Lifeinjapan Ep.2 #ทิ้งน้ำมันใช้แล้วDispose deep frying oil Japan style

Hello Everyone I cooking chicken fired now. 大家好我在做炸鸡呢。 I ill show you how to dispose deep fired oil in Japan easy stlye。
怎么处理炸鸡油 日本的一个简单的方法 I just back from 100 yen shop I found “cooking oil hardner” In japan.Japanese are strict about garbage. So I got it. It is for deep fired version. For example Tempura. And today I cooking fired chicken. This must be use today. Another Item I found sprog type. If you just Stir fried with the pan.You can use this one This one have 14 Pieces per pack. 100 yen For this one have 5 pieces per box It like a kind of chemistry here you are Maybe It look like Coconut flakes So let try it. After my chicken and ugly eggs was done. I will go to clear the oil Turn off heat and add “Oil Hardener” while the oil is hot. (approx. above 90℃) Just put it in And then it will be melt. complete dissolving so we have to wait.let it cool down.and it will look like Jelly When it done. Peel off the firm oil using a spatula, and discard as a burnable garbage This is an easy way to clear the oil in Japan 1 hour later Peel it off If I have more expensive I should to be more carefully But today I use 100 yen .By the way it ok for me. So I got it It look like harder In Japan the garbage department will come to take the garbage away. So we should respond on the garbage I doing like a good citizen. Actually no need to waste another bag I think. But My Boyfriend always do like this Throw it in the trash. Actually They have fixed date for garbage disposal system. burnable trash You have to put it in this yellow bag. But I just clear all of my garbage last time. So it still not much garbage today. So I have to collect them together. And keep in this bag. It will not waste the money ,waste my home spece This bag represent for “nama gomi ” Burnable trash food wrappers the garbage department will come to collect it. It depend on their plan. For example burnable trash will collected every Monday and Thursday For the can and bottle I forgot my Thai word These are my way to collect them. There are beer can instant food can I will keep them until they are full. Let see my boyfriend (Japanese)do with this beer can He crunched them. He try to waste the space for the garbage bag because we have to pay for bags. For another one is for the glass and bottles type. Like this one I think it depend on the every one way. How was they do. But we separate like this. Cans and Glass Bottles For these two type This category is picked up on that Tuesday. This calenda is not for all area in Japan So now I clear all of the oil. Clear.then clean it up So we live in Japan ,We also have live like Japanese. Please share me your comment And subscibe me please. Next time I will share you more my life style in Japan Please tell me what do you think Thank you for watching.

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