[LETSPLAY] “The Tom and Jerry: I can (not) draw” [en]

Khm, hello to all And today with you is Sabitsa And today we (I) will play in one wonderful game That names “The TOM and JERRY show: I can (not) draw” I don’t think that i can draw, but… Why not xd I played in this game a lot of times Because i tried to make a video, but it was unsuccessfully And… I will draw all again It’s very sad Okay…. First picture was a frying pan We just had to draw a frying pan I don’t remember, how will “frying pan” on english We can draw all, that we want We can draw a dick, for example At all what we want And it will….. It will. So. It’s looks like a ….. This Wonderful. Next it was… this It was a very strange ?????? I had drown this And next, that i had drown was… It’s so fat cat, that was eaten a lot of bees So, and…??? He got a very big cheeks And it’s, second… IT’S FORTH YOU ARE STUPID STUDY TO COST (it isn’t for you, it’s for me, ok?) Mouse It’s very strange Here is a facka)) And okay, next was… Also one far cat Here is a star., bird… and cat, very strange Ok It’s a dog that was made only from dicks And cat that was made only from dicks too Okay, next That i didn’t drown… okay i don’r know what i want to draw I can try to draw the Tom Again only from dicks And mouse too only from dicks IT’S EAR YOU ARE STUPIIIEEED Idk what i am doing now I am doing some strange sheeet of course Idk for what i am doing this “For that, that it was” – like my mum likes to talk me. BTW I draw arts in Transformice If you want art of your mouse in TFM Write me in Whisper Or write me in Forum At801 I will draw your mouse for about 1-5 days It will very bad because (i started to draw only 2 weeks ago ^^) A, I forgot that i must to draw it only from dicks, sorry Okay It’s eye (we are seeing -_-) ? And second eye WOOOOTYA)) Gooood, very gooood Strange cheek That has a dick’s form And he will have veryyyy biiig (eye)brooow Like Brezhnyev had ??, yay Next ? whiskers Here is sounds like i Minecraft in this game It sizzles Psh psh psh…. I haven’t sound of the game (?) But it’s jazz (?) It’s a very strange dick of course Okay Just dick. No really sounds like in MC ? ♪Flying dick in the sky♪ Idk for what It’s will…a… wings ♪If your hand is warm in mine…♪ wtisit And tail looks like a dick It looks like heart, ok So It’s a leg (we are seeing -_-) ? Ok, next ? This cat reaaly was made by dick ok…NEVERMIND And it’s looks like… Wtf is this I D K lol ? I could draw a dick in the place, there a dick must to be Okay And mouse wi will draw too only from a dicks “Is the sound being recorded?” Окау It’s a head (we are seeing -_-) wtisit its ear (cool jbt) ? ? Ok Hose that looks like a dick So strange dick of course I am drawing dick like a hearts (slkgjlskjfglsdkgjslkgjkldsjgslkdjglkdgjslkdgjdkl) It;s eye (we smo seeing, ty -_-) 1 eye 2 eye #alrightniko We are drawing a eyes (♪BEHIND BLUE EYES♪) *sound of drawing eyes* idk It is cheek you are stupId I will not draw this whtisit Wow eye(brow), i will draw a very big (eye)brows Like Brezhnyev had ? And big body that looks like a dick very big dick /_- what i am doing?????? ? It will flying dick “So beatifull!” – Game sayed to us. Thank it lel Of course…… Okey, next ok O my godebl What am i drawing now..? O my godebl (2) Idk What am i drawing now… I must to speak english, i forgot -_-) Ok Waw waw waw waw )))) ? 1st leg 2nd leg Also one leg…. (???) ? I will draw here a dick And dick’s head, good And it looks like… *drumroll* wtf is this idk (x2) At all, what is it What is happening now, idk Know this! Alright oWo\\\ This pictrue i see first time Hm, mb, i can draw this normal First and the last Normal picture, that i will draw today ? ok It’s ear you are stuPida nevermind (x2) -_- i try to draw this normal but, i sometime forget about this ?????????????????????? Forgot, that i just know sayed! OK? Because idk what do i talk i very like to talk with myself ^_^ And i am doing this right now=) I’m schizophrenic :)))))))))) ? i very often do this because i haven’t people with who i can talk In real life of course ok, eyes… Lol no it’s very good game for artists that draw arts practice 😉 a little when i was a child a think that all cats have yellow-green eyes (because of this cartoon) but This is was a false nije bitno ? ? i will draw normal whiskers whis normal longness (if there is this word in english lyl) ok body… It’s so boring to draw normal Actually Next (no, no next) video Will abour my the most favourite game T R A N S F O R M I C E=))))))))))))))))))))))) It will holy shit) sure i don’t think that (i will make this video on english) it’s lags))) *game crashing* ok, reloading this it’s crashing. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD OK ? ? H SHEET HERE WE GO AGAIN fuck youuu (i can’t swear on english :”)) #alrightniko т_т i will draw this again, for you (FOR WHO FOR YOU FOR YOUR SECOND YOU OR WHAT FOR YOUR IMAGINE FRIEND THAT NEVER BE IN THIS WORLD, AM?) :”) no really sounds like in MC (awwww meen) how it talks in one wonderful song……………. i can play this game yourself link of this game will in description nije bitno (2) it will there I understood, it’s sounds of pencil very strange sounds of pencil lul what think creators of this game btw, turn on subtitles (for that who didn’t turn them on) because my english is very bad and a little correctly than this version will un subtitles ok eyes i want to draw a very big brow because very good ? ok nends, 1st heand it so boring its a paw i forgot how name all parties of body because we studied them i 4th grade i forgot all that we was stady in 4th grade all names of the body and i have so problems with naming of parties of the body i forgot all … /// ,,, .. .. lel it’s a tale ? it’s leg you are stupida you are already drawn the tale you are stupiduha i forgot т_т and it looks like.. this it nearly looks like original why not ok, mouse we will draw this normal second and the last time we will draw smthng normal *the sound of hitting the table* FOR WHAT SORRY YOU ARE SHIZOIDKINJE ear strange musik (in game) he screams (♪THEEEEEEYY SCREAAAAAAAM THEEEY SCREEEEEEAAAAAMMM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) Or he laughs ? idk what he does He laughs or screams? idk [music from weather forecast] why not , ok i am doing the last things to end this picture and this game and i will go sleeping here is night truth some minutes it will 2 of january btw HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!=) And it looks like this mouse has very big nose but ? Thanks for watching i will do also some videos about these wonderful games on english because nobody from Russia (NO IT’S FALSE, DASHKA PRIVET=))))))) That i know don’t watching my videos i want to do this video international for a lot of coutries em i can speak english a little on serbian, a little and on russian , i very good know this language because i from Russia (ok) idk next video will about transformice (no, it willn’t) and See you later, all the best for you I almost hung myself while I did these subtitles. Like this video for trying, please т_т

2 comments on “[LETSPLAY] “The Tom and Jerry: I can (not) draw” [en]”

  1. Sumskaia Darina says:

    English very good!!!
    Just played mini games yesterday.

  2. Sabica /Сабица says:

    I see like somewhere english-speaker cryies
    And i can see him redly, sadly eyes
    (22:57, +11 UTC, 2.1.20)
    Я пока его раз 500 пересматривала, заметила 4 ошибок в английских субитрах и 1 в русских, ппц, мне лень исправлять поцаны сори.
    Английские субтитры: Глаза рисуем. Круто
    Русские субтитры: Карочи пипец мыш из хуев ржака двойная, опять ты сама с собой базаришь шизоидкинья ступидальная -_-
    Сербские субтитры: -Как там в прошлом?))

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