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– So friends, this is
all kinds of exciting, I got my brand new 14 quart
GoWise electric pressure cooker, it’s on my counter and we’re gonna just crack that baby open and see what’s in that box. So, in full disclosure,
now you see the top’s open, (cheers) (explosion) but I am truly going to
unbox this with you now. The reason it’s opened is
yesterday I had this bright idea, oh, while I lay down with Benjamin, I will go ahead and read
my new electric pressure cooker handbook and I got in there and just wasn’t finding it easily, took the lid off trying to find it, what I found is all that came with it. Anyway, when I opened the box this thing was in there and
there’s these little pieces of cardboard along the
sides that make it hard to put back together, so, just gonna go ahead and take that out. Now, you might be wondering, Jamerrill, why did you also get this
14 quart electric pressure cooker when you have your
eight quart Instant Pot over there on the counter. Well, couple different reasons, number one, I’m loving the
eight quart Instant Pot, I’ve been doing all
kinds of things with it since I got it and that’s
just been increasing over time, it’s very, very helpful. You know I just make a
lot of food for whole lot of people, so, with the
Instant Pot when I’m on a roll and doing it for many
things, sometimes I think, oh, I’d really like to have a second one so that’s what put the thought in my mind of getting a second
electric pressure cooker. Also, you know that I
develop and share recipes for large families here on YouTube and on and I know that not every mom watching me has the Instant Pot brand
because that’s what it is, it’s a brand of electric pressure cookers, I know moms have other brands out there so I thought on my second
electric pressure cooker I would get a different
brand and that way I can talk to you about how I do different things between the two different brands, if there’s even any
difference at all, okay. And then, third thing
here, my friend Ashley, she’s over on and I met Ashley last year
at a blogging conference and of course, now we’re best friends because she has nine kids and homeschools and I have eight kids and homeschool and we process a lot of food, so way to be instant best friends and meet a new person, have
a lot of kids and homeschool and eat a lot of food. Anyway, Ashley said that
this is the second pressure cooker that she bought in
addition to her Instant Pot. So all those things added together for why I went with the
14 quart electric pressure cooker by GoWise. Now, GoWise is not sponsoring this video or anything, they just
happen to be the brand for the biggest electric
pressure cooker I could find. Also, down in the
description, I’m gonna have my Amazon link to this exact pressure cooker, if you’re interested in it. So we see, it’s gonna
have rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, saute,
soup, meat stew, bean chili, poultry and yogurt. I get asked about that yogurt
button on the Instant Pot as well, so we will be
making yogurt in these. There’s also a warm feature, I know this is helpful, like if I do rice in my eight quart Instant Pot or whatever is I’m cooking,
it’s nice that there’s a keep warm feature, so
I believe that this one has it also. Showing you the box and
this box was delivered in a regular cardboard box
that we took it out of. It says that there’s a
recipe book within it and that there’s 12 preset cooking options and here’s look at what it
looks like on the inside but we’re gonna pull this baby out now. And I’ve been working on the next two days being my dedicated large
family freezer cooking days and so that’s why I thought,
I gotta do these unboxing videos first because I’m going to do a ton of mashed potatoes for the freezer and also mashed potatoes
for shepherds pie bake for the freezer and I’m
gonna use this big brand new electric pressure cooker
to get those potatoes done and I’m sure I’ll share this
in that recipe video as well, however, you can also boil potatoes, I’ll take a big stock pot like that or my giant stock pot up there and you can just put
potatoes, skins and all, on to boil and I’m sorry, I’m
turning this into a recipe video but that’s helpful,
boiling them as well. And when I do my freezer cooking days I use multiple tools, I use slow cookers, I use electric pressure cookers, I use my oven, I use pots on the stove, I use pans to bake, I
really need a double oven, so I’m not married to
one type of cooking only, I like to use all the different
tools to get stuff done. This is the only little
direction thing I can find and that wasn’t really
what I was looking for, so I thought I’d just wait for later. So, pulling out the plastic. So in here it looks like
the little measuring cup and a little rice scoop, the
Instant Pot came with that as well. Okay and then maybe this is a steam rack and then here’s all
the books that I really wanted to put my hands on the other day, mkay, and here is their
50 recipes for their pressure cooker, woop, woop and then the instruction manual. This is a ceramic coated pot
and not a stainless steel pot that is one of the nice things and why I went with the Instant Pot first is the Instant Pot you
get a nice steel inner pot but with the Instant Pot,
as big as I was able to find at that time was the eight quart and recently I went back to look for just to check current eight quart prices and at least on Amazon all I could find were the six quarts, so,
again, it’s a brand thing, I would love to get it in that brand it’s just not available. However, I read several of
the reviews on this ceramic coated pot on Amazon and it
did not have terrible reviews so that’s something and
I go back to the fact that I have a good friend
who uses hers all the time and she’s had hers for over a year and she’s given it a
really good review as well. (singing) So there it is out of
the box, beside it’s pot. So here’s a look at everything
that came in the box and the pot again and the
inside of the pressure cooker. So, the pot will go in like that and for now I will put, like I said, I guess this is the steamer. Okay, put this on, I
know with my Instant Pot it took me a few times to figure it out, of course if I had two hands here. Okay, I believe I got it on there, again, don’t use your
14 quart pressure cooker until you read your direction manual which I have not read mine yet either but this quick first glance view, let’s see, we got our
condensation container there and then we have an
unlock and a lock button and pressure and steam, so
this is all very similar to what I’m used to with the Instant Pot. I’m very excited to get this puppy to use during my freezer cooking day, I’ve got 30 pounds of potatoes over there and I’m hoping I have enough
for all that I’m doing and the very next video I’m gonna do is I’m gonna unbox this air fryer, I’ve heard great things about air fryers and I wanna give ’em a go. So, gonna try and do
some freezer meal prep and I’m gonna get my
potatoes going in that beast and see how that works out and I’ll let you know. So be looking for those
freezer cooking videos as well, if you haven’t already because I have, super mega, those are my keywords here, super mega exciting things happening, large family freezer cooking wise, exciting things that you
guys have been asking for that are coming out in the next few weeks. So text the word freezer to 44222 to get my free Mega
Freezer Meal Planning pack that I have available and
then that way you will also be the first to know when my
new goodies are coming out because it is so exciting and
I can’t wait to talk to you in those comments below. So, off to film the
air fryer, unboxing now and then roll into my
freezer cooking days, I’ll see you next time friends with another brand new video, bye bye.

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