BloozeDaddy says:

    Corn, olives and parsley in chili? OH THE HUMANITY ! just messin'….that's just a bit unusual.

  44. Wendy DeLaney says:

    I so enjoy watching the large meal tutorials on youtube, maybe because for the longest with a blended family I always had to find a way to double or triple meals, now a days though I enjoy watching the larger meals being made even when I am having to teach myself how to make smaller traditional sized recipes.

  45. TheRenaissanceman65 says:

    YUM! And who cares if it's not the "classic" recipe – most classic recipes by the famous chefs of the past don't have a fixed recipe anyway. Traditional ones even more – to take an example, nobody in Spain can tell you what an absolutely definitive paella is. If it tastes good, it's Chili a la Jamerill.

  46. cjmislan says:

    we call this. tex mex chili and i add a packet of taco seasoning. i leave the olives out for the table with some cheddar cheese, we have only a few who like olives. i make this and regular chili every month, i know your boys are older but i cheat with only little ones and do a big pot like that with just two pounds of meat and extra beans, i soak three bags the night before and then cook them in the chili.

  47. Mymartinez 38 says:

    love that butterfly stained glass!

  48. Darlene Wilson says:

    how do I become a paid vlogger?

  49. Karen Quick says:

    I love making this dish, because it's pretty much dump and go! I do mine pretty much like yours! Yummy! Thanks for another great vlog!!

  50. Tigre de Bengala says:

    My advice to you is not to used black olives cause they are not natural they have to much preservatives and because they are not naturally black they add something to make them black and in a long term is poisonous try not to eat them or at least drain them and wash them before using it in your food

  51. Camille Coopersmith says:

    How much chilly can you fix and freeze for the. week love to know

  52. Thinking of Others says:

    Chili, always people love chili. And I found a large pot will feed the many. Thank you for putting on this video.

  53. Lesa Reek says:

    Sorry but yuk corn in chili is not for me!

  54. Angelica Guerrero says:

    my kids love going to the store with my husband also. daddy's are the best!

  55. Heyit'sHannah says:

    Did u get that pot at Walmart because I think I have that same one

  56. jewellm61 says:

    Have you ever tasted the chili without adding the extra salt. You might be surprised at how much salt is in the juice in all those cans of vegetables that you left in. You might not need additional salt.

  57. Amanda Murphy says:

    If you DO drain and rinse the beans it helps keep down on the gas. I just add a couple sticks of butter instead. (It makes it YUMMY)

  58. judy lutz says:

    No onions??….mushrooms???

  59. Maggie deVries says:

    We are not too adventurous , Ground beef, kidney beans garlic and , onion powder, for some reason it has to be dark red kidney beans ? Canned diced tomatoes, taco seasoning! It's plain , but everyone loves it ! Hard sometimes to remember what ingredients they ALL like !
    So a lot of sides …
    With chili anything goes ! I'm still not sure of the corn ! And olives on side for grandkids!
    Lots of cheese , sour cream , oyster crackers ! Every one is happy! Maybe a little left! There is usually 15 or more at our annual Halloween party, going on over 18 yrs now !
    Hot dogs with it and all the pickles and stuff for that !
    My daughter in law makes a white chili, using chicken, white beans , chicken broth and not sure which spices but everyone loves it ! Is a grandma, but love your recipes , and family such a good mama! My kids grew up with all home made meals ! Eating out was a celebration, there were only 5 of us, but on a military paycheck we watched our pennies and bought as much as we could afford when items were on sale !
    Now I am buying cases! Love ALDI ! My kids make fun of me ! But got them off name brand only foods!
    Kelly at her church group was discussing the preppers, and asked what her plans were? In case of emergency ! " oh ! I'm going to Maga's! She has 5 kids!
    Occasionally have to shop at MAGA's store !
    Of course it won't last too long, with family of 14 ! But everyone can buy some extras ,water, canned goods, dried beans and rice, flour sugar, oatmeal, just store them in drums , we could last a while hopefully until things get sorted Extra freezer, and fridge freezer is great, we have a generator ! Just keeps 3 or 4 running, every so often we switch to stove, and I must have a fan running ! I don't buy stuff we don't eat, but any dried goods are good to keep! My youngest grand says I don't want to eat that Maga ! But if we are cut off food supply , he'll be happy to have rice and beans !

  60. Mildred Lane says:

    A friend who enters a chili making contest ea year and has won x3-uses hominy in her chili.I have not tried this.

  61. Melissa Melson says:

    my family is trying the roast and bell peppers but with taco seasoning for beef fajitas. Still being done in crock pot

  62. jewellm61 says:

    All the liquid from the vegetables contain a ton of salt, and youre adding MORE salt. Be careful, Jamerill, not to add bad to good!

  63. Stephanie Genereux says:

    Yuck!! I couldn't do corn or olives for dinner. I have a large family (not as large) but I at least make a good chili for them. Add macaroni and you got basically a goulash

  64. Whisper McGaughy says:

    You had me intrigued until you didn't drain the juice..I have high blood pressure so I couldn't eat that and I'd caution you to try an alternative for volume because all that salt isn't good for the kids either..The corn threw me off too because that I would consider a goulash,just needs elbow noodles.. 🙂 I'm going to try your recipe with the tweek of using fresh beans that are pre soaked and previously frozen,frozen corn and fresh black olives..I'll worry about my blood pressure later.. 😀

  65. Lisa Lee says:

    This is my fav video lol. .. _Lisa😛

  66. Sweet Peas says:

    I'm in the UK but have a top very, very similar. It made me look twice. Haven't visited the US in years either, how strange 🙂

  67. Amy De Paulis says:

    Totally would never have thought to add olives to a pot of chili lol

  68. Sharon P. says:

    I love your recipes! They are so easy to make and end up looking like complex dish results. I tried your fried rice recipe. Thought it was kind of odd the way you made it. Followed your instructions and it tasted better then fried rice! I make it alot for my family now as it is a frequently requested dish from my family. Thank you for the recipe vlogs!!

  69. Chris Wilson says:

    Looks more like soup than chilli. Needs to be thicker. Maybe less tomato sauce.

  70. Italia J.E says:

    Everyone has their way of doing things 😊 I enjoyed your recipe. Thank you for sharing!!! Keep up the good work! 👌

  71. Hbsb says:

    Real chill does not have tomatoes in it. It has New Mexico red chilli. No corn olives parsley. Am sorry but that looks like a mess. Please stop making this. I love watching you but not this time

  72. Dee Bee says:

    For a big kiss of flavor, add this to the Chili: Pulverize in a food processor – beyond recognition- a large onion, 5 ribs celery, 2 carrots, 2 tbsp. garlic from a jar. I also add diced bell peppers. Then saute the veggies, and add your chili ingredients.
    I did this when my kids were little to add and hide the veggies to taco meat, meatloaf and meatballs, meat sauce and chili. When I did not do this the kids asked me what happened to the dish? LOL. Now when I do my shopping for Meal Preps I buy extra onions, celery, carrots, garlic and bell peppers to dice and freeze flat in freezer bags. Pull them out anytime to add flavor – and hidden 🙈 nutrition – to your recipes. ❤️

  73. Wendy Brooks says:

    Need two huge cast iron skillets of cornbread. Put big squares of cornbread on bottom of bowl, ladle chili right on top. A very cheap filling dinner for all!

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