Lau Pataye Chingri Paturi I How to Cook I Prawns Fry Indian Style #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Prawns in bottle gourd leaves /Lau pataaye Chingri maachh 6 large bottle gourd leaves (cleaned & dry) 200g prawns (cleaned and marinated with salt & turmeric powder) 2 tbsp grated coconut 1 tsp mustard paste 2 green chilies Salt Turmeric powder 1 white thread roll Heat 2 tsp mustard oil in a pan Add 2 green chilies (broken) Add prawns Flame on less medium Add grated coconut ½ tsp salt Mustard paste ¼ tsp turmeric powder Sauté till soft If need, sprinkle water When it fried and extra moisture is dried, off the flame. Keep aside in a separate bowl for 15 minutes. Let it be cool @ room temperature Now take one bottle gourd leaf Keep prawns – mustard stuffing on the middle of the leaf Then fold all the sides bind with white thread Now heat 2 tbsp mustard oil in a pan Keep flame on less medium Golden fry both sides Cover it on simmer flame until soft. Ready to serve it with steamed rice please like / share/ comment & subscribe my channel

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    Nice recipe

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    Very yumm recipe…

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    Superb recipe 👍

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    Nice recipe

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