Lets try out a cold smoker machine…

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  1. Barry Lewis says:

    This isn't sponsored but here's the one I got on Amazon https://amzn.to/2Ygy3qB

    If you fancy a Barrathon, there's more videos like this on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olFYfhtScR4&list=PLfItiEY3o1msZB4DJXPXdg2qKBsG3nGav

  2. Susan B says:

    Omg that tart looks amazing!

  3. Lachlan Wilson says:

    I need one of those DeLorean t shirts

  4. The Winter Soldier says:

    Would love to see you smoke a whole salmon…. 😁

  5. Dragon Butt says:

    That thing would be excellent for inhaling Marijuana smoke

  6. screw Google says:

    Americans don't marinade ribs. Sorry. Real Americans dry rub and barbeque. Assholes sauce them. Fact.

  7. screw Google says:

    Also, all your smoke detectors in your house are defective. Change every battery. Then smoke more. Then throw them in the trash and get new ones if they don't go nuts.

  8. kobra561 says:

    can you try smoked salt ?

  9. Alannah Wray says:

    You should try out the smoker you can build with two giant plant pots and a grill grate. Always wanted to try it, but never have.

  10. Luisa Ramos says:

    OMG BARRY, THE T-SHIRT…. I love the delorean/BTTF t-shirt, I have that exact same one… love it!

  11. Megan W says:

    Cold smoked mozzarella, sea salt, and cheese its are awesome!

  12. Patrick Campbell says:

    What happened to the podcast?

  13. Dylan Dreisbach says:

    “It’s like eating aftershave, mmm!” Berry I would advice you stop eating aftershave, not very good for you.

  14. fluffy says:

    I like to smoke some olive oil and use that on pizza. It works really well to give it a wood-fired flavor in a conventional oven.

    Also I have absolutely used one of these to make a little portable hotbox and it is the best high I ever had.

  15. markylon says:

    Let’s not lets

  16. markylon says:

    at the end Barry looks like Jamie Oliver

  17. The Aegis says:

    Breaking news : British youtuber Barry Lewis cold smokes water. and succeeds

  18. Gem Bonham-Horton says:

    Will it smoke sounds cool

  19. thenegativeone says:

    Only problem is you’re burning the wood too hot and not getting airflow to stop the smoke going stale. You’re better off with a Cold smoke generator.

  20. Austin M says:

    I would totally put weed in that…. lmao.

  21. YamiGekusu says:

    As someone who survived a house fire, I don't want a 'smoke house' either 😐

  22. Dan McCready says:

    Love the video! I also love your shirt.

  23. Caroline Bissonnette says:

    Your pecan pie recipe looks so simple and delicious, but I can't find it on your web site. Could you give us the quantities you used and how long to bake at what temperature please?

  24. Tipsy Valkyrie says:

    I know this is a family friendly channel, but wow, that is a bong for your food!

  25. Marie Lawson says:

    Is Mrs Barry ever happy with you when she comes home?? LOL there’s always some sort of mess… at least smoke you don’t have to clean up, just air out

  26. Tishatti says:

    Barry, have you ever seen Kay’s Cooking channel? You might be able to pick up some cooking tips from her👍😉 xx

  27. Daniel Farrell says:

    You should do a “build your own smoker” video and do some hot smoking 😀

  28. Artistic Journey says:

    Video idea. Prepare a whole 4 or 3 course meal using NOTHING but gadgets , Every step of the way. Drinks aswell

  29. Jaiden Lee says:

    WTH is that pecan pie abomination! That is not a pecan pie! Barry, this south Ga. boy is gonna have to show you how to smoke ribs and make pecan pies.

  30. LS S says:

    Did nobody else catch the fact that Barry said his maple syrup was 400 pounds?!?!? That's some ridiculously expensive syrup…

  31. kezman0the0axeman says:

    Here's an idea. Smoked mac and cheese. do this.

  32. Beano says:

    You don't put coke in Jack Daniel's

  33. Elijah Plummer says:

    Does Mrs.B need to spank you you've been so bad. I apologize but every fiber in my being wouldn't allow me to type this it was one of those things you knew you shouldn't do it but you've done it anyways.

  34. Lucy G says:

    Such an inspiration !❤️❤️❤️xxx

  35. SidTheSloth says:

    ‘It’s like eating an aftershave’ okay Barry 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼

  36. willywoo says:

    someone has definitely put more than wood in that

  37. Harvey Stevenson x says:

    If you guys ever want to marinate something then I suggest you fill the container with the sauce and then put the film over the top and shake it so it gets an even coating 😉

  38. Harvey Stevenson x says:

    If you guys ever want to marinate something then I suggest you fill the container with the sauce and then put the film over the top and shake it so it gets an even coating 😉

  39. Joe Mullins says:

    I can not express how happy I am that Homer is back.

  40. Bubblenator123 says:

    If you are doing a "Will it smoke" you gotta try Smoked Cheez-Its

  41. Samiul I says:

    Is anyone else really curious to see what would happen if you put marijuana in it? 😂

  42. Sami q says:

    You could use that smoke machine as an bong

  43. Lockjaw Emporium says:

    will it stoned???

  44. Red Viper365 says:

    Should definitely do a Hot smoker It would be like watching food porn 🤤🤤🤤

  45. Butt-head says:

    Someone put a nug of skunk in it.

  46. The Wandering Bradys says:

    Barry was caught holding the smoking gun. Lol

  47. Alexander Powell says:

    Can you smoke meat with bacon?

