Large Family Slow Cooker Meals: Easy Chicken Fajitas in the Slow Cooker

– Hi friends. Today I’m whippin’ up some easy tried and true chicken fajitas in
the slow cooker for the family. I’m actually gonna make
enough for at least two meals because when I’m filming
this it’s a Saturday. So we’re gonna have
this for dinner tonight and then we’re gonna have the left overs tomorrow after church. So I won’t have to cook
dinner for real this weekend. It will be great and that’s
why I love my slow cooker. So I’m gonna give you an overview of what I’m using to make
these chicken fajitas. Let’s see right here. I’ve got two packs of chicken breast. They both come in to be about
six pounds of chicken breast. I have some different colored peppers, some green onions, some tomato paste I’m gonna throw in there
and then my seasonings which is garlic powder, some chili powder, a little parsley and then good old fashioned salt and pepper. So we’ll get to choppin’. So the first thing I’m gonna do is get all our peppers
ready for our fajitas. I know– – Look at this one. – We love, everyone loves to get a big plate of sizzling fajitas at a restaurant.
– What are this ones? – Those are peppers. But this is the quickest way
I can replicate it without– – Cut this mommy. – I will cut those. Without standin’ over
the stove for an hour. So we’re not gonna do that. We’re gonna get our
fajitas in the slow cooker and we’re gonna go about our happy day. And then around dinner time, we will pop them out. Boy I don’t have a good knife for this or I’m just not pushin’ hard enough. There we go. (knife chopping) My favorite knife is bein’ washed. – Cut this mommy. – I will. How many peppers can
mommy cut at one time? Say just one.
– One at a time. – One at a time. – One at a time. (upbeat music) – [Jamerrill] We got Liam’s workin’ on choppin’ peppers like a big boy. – [Amelia] I choppin’ pepper. – [Jamerrill] Oh and Amelia’s
workin’ on her pepper. We need to get you a little plate. – [Liam] Mommy? – [Jamerrill] And a hairbrush. – Mommy little plate. (Jamerrill laughs) – [Jamerrill] You’re little plate. I’ll get you one. Yes Liam?
– Look how I cut this. – [Jamerrill] Look at you. You’re doin’ so well Liam. – Only I’ll be careful. – [Jamerrill] Yes and
you have a butter knife. And you’re learning very well. These are good kitchen skills.
– I have a butter knife mommy. I have a butter knife. – [Jamerrill] You do you do. So here is how our
pretty veggies turned out and now I’m gonna show you
– I have a butter knife mommy. – how I layer everything
in the slow cooker. So with cooking in my large slow cooker, what I normally do is I
just use some cooking spray. This is canola oil cooking spray and I spray out the
inside of my slow cooker. Now you can get even fancier than that and I have linked below, you can use the slow cooker bags. Those are great for if
you’re in a real hurry or if you’re makin’ a lot of
different slow cooker meals back to back for particular reasons. Those liners just go in here. You put your meal in the liner and then after your meal you
can dump the whole liner out. Super convenient. But for my purposes I’m just
gonna spray out my slow cooker and then next in this
recipe I’m gonna put in a small can of tomato paste in
the bottom of my slow cooker just the way I usually layer it. Now there’s really no magic in me putting in my can of tomato sauce. I just like to do it because it adds to the juices and the
flavor and the marinating. So, here’s how the small can
of tomato paste goes in there. And this is just a little six ounce can. With the boneless skinless chicken breast, you can go ahead especially with these packs that are unfrozen, you can go ahead and chop
these chicken breast in strips. I find it just as easy and convenient to put whole chicken
breasts in the slow cooker and the meat will be so tender and juicy that by the time this
meal is done, it is easy. I can just stick a fork in there and I’ll show you when we get to that step and this chicken’s gonna easily rip apart. It’ll be absolutely not a problem. Another thing is if
this is a freezer meal, you can do this meal and adapt it easily to be a freezer meal and again the meat is
just gonna be so tender you don’t have to fool with
cuttin’ it first or you can. It just depends on what kind
of assembly line you’re doin’ and what other meals you’re
doin’ at the time also. So I’m gonna just put
these chicken breast. Gonna do these along the
bottom of my slow cooker. (Amelia chattering) And if I was just doing one meal I would use about four or five breasts. These are a pretty good size. But since I want to have
left overs for tomorrow, and maybe even a few left overs for tomorrow evening I’m gonna use eight. So I have four in there. And I’m gonna layer four more on top. – [Amelia] Mommy? – [Jamerrill] Hold on Amelia. I’m gonna put four more on top. And these cook perfect in the slow cooker. Since these are not frozen,
they’re fresh from the store, I’m gonna cook these on
high for about four hours. If this was a frozen
meal I’d cook it on high for probably close to six or longer. Pretty much it just stays
on high all day long until dinner time and that’s
how my slow cooker works. So now I’m gonna layer the various spices in here and again what I have, we have some black pepper and this is real professional cooking here. I’m gonna just shake some black pepper in. Yes I am. And then I’m gonna shake
some sea salt in there. Because remember this is gonna go for eight chicken breasts
and I’m gonna shake. I’m gonna do a whole
lotta lotta garlic powder. You see that flyin’ up. That was probably about a fourth of a cup. And a lot of parsley. Let me get this opened up a little bigger. Got some parsley in
there and I’m gonna stir this around to get over
all the chicken breast here in a minute and then I’m gonna put in a bunch of taco seasoning. Exactly measurements will be in the recipe that is linked below. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pick up these chicken breasts and just let the seasonings fall below. And there’s gonna be
all kinds of good juices that marinate all day
long in this slow cooker. So here is our board
full of lots of veggies and Mr. Liam is gonna be
my handy dandy helper. And Liam is covering the chicken. You’ll have to wash your hands well after this too with the onion okay? And we’ve got peppers and green onions. The only thing we don’t have in here is a green pepper huh? Good job Liam. You’re doin’ a great job with that. He’s coverin’ our chicken. It’s gonna soak up the
chicken broth all day. It’s gonna be amazing at dinner time. Good. Good. Now part of what you put in there Liam is onions so I want you to go to the bathroom and wash your hands now okay? I’m going to put my lid
on my slow cooker now. And all the work is gonna be done for me as we have a wonderful
– I’ve got another – day outside–
– pepper mommy. – Oh you’ve got another pepper. Put it in. That was one Amelia cut. So I’m gonna do the hard work of putting this lid on my slow cooker. My slow cooker is on high. In a perfect world this recipe
only needs about four hours and it’s gonna be totally done. And we will check back later and let you know how it works out. Giving you guys a quick update. I have been pushing down
and just kinda shredding the chicken with our metal spatula here. I’m gettin’ ready to do dishes and work on gettin’ the table ready. I am gonna drain a couple
cups of this broth off but besides that this has
turned out to be incredibly, woo woo, hot. Smoke on my… This has turned out to be
incredibly wonderful shredded chicken fajita mix with peppers. And I’ll show you what they look like when we get what our version
of fajitas looks like once we get ready at the table. This is how I put our chicken
fajita mix into a bowl and now I’m gonna make a couple fajitas and show you how they turned out. So I’ve done a layer of
the chicken fajita mix. A layer of cheese and a plop of sour cream and I also sprinkled on a
little bit of Parmesan cheese because many of us like that here. And now I’m gonna wrap it
up and we’ll have fajitas. So guys this is how our slow cooker fajitas turned out for us. We’ve got ’em goin’ on different plates and of course a big
plate of garden cucumbers to go along with it. We’ll see you with another
brand new video next time. Buh bye.

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