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Today`s recipe:- lemon rice, how to cook lemon rice in a rice cooker Oh! here are my pet cats jumped up on the table. let me first introduce them to you. One is pluto and the cat who runs away is Nido. They always used to stay with me Anyway, let me share one thing with you friends. My old rice cooker is not working properly so I have to buy a new one and with that new cooker, I will show you the preparation of lemon rice. First I have to study whether it`s working principle is same as my old one and I am going to share That info. with you. so let`s start … Hi ! before opening the box let me clear it first that I am not doing any un – boxing video or not doing any promo for the product. My son stays in abroad & has to cook on his own so this illustration is mainly for him and also for those of many like him who don`t have the idea of the use of the rice cooker but want to use it.I think this will be helpful for them. the capacity of this rice cooker is 2.2 liter which is sufficient for a family of 4 members. This is the rice cooker and unlike my previous rice cooker,which had metal body, the body of this cooker is made of plastic. After opening the cover there is one packet inside it let`s see what we can find Here are 2 no of measuring cups to measure rice and water Two plastic spatulas to stir & serve rice Power cord One steamer & instruction manual book This steamer is made up of plastic & I don`t know how well it will work & how well will be it`s performance & how long will it go Hopefully, the company has certainly done R& D over it & it will work well There is an inner container inside the body This is the rice cooker & it is made up of nonstick material Care should be taken that no metal spatula should not be used inside it.Use only plastic spatula Outer body seems to made up of aluminium There is a heating element at the bottom inside of the main body & a spring switch mounted on it on which the rice container will seat The on/off switch of the rice cooker is here When the switch is pressed down it goes to cook mode & indicator glows red when the rice is cooked the switch automatically goes to warm position & the indicator light becomes amber in color The top is unlike my previous cooker is made up of plastic instead of glass & a switch is there which automatically clicks when the lid is properly closed There are slits on the cover used as dew catcher & caution must be taken not to block the holes anyway There is another plastic cap fitted on the back of the body which is dew collector After every cook, the dew collector should be detached and washed thoroughly & the body should not be cleaned with any abrasive cleaner or steel wool.Only sponge and mild soap water will do. We have gained the knowledge of the functioning of the rice cooker now we will clean it with soap water and will start to cook. Ingredients:- Basmati rice washed & soaked in water for 30 minutes Lemon:- 2 nos Cumin seeds:- 1 & 1/2 tbsp Garlic clove:- 1 no Salt :- to taste Coriander leaves:- as required Butter:- 2 tbsp Water:- according to measurement Dry roast the cumin seeds After 3 minutes the cumin seeds become roasted & an aroma comes & it starts to look light brown. Take it out & grind it to powder Don`t keep it long time over the flame .It will be burnt out Rice cooker has been plugged inbut we will switch on it after putting rice in it Pour the rice in & level it smoothly pour the water up to the marking of 4 cups shown inside of the container (water may vary depending upon the quality of rice) Spread roasted cumin powder over the water Add 2 tbsp of butter Mix salt to taste (we have added 2tbsp salt) Stir to mix everything the butter will mix up when the cooker will start to heat up Now place the garlic clove inside the center of the rice Close the lid .A click sound indicates that it is properly closed Switch the power on & press the rice cooker switch to ‘cook’ position, the red light will glow When rice is cooked the switch automatically will go upward & the amber light will glow up Wait till the switch goes to warm position After 15 minutes the cooker switch goes to warm & we will keep it for 15 minutes more Switch off the power & open the lid Rice is nicely cooked (the time taken to cook the rice may vary according to quality of rice) Pour the lemon juice Add chopped coriander leaves in it Mix the rice A nice aroma of lemon mixed with Coriander leaves & roasted cumin powder is coming out Keep the lid closed for 5 minutes After 5 minutes open the lid & the Lemon rice is ready now you can garnish it with coriander leaves Serve it with vegetables, or with any other preparations Good Bye

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