  48. Kimberly Peck says:

    You should smoke a glass of Jack Daniel's!

  49. Eeyemm Animations says:

    "I do wanna smoke some more stuff"

    > obligatory weed joke

  50. Jeroen says:

    U should test this with alcoholic beverages…. you could set a trend Barry!

  51. MeisterReaper says:

    isn't liquid smoke just smoked water?

  52. mirrorsedgy says:

    you love a smoke house but you don't love a smoked house 😛

  53. mirrorsedgy says:

    what is the purpose of sugar in bbq sauces?, is it a binding agent or something like that?, never understood it.

  54. Michael Lewis says:

    This video was umm… good 👍👍

  55. Ian Young says:

    Vaping…. You aren't using vapour. Millennial humour. Plus the ribs not in a pressure cooker….. Mental.

  56. Amy Krell says:

    smoke some of the jack daniels!!!

  57. Anna Hayes says:

    Ahhh glad to see the pug oven gloves getting some use! I was so paranoid I was just giving you something that would end up in a box never to see the light of day. :p

  58. Tohru Marie says:

    An industrial bong, nice!

  59. Arden Inc. says:

    This would be awesome for smoking weed

  60. CaptainVSK says:

    Yo, I feel like we need printed versions of all the recipes from this episode so we can go smoke crazy too!

  61. Jackk Reacherr says:

    "I feel like I'm eating a tree." lol

  62. RConAbudget DanielAtwood says:

    Remix to ignition. Lol I had to go listen to it Barry. Hot and fresh out the kitchen!!!!

  63. Tin Can says:

    seems like a great way to hotbox your car real quick, and literally performs the same function as that pot vape pyramid thing that fills up big trashbags with smoke… except its vapor not smoke, but who cares really.

  64. Michael Emler - Crazy Sharp says:

    Barry what happened to the studio kitchen?

  65. Keely says:

    We have a regular smoker at home.
    I will make that pecan tart! I want to try out smoking the pecans as well.

  66. Maxwell Monheit says:

    i would be curious about using this with candles for smoking food like is sometimes done in thai food

  67. YoshitoCast says:

    Barry…. lets be honest here its an electric BONG!

  68. TheAnti-Guru-Art says:

    Why did the maple syrup so much? Is that something that you can't produce in Britain? Maybe I'm just spoiled because I live in the Midwest.

  69. Lexxie Burton says:

    just finished my third barrathon in 2 weeks, both gadget play lists and the hacks one

  70. Lisa TheCatDude says:

    “Is your house on fire, Clark?” -Christmas Vacation

  71. J4MJ0N3S says:

    This would be an awesome bong

  72. Carsten says:

    nice !!!! did U trie smoked boiled egg or cheese ( Gauda ) you know normal yellow cheese

  73. pollumG says:

    I wonder if I can 420 the machine?

  74. Peter Egan says:

    Oh a new way to make Jamacian Brownies – LOL 🙂

  75. Peter Egan says:

    NEW CHANNEL – "Snacks With Bong On Barry"

  76. Kurt Maier says:

    Gosh, couldn't a person put illicit substances in there and use it as a "smoking machine "?? Hmm let me know if u might wana part with that lol. Cleaned as well as possible of course..

  77. Tobias Hilton says:

    love that garlic press I discovered it a few years ago. no moving parts nothing to break no little places for garlic to get stuck and mine is stainless so when i'm washing it it also gets the smell off my hands…

  78. Calum Wilson says:

    He says the food is still smoking when it is called steam when the food is hot

  79. tezz42 says:

    a poor persons dinner right there 🤣🤣🤣👍

  80. HeavyDemir says:

    oh .. that what I smoke my bacon in

  81. Josh Upchurch says:

    Do a brisket slow smoked. I’m from Texas. I will be judgmental but fair lol

  82. benzracer says:

    For liquids it works really well to put the end of the tube into the liquid and let it bubble a minute.

  83. Caderyn says:

    0.0 Barry you should revist the balloon pizza but fill it with smoke instead of air

  84. Kris Roberts says:

    I can't do alcohol in food, it tastes like someone's spilt a drink in my dinner!

  85. Kris Roberts says:

    Barry gives ashens nice things to try where as ashens brings Barry poundland garbage! Some friends eh!😀😒

  86. Jesse says:

    You should try smoking your own salt.

  87. The legend 27 says:

    That’s a lot of jack man

  88. The legend 27 says:

    This wood be good for weed lol

  89. Daniel Malek says:

    4:47 demonetized 😛

  90. Daniel Malek says:

    12:11 That late night coke you talked about earlier ring any bells?

  91. William Mills says:

    You should have smoked the pecans too.

  92. Léon Klaczynski says:

    Jesus, that is one expensive marinade… 250ml JD…

  93. LexiEyesUnicorn says:

    Yes! Will it smoke, with a poundland microwavable

  94. Daniel Mapps says:

    Links for the garlic and onion chopper!!!

  95. Mr Devawheels says:

    You put the weed-I mean wood in the top and then….

  96. Infinite loop says:

    2:38 WTF 🤦‍♂️🤢🤮 You are in UK man! Near Scotland! Use some nice smokey Scottish whisky. Not that JD pee water.

  97. big boy says:

    hotbox machine

  98. henry the ounce says:

    Should have smoked it first

  99. henry the ounce says:

    That's a lot of JD in there

  100. macbaar says:

    Who or what is Mygooosh? 🤔

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