Lemon and garlic chicken for the slow cooker

hi guys and welcome to the batch lady where
show you how to make fast simple homemade meals that you can make in advance, put in your freezer and use whenever you want so you are completely
organized with week mid week meals and today we are making a family
favorite of mine we are making lemon and garlic chicken and it’s for the slow
cooker okay so you can either put this in your slow cooker for 6-8 hours on
low or 3 – 6 hours on high 3-4 hours on high sorry or you can cook it
in an oven for 30 minutes and in the top oven of your aga or at 30 minutes
and 180 degree at 200 degree oven and then bottom oven or turn your oven down to
100 so you’ve got an aga at the bottom oven is 100 and leave in there
for 3 hours in this or could absolutely delicious okay so it’s a dumb bag recipe
we’ve got our dump bags we use some olive oil lemon juice some lemons
parsley garlic salt and pepper and our chicken breasts okay so what we want to
do first is we want to just and this chicken is best of your breast is sliced
okay so take your chicken breast and you’re just going to slice it and you
can slice it anyway I sort of slice them diagonally
I’m just trying to get them to not quite be as thick so I’m just going to keep
them in the same two portions and so I’ve got one portion here for one bag
and one portion here for the next okay okay guys hands wash chicken cleared
away and we can no bring our two bags over okay
here we go two bags what you want to do is you want to get two lemons one of the
lemons is going to get sliced and go in one bag and then you’ve got it you’re
just doubling up so twice the other one pick another bag this lemon is optional
cuz you’re adding lemon juice and a wee but I think it’s really nice I love hot
fruit and so that’s my daughter short and I think it’s lovely when you serve
it and it’s got some lovely hot fruit over the top okay you’re then going to
take your garlic and you’re going to add in two teaspoons of garlic into each one
and this is just frozen chopped garlic so I haven’t done anything with a bulb
or I’ve just bought it frozen already chopped and I happen to just have a
little bag of it left so I’d sealed it in a different bag and I’m just going to
put it in okay so my garlic is in do then going to take your parsley mmm
remember just keep checking it I always have a recipe down here because even
though they’re my own recipes and makes so much I often forget as well so I am
one tablespoon of dried parsley well I’m just gonna guess that I quite often
guess things it’s good or family cooking here I mean I wouldn’t guess it over
Sarah bring lots of people but if it’s just us so you want ah is that a half a
cup of lemon juice yes it’s a half a cup of lemon juice
which is quite a lot actually don’t put the top of the lemon juice it now this
is one of these freezer dump bags that I like to get in the freezer straight away
because and I don’t know if you know but acidic lemon juice can start to sort of
formal to cook a chicken so and you want to freeze it as soon as possible don’t
leave it lying about for too long okay it’s all your olive oil you want just
put in a cup of olive oil and you’ll find that more slow slow cooker and
recipes are really quite juicy that’s what you want that’s what makes some
succulents and soft and sort of everything falls off the bone and okay
you can add your pepper and I usually will salt em
slow cooker but really there’s not a great deal of ingredients and that’s
cool I’m just going to grab a bit and put a little sort of you know sprinkling
in each right John we’ve just made another recipe look at that that is all
that takes you’re just going to seal it up push it around I cannot tell you how
to see that says lemon chicken serve over rice and some green beans on the
side up delicious thank you all the eros sets makes it as
flat as possible and that it’s good to go for your slow cooker so when you and
again just like all the other ones you know you put it in your freezer when you
want it take it out of the night before let it defrost I go cook straight from
there from frozen to slow cooker there’s lots of people say you can a lot of
people say you can’t I just jam it just to frost that I’m used to doing it and
you can get into the way of defrosting things and make before then it makes you
do it every night so I just do that come on wake up in the morning open that
up put it in my small cooker it’s going to take em six to eight hours which is
perfect but a minute I’ll be away when I come back I’m just making some rice and
I’m good to go that is my end are the key limb and
chicken give it a go and see what you think you can get all my recipes on

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  1. Yasmin G. says:

    Yummy! I'll try that recipe and maybe I'll sneak in some veggies. You got me into batch cooking and it is my life saver!!! Thank you so much!

  2. IrishAisling says:

    This recipe sounds amazing. Definitely going to try it this week, thanks

